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True Blood on Blu-Ray & DVD Release Dates

April 17, 2015 [Updated]

Here are the release dates for each of the available seasons of True Blood on Blu-Ray and DVD.  We’ve also included links to the amazing soundtrack featuring music from True Blood as well. Looking to take a trip back to Bon Temps where the sweet tea flows like water and the blood flows like.. well.. blood?  Start at the beginning. The much-loved vampire series from HBO is finally available on DVD and Blu-Ray to relive the crazy Bon Temps moments any time on your home entertainment system.  Give the gift of eternal life to someone you love.  Information on the box sets and links to reputable retailers are below.

Season Release Date Buy
True Blood Season 1 Available Now Buy-Amazon
True Blood Season 2 Available Now Buy-Amazon
True Blood Season 3 Available Now Buy-Amazon
True Blood Season 4  Available Now
(Our Review)
True Blood Season 5  May 21, 2013
(Our Review)
True Blood Season 6 June 3, 2014
(Our Review Soon)
True Blood Season 7 November 11th, 2014
(Our Review)
True Blood: Complete Series November 11th, 2014
(Review Coming Soon)
True Blood Soundtrack I Available Now Buy-Amazon
True Blood Soundtrack II Available Now Buy-Amazon
True Blood Soundtrack III Available Now Buy-Amazon




  1. can wait forever /

    When can we get season 7 at the stores, anyone know need to know for Canada and when,,,, please help getting withdrawl…

  2. Wanderlust0314 /

    Any clue if or when Season 6 will be on available for purchase on amazon instant video?

    • KimmieO /

      It’s on amazon now but episode 6 is missing. I’m so bummed. Lol. That’s a dirty trick HBO pulled. Maybe it’ll be there on the original release date of June 3. I’m stuck til then. :(

  3. Tabitha /

    i own season 1 through 5 and watched them just waiting for season 6 and can’t wait so excited

  4. Season 6?!?!?!?

    • Whoops, thanks I normally keep this up to date.
      No info exactly on Season 6 on DVD/BR but they come out a week to one month before the NEXT season so we’re saying “late spring 2014”!

  5. Aucyris /

    When is Season 6 out on DVD?

  6. when is season 6 out on dvd PLEASE

  7. caroline /

    When is Season 6 available on DVD

  8. Dawn Dudley /

    The Kate Danies novels would be an amazing series, by the husband and wife team of writers, who go by the pen name Ilona Andrews.

  9. Try your local library. I’Im sure all have DVD’s to lend. I watched seasons 1 through 5. I can’t wait until season 6!

  10. Evon House Thompson /

    They need to do the Black Dagger Brotherhood. This series by JR Ward is awesome! It would make a great HBO series. The BDB vampires are sexy and hardcore.

  11. Kristy Edmonds /

    This show is ending after season 7!!! I just found out :(((

  12. survivalone /

    you guys need to come up with another show like true blood soon!! I love this show, just started watching it I watched 1-5 now I am waiting on 6 to come out.. and then I hear this year season 7 is the last of it!! really? Every time I like a show they take it off! I hope you can do another like it cause I love the supernatural stuff, and I hate reality tv.. I want to escape reality

  13. Amber-Rae Paris /

    when is season 6 of true blood coming out on dvd

    • Dave310 /

      iTunes Australia has season 6 available. (Doesnt seem fair does it?) Not sure how to access them yet. I just tried to download episode one on my phone and it said I didn’t have an iTunes account for Australia. There’s probably a way to get an account and watch them. Ill let you know if I figure it out.

      • Mellbell89 /

        In order to get an iTunes account in a certain country you must have a valid mailing address and credit card/debit card that is connected to a bank in that country. I know this because when I moved from the United States to Finland I had to change which iTunes store I had access to and once I changed to iTunes Finland I could no longer purchase any new content from iTunes USA.

  14. Gemma Shepherd /

    when will season 6 ever come out grrrrr .. eric i miss u :( and in the uk seanson 5 was released on the 11th of may just waiting for number 6

  15. Robbie /

    try itunes if you want season 5! was $30-ish (AUD)

  16. Season 5is still repeating on sky Atlantic im in the UK, its around 2 im also very addicted hope this helps x

  17. VampireLover1993 /

    It really needs to come out soon, I just got hooked on true blood and I watched all 4 so far at least 3 time and needing the 5th now

  18. What the fuck. I just got hooked on True Blood and have watched seasons one through four in the past month or so… And I wont be able to see season 5 until May? What a stake through my heart

  19. Millicent Kensington /

    This fucking sucks. Release TRUE BLOOD!!!!!!

  20. Eden Williams /

    omg. season 5 dvds need to come out — I loved Maurella!

  21. AshlyNicole9888 /

    Season 5 DVD should be released in May which of course will be a month away from TrueBlood season 6 !!

    • Jess Wilson /

      yeah well if I lived in the US I could subscribe to HBO and at least watch season 5 online while waiting to buy the DVDs, but they don’t even let us do that, grrr. May is forever away!

  22. renee /

    hurry up season 5, hurry come out on dvd. I want to whatch you!

  23. Sonya /

    Hello. When does the new season start? I didn’t get too watch none of season either. Read all books too. I need season 5 gotten all DVDs original.

  24. Jess Wilson /

    Why is it taking so long for season 5 to be released on dvd? I wasn’t able to watch it on tv here in New Zealand and the wait is killing me. And it’s no good telling me to read the books while I wait; I’ve read them all and re-read them!

    • I think they like to wait closer to when the new season is about to air so that you get re-addicted to it and then get the new season soon after.

      I myself cannot stand it, I could only see a few episodes and they are impossible to find online anymore. I think they should’ve released it for Christmas so that it’s been a few months since it aired and less than a year until the new seasons starts up again.

  25. what Happen to Jason be come Vampire or no from Glenn Gibson

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