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This Just In: CRIMINAL JUSTICE Pulled Back In To HBO!

By Jef Dinsmore on May 13, 2013 to The Night of


Just when we thought James Gandolfini was free to move on HBO pulls him and his show CRIMINAL JUSTICE back in. Yeah, you read that right. We reported in a post in February that  HBO had passed  on the show. Now it appears it is a go and that is good news for everybody. There is one small catch though and that is  that CRIMINAL JUSTICE will be a limited series.

But first, if you need to refresh your mind on what this potential series was about, we need to make available this HBOWatch link.  Now that we remember the project we need to ask how could HBO let this go then bring it back. Well, the quick answer is it seems that after HBO passed on it a number of channels were looking to pick it up. I guess HBO was beginning to realize that they had good work here if others were seemingly hungry for it as well. So a deal must have been brokered between Gandolfini’s Attaboy Productions and the premium channel to bring the piece to HBO after all.

But don’t forget that HBO must had issues with it not to take it on the first time around so the production team retooled it to suit HBO and, as it turns out, the plot structure of the show too. Now, everyone is amenable to have CRIMINAL JUSTICE run as a seven (7) part limited series. That is different from a full committed series, obviously, but it is also lengthier than a miniseries. Exactly when it will fit into HBO’s schedule is unclear at this time. The concept will go through  some revision yet before filming resumes on the project but we should surely see it sometime in 2014.

A little James Gandofini is better none of him at all.  It certainly beats sitting here for an eternity!



HBOWatch will keep our eyes peeled for further information as this limited series ramps up for production. So, let us know what you think. Are you looking forward to Gandolfini returning home to HBO?


  • Isn’t
    “limited series” exactly the same as miniseries? There are miniseries
    in 10 parts even (Band of Brothers, Pacific). So with only 7 instalments this
    will too be a miniseries, no?

    • Jef Dinsmore

      Yes, that is technically correct. I think I look at BAND OF BROTHERS and THE PACIFIC as “limited series” because of their length. I guess it boils down to whatever semantics HBO wishes to use.

      There could also be the distinction, perhaps, that miniseres of any lengh have a conclusion where a limited series could have a cliffhanger to be resolved the following season?

  • Jef Dinsmore

    I concur. I am looking forward to James G. back to a series on HBO. How about anyone else?

  • Oh, I think that this looks very interesting! I’m glad to see it’s going to make it on air, but too bad it’ll be limited. Better than a miniseries, though. I’ll definitely check this out!

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