Here is a reminder of the next HBO Comedy Special to air as we shift gears from power hitter Mike Tyson to comedic champ Billy Crystal and his700Sundays one man show. 700 SUNDAYS premieres Saturday, April 19 at 9:00pm ET.

It is a retrospective look at the life and career (to date and still going strong) of one of comedy’s long standing entertainers and one of HBO’s favorites. In fact, the upcoming clip shows just how much Billy Crystal has been a part of HBO’s history. I’m old enough to remember these comedy appearances and specials as I have been around HBO just as long as Mr. C. Stand-up Comedy and Variety had a bigger presence on HBO back then with ON LOCATION and such; and how about COMIC RELIEF! He and his comedic cohorts did nine of those. Check out the clip – you’ll like it.  


Billy Crystal’s 700 SUNDAYS is one of the most-acclaimed and highest-grossing plays in Broadway history, It was taped before a live audience Jan. 3 and 4 at the Imperial Theater in New York. Michael Lombardo, president, HBO Programming states  “Billy Crystal has been a beloved member of the HBO family for more than three decades. It’s thrilling to us that he decided to let us film this legendary theatrical event.”

 An autobio700Sundays_Crystalgraphical journey, the piece is an original two-act play in which Crystal plays numerous characters that have influenced who he is today, dealing with his youth, growing up in the jazz world of Manhattan, his teenage years and, finally into adulthood. It is about family and fate, loving and loss. Crystal was pronounced “The King of Broadway” by the New York Post following the Broadway debut. Clive Barnes wrote, “He’s as dazzling as Chaplin on a good day,” observing “This is not a one-man show – it’s a one-man phenomenon.” New York’s Daily News called it “seat-shakingly funny,”  and the Hollywood Reporter called the show “an artful blend of humor and emotional heft.”

BILLY CRYSTAL 700 SUNDAYS will be Crystal’s sixth HBO solo special, following ON LOCATION, A COMICS LINE, DON’T GET ME STARTED, THE LOST MINUTES and MIDNIGHT TRAIN TO MOSCOW the first American comedy special of the modern era to be shot in the then-Soviet Union. In addition, he executive produced the HBO Films:61.



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