The Night Of: “Part V: The Season of the Witch” Review


Let’s jump right into it as things really need to start to fall into place here. First that recap.

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Part V: The Season of the Witch

As Naz finds a measure of security in Freddy’s sphere, Chandra negotiates with Stone to help with the case now that Alison has withdrawn from it. They agree on the price. Freddy’s offer to Naz of protection comes at a price, too: smuggling heroin into Rikers. Box finds surveillance camera footage from “the night of” and shares it with prosecutor Weiss. It shows Naz making two men get out of the cab, but not Andrea, suggesting premeditation. Toxicology reports revealing amphetamines in Naz but not Andrea, further implicate him. Concerned Naz has lied about other things as well, Stone goes over the night’s events with him again. Naz corrects a detail: there were two men he and Andrea encountered outside her house when they arrived, not one. Stone learns this second man – Duane Reade – has priors for Breaking and Entering, Burglary, and Aggravated Assault, always with a knife.

“A Good Boy”

Jail is a good place to become a criminal, and for Naz, he is getting a good introduction. Freddy has taken Naz under his wing and is showing him how to be a big man in the big house. Naz gets the chance to rail on his pal Calvin who burned him. After a few kicks, one of Freddy’s associates has to pull Naz away because he is getting out of control.  What kind of rage is buried there?  Just a short while later, Naz has shaved his head and is flexing his “big man on campus” muscles with the boys.  I was waiting for a nice brawl to break out over changing the channel to Ellen.  Too bad.  Freddy is just that powerful, everyone sucks up to him and his cronies.

Naz has even escalated to drug smuggling. When another jail bird’s mom needs help on the outside, Freddy steps up to assist her. Because that’s how far his reaches go. But he does nothing for free and in return she needs to use her God given talents to bring in some cocaine. Which she passes along to her son and then on to Naz and through his system. But this isn’t Naz’s first run in TheNightOf_Ep05-300x169with drugs. Lying about what was in his system that night. So how good of a boy is he? And how much does Stone perceive?

“Little Blue Pill”

Stone has partnered up with Crowe’s firm for a modest fee and he continues working the case. Following the drug lead from last week’s episode, Stone tracks down a supplier.  While he’s reluctant to give up information, Stone isn’t giving up so easy.  Not on the leads and certainly not on his sex life.  His steroid use is killing the vibe, so he gets a prescription for Viagra. His lady friend is already occupied elsewhere, but some cat is still available.

At the local animal shelter that is. Stone picks up the cat on the night before it is set to be executed, though it might be back. As much as Stone admits he isn’t attached, he does stop and buy a bunch of toys.  I have a feeling that he is getting more attached than he realizes, especially if the cat symbolizes Naz.  As Stone has taken in this cat, so Freddy has taken in Naz.  But if Stone is ready to turn the cat back into the shelter, what does that mean for Naz?

“This cut was the result of…”

Meanwhile, Detective Box is putting together the timeline of Naz’s events that night.  So far things seems to be adding up, but not so much for the witnesses.  The prosecutor is running out of credible witnesses to take the stand.  Because in court, it isn’t just about telling the truth, it is also how you tell the truth.  Credible witnesses are going to be straightforward and concise.  They have to appear credible.  An angry guy who wants to swear at people while testifying when he is already lying about being alone that night?  Not so credible.

TheNightOf_Ep05pic2-300x139Speaking of lying, how’s it going Mr. Medical Examiner?  The prosecutor goes to get the image of Naz’s hand wound looked at and check the odds over whether he cut it breaking the door glass or by stabbing her and having his hand slip down the knife.  The medical examiner makes it very clear he will do whatever the prosecutor wants him to do.  Since some evidence and witnesses are slipping away, the prosecution’s perfect case is going out the window. What else can they do to ensure conviction?

Symbol: the flashing light of Stone’s sun lamp illuminates the true story as the show unfolds. Tiny glimpses of truth are passed to us in the light, while the darkness shed the lies. But what is the truth and what is false?

Clue: Stone figures out Naz is lying about the drugs in his system from the night of the murder.  He’s not too pleased.  As Naz starts working on the bags he has to pass, Stone says, “I understand you have to do it, but if you’re caught for this, the case is over and you’re never getting out of here.”  At quick glance, you could assume he’s talking about lying about the drugs he had taken that night.  But if Stone is picking up on the drug smuggling (as I think he is) this could lead him to exploring further connections outside the prison in relation to Freddy and what he may or may not know.

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