True Blood: The Complete Series on DVD & Blu-Ray

The blood is still warm as the body of HBO’s hit series True Blood cools after the final episode last month. Normally we’d have to wait months for a DVD release of a show concluding but this time, waiting won’t suck quite as much.


On November 11th, just in time for the Holidays, all 80 episodes will be available in one, convenient package.  The episodes will live on 33 discs, packed with all of the bonus content from the individual season releases, including behind-the-scenes featurettes, a Snoop Dogg music video, Tru Blood beverage ads and 40 audio commentaries.The Blu-ray set also includes a Digital HD copy of all 80 episodes.

Pricing is as follows:  Blu-ray ($299.99), DVD ($249.99).  But that’s just MSRP, of course.  Amazon seems to have them for MUCH less at around $250/$175 respectively right now but that may change as the holiday approaches so pre-order now!

No word on whether the complete series will have anything that the individual seasons do not.  At this point it looks like it doesn’t so if you’re collecting individual seasons you’ll probably only miss out on a convenient, all-in-one packaging system.

Again, that’s November 11th for this big, big release!  Are you a True fan?

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