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Time Warner Invests in More HBO Original Content, Better HBO Go

By Jacob Klein on May 3, 2014 to HBO News

MK-BG574_BEWKES_DV_20101005181055Time Warner, the massive media conglomerate parent company of HBO says it plans to create even more original programming and to level up HBO Go.  Speaking to investors about the recent major Amazon deal C.E.O. of TWX, Jeff Bewkes had this to say:

“We are hopeful that availability on Prime Instant Video will introduce additional consumers to the great content that HBO produces and will potentially drive sub-additions over time to the HBO network service.


And we plan to use additional revenue from the deal to invest even more in HBO’s groundbreaking original programming and to further accelerate the development of next generation of HBO GO.

Yes, please.  It’s comforting to know that Time Warner understands the nature and power of the network they own. Incredible original programming is is the number one priority followed by stepping into the future with a strong, stable HBO Go which has experienced a few technical issues as of late due to overwhelming demand for that content.

Time Warner has seen recent gains in no small part thanks to HBO’s major success but other networks such as TNT and CNN have not fared so well. Warner Bros movies, however are looking up as plans for a Justice League Movie, a new Harry Potter series and The Lego Movie have investors (and movie-goers!) excited. Since they’re owned by the same parent company there’s also a good chance we’ll see all of the above on HBO eventually.

Reinvest in the best contention engine on the planet and you’ll see that cash returned too you 100-fold, Mr Bewkes. We’re aware of at least a dozen potential series’ at various stages of development in the works so we look forward to seeing what the next chapters in HBO’s incredible future look like.

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So then there will be finances available for David Simon’s CIA series to go forward?

Exactly this. I’d love to see HBO continue to air shows that have an intrinsic value to the network. David Simon is an invaluable partner for them, so I’d hate to see them lose his various talents over some guys crunching numbers.

That said, hopefully this also means they’ll begin to bulk up the original series programming on HBO Go, since it seems to me that a lot of shows are missing.

This. So much this!
Original content? Sure I’ll have another Milch and Simon show, HBO. Before anything else really.

Haha.. I sure hope so.


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