HBO Comedy Special: GHETTO KLOWN Debuts March 22

 March 22, a Saturday night, is the premiere date for John Leguizamo’s GHETTO KLOWN. It will debut at 10:00pm ET. It will make it the fifth People_JohnLeguizamocomedy special  of his HBO has done over the years. Check out our previous post here for video clips.

Once again it will a filmed performance of a one-man show filled with colorful characters and depicting the life of a Latino in a witty, humorous, energetic and impactful way as only Leguizamo can deliver it. Michael Lombardo, president of HBO Programming stated that [his]  “one-man shows are always electrifying, thought-provoking entertainment and the provocative GHETTO KLOWN is the latest chapter in a longtime partnership that has been highly rewarding for HBO and for our viewers.”

 Mark that calendar and get ready for the laughs because this special is bound to capture all the comedic magic the Broadway hit had and stimulate your funny bone and then some. Mr L. has said himself that it is “about my journey as an artist, what made me want to be an actor, and why I put up with all the nonsense, the successes and failures, the hitting bottom and then picking yourself up again.”

 Mark your calendar for 03.22 as not to miss this HBO Comedy Special. HBOWatch can’t wait. How about you?

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