Buzz From The HARD KNOCKS 2016 Press Conference

HardKnocksRams-300x180HBO’s HARD KNOCKS is an extraordinary sports series with the fastest turnaround from filming to airtime for any show of its kind. But it is not like HBO and NFL Films hasn’t had years of practice now. But, as the forthcoming clip states this coming season, HARD KNOCKS: TRAINING CAMP WITH THE LOS ANGELES RAMS, is like no other season of the show.

Let’s take a moment to recap the series to date. Season One (2001) gave us the Baltimore Ravens and a look at key veterans seeing their last games of play; Season Two (2002) had the Dallas Cowboys when Emmitt Smith was still playing; after a few years off it was then time for Season Three (2007) and the Kansas City Chiefs. In that season there were contract holdouts and a battle for the starter quarterback position; Season Four (2008) followed with the Dallas Cowboys back in the spotlight and a series of players fighting to make the front line. Season Five (2009) was with the Cincinnati Bengals featured four players in contention for the starting fullback position. Season Six (2010) kept it in the eastern U. S. with the New York Jets with head coach Rex Ryan holding court.

The next season, Season Seven, was not until 2012 with the Miami Dolphins and drama with traded Vontae Davis and rookie Ryan Tannehill. Moving back to the Cincinnati Bengals for Season Eight (2013) had plenty of injuries, attitudes and players vying for spots. Season Nine (2014) took us to the home of the Atlanta Falcons in which the team tried major attitude adjustments in hopes of a stronger team. Last year was Season Ten (2015) with the Houston Texans featuring defensive Player of the Year J. J. Watt.

Now we make way for Season Eleven and the Los Angeles Rams. It premieres Tuesday, August 09 at 10:00pm. It promises already to be a great installment of the series. Here is the buzz.

Is it too soon to ask if you are ready for some football?

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