Game of Thrones Spat Leads to Violence

michaelpodniestrzanskimugFlorida – A 23 year old man was arrested for misdemeanor domestic battery and incarcerated on Sunday after an argument with his cousin over HBO’s Game of Thrones turned violent.

The show, which focuses on several factions vying for control of a fantasy realm was apparently controversial enough for two men to get into a verbal altercation.  They eventually “took swings” at one another and after a brief scuffle, Joshua Ross (pictured to the right) was thrown through the front window of the house.

HBOWatch would like to take this opportunity to ask for your cooperation in never letting something like this happen again.  Sure, your friend (or cousin in this case) might enjoy the House of Lannister more than most, but that’s no reason to take up arms against him or her!  Maybe this guy needs to take the black and let the wall deal with him.  Remember your honor, friends.  Let’s show the world how true fans of A Song of Ice and Fire act.


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