Beyonce Teases Us & HBO with LEMONADE

She has done it again. Beyonce is grabbing attention with another surprise event on HBO. It is titled LEMONADE and it hits the screen on Saturday, April 23 at 9:00pm. But what is it?

It is clearly whatever she damn well wants it to be. The 21-second tease that dropped first a few days ago only offered the news of her arrival and had her sporting a tight hair weave and fur. Her face isn’t shown in the shot, but everyone knows who it is. Come on, isn’t she the only one who can interrupt the schedule and claim whatever time slot she wants on the network?  At any rate, all we get out of her is “What am I going to do, love? What am I going to do?”

 If you haven’t seen it yet here it is.


So what is she going to do, love?

She is going to hold HBO and fan’s attention hostage as she is about to release a “World Premiere Event.” Uh, how could it be a world premiere if it is only on HBO? It might go worldwide later, but the night of the 23rd only HBO subscribers will get the exclusive, right? I know, the devoted Bey-worshippers don’t give a damn.

Now a full trailer at 1:20 has surfaced. It is clearly shaping up to be an overblown music video of some epic proportion. She struts in a parking garage, then she is in the dark of night and are those dancers on the subway? Is this her take on Michael Jackson’s “Thriller?” Is this her take on Michael Jackson’s “Thriller?”  Decide for yourself after seeing the full trailer.



She asks her lover to “Pull me in…pull me in” But is it pulling you in?


Don’t forget that that this is not her first trip to HBO. Beyonce and husband Jay-Z have a development deal with the cabler and used the format to present BEYONCE: LIFE IS BUT A DREAM and BEYONCE: x10. Soon we will add LEMONADE.

Again it hits 9:00pm ET on Saturday 04.23. So, then what happens to the Saturday night premiere of Jurassic World? More than likely it will move to a 7:00pm start time with Beyonce working her way in between the movie and WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING that night. Ready for some LEMONADE? 

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