True Blood: The Complete Fourth Season on DVD

True-Blood-Season-4-DVD-Blu-Ray-coverThe holidays are right around the corner. With all the goodwill towards man and cheer going on, what better way to combat an overload of holiday music than watching True Blood Season 4 on DVD?

I highly recommend the HBO Select Combo Pack for several reasons. The first being it is no more costly than just buying the Blu Ray alone. When it comes to holiday gift giving, trying to balance your spending allowance, frugality comes in handy.

Not only do you get a Blu Ray copy of the entire season, plus all the extras I’ll discuss in a few moments, you also get a standard DVD copy and a digital download. This, to me, is brilliance in marketing. It gives format options that can work nearly anywhere and on anything.

The digital copy will work on PC, Mac, iPhone, and iPad. You can view the entire season, as well as a 3 minute tutorial called “Mythological Creatures: Faeries” and “True Blood: Seasons 1-3 in Under 5 Minutes,” which explains the entire series in a fun, informative way.

The Blu Ray copy, like most Blu Ray releases, is packed with tons of extras that any Truebie would love. Ever wonder what Lafayette or Arlene were up to while Sookie was off in Faerieland? In this picture in picture feature, you can find out through your favorite characters including Jason, Pam, Tara, Godric, and many more.

Other exclusive enhanced viewing content includes “Vampire Histories / Character Bios” and “Hints / FYIs” where you can get even more background on favorite characters, trivia facts in addition to show hints and clues. Another enhanced feature is “Flashback / Flash Forward”, where the audience gets a chance to move through time in the world of Bon Temps. You can “Flashback” to relive crucial moments or “Flash Forward” to reveal the importance of a specific scene. In the “True Blood Lines” section, the viewer is engaged with a fully interactive guide and can uncover secrets from relationships past and present.


Some of the best commentary is offered in this seasons bundle. Personally, I am not very keen on commentary but this one is tons of fun. You get to hear from Stephen Moyer, Anna Paquin, and Fiona Shaw, just to name a few. You also get a chance to get the background stories on each episode with interviews with the writers as well as a lesson in the post-production of the series featuring Alan Ball. Of course, it may spoil some of the magic but it answers some burning “How’d they do that?” questions.

The cover art and interior of the set is just as the previous seasons and doesn’t fail in its beauty. One thing to think about, if one owns the other 3 seasons as they were originally issued, you will find this set is “shorter” than the previous sets. The box itself doesn’t “match” the previous versions. If you or your Truebie is a little OCD when it comes to a DVD collection, they may be unhappy. There is no remedy for this other than buying them all again in the HBO Select format or just plain dealing with it. I chose the latter.

All in all, this will be a great gift for any Truebie that doesn’t already own Season 4 but also for any fan that travels or prefers to have flexibility with their viewing. HBO Select has made sure access is easier than just popping a DVD or Blu-Ray into a player.

Here are the special features by the numbers:

Cherish the full season on Blu-ray with HBO Select. Three ways to watch, all in one boxed set – Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy. It’s truly for the ultimate fan.

Additional Details:
• Blu-ray with HBO Select includes Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy, all in 1 boxed set!
• Bonus Features Include:
• True Blood Enhanced Viewing on all 12 episodes
• True Blood Lines
• True Blood: The Final Touches
• Inside the Episodes
• 6 Audio Commentaries with cast & crew

Don’t wait (we all know how much waiting sucks), get your copy here.

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