True Detective Season 2 Premiere Date & First Tease

By Jef Dinsmore on Apr 9, 2015 to True Detective

TrueDetective02_logoWe have had plenty of casting news and a few photo stills, but HBO has now released a short Tease about TRUE DETECTIVE Season 2. It also tags at the end the premiere date for the Nick Pizzolatto series. It debuts SUNDAY, JUNE 21 and looks like the anchor for the summer season of shows on HBO. Without further delay here is that Tease:

It does what a tease is supposed to do – it sets a tone. As expected the sophomore season gives us a totally new set of characters and locales, but sets up the same tone of rawness and danger. We have shadows and muted lighting (this time is a neon vibe). We have brooding moments and bursts of anger; we have power and struggle. We also seem to go out on the streets and into the corporate world. We have everything down to the brass knuckles.

TrueDetective02_VinceandColinColin Farrell seems to offer us the brooding, conflicted character here, while Taylor Kitsch seems hot-tempered yet stoic. Rachel McAdams comes across as tough as nails and Vince Vaughn gives us the impression that he is in control of it all in a silent commanding sort of way. Of course, that is all in the way this quick look was cut and edited.

Exact plot points are still a mystery, which is a good thing, but remember it takes place in Southern California and involves a murder that puts a trio of true detectives on a lengthy convoluted case.

If you want to get yourself caught up with all the details as we know them then hit this link to get caught up on the news and keep your eyes peeled for a larger trailer or even clips to surface during the Spring Season. And remember the date – 06.21.15 – a date we predicted way back in August of last year!

Shhhh! Don't tell anybody.

Shhhh! Don’t tell anybody.


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This article came out on my birthday! Thanks Jef! I am looking forward to this new season. Watching the trailer – with no words and no idea of the back story is (well, we know a little bit) makes it all so intriguing. I actually read somewhere that actor Colin Farrell was not at all happy with the weight he had to gain for the part, but it also helps to add a desperation and intensity to his character. As for Vince Vaughn, he looks like a cool under fire bad ass. In the most controlling and creepy way. Fingers… Read more »
I have to say that for a while there, the casting, choice of director and some other factorshad me kind of baffled and worried. “True Detective” Season 1, has to be one of the finest tv programmes to come along in a very, very long time. I would like that to continue. Alongside shows like “Game Of Thrones”, “The Walking Dead”, “The Strain” and a few others, it is pure television gold, and a big reason, why more and more people tend to gravitate towards television these days instead of movies. Me included… You cannot underestimate the effectiveness of a… Read more »

This is VERY exciting!!! I had my reservations about Farrell and Vaughn in this but i think they actually both look pretty cool. Rachel McAdams is sure to be scene stealer though right? ARGH! CAN NOT WAIT! Also. Farrell’s moustache. Top notch.


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