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Silicon Valley Season 3 Premiere Date Confirmed

By Jacob Klein on Jan 7, 2016 to Silicon Valley



UPDATE: Silicon Valley Season 3 will premiere April 24th!

Silicon Valley will receive another round of funding from it’s parent corporation HBO!  Put another way: Silicon Valley Season 3 is GREEN BABY!  Season 2 kicked off last night just after the big Game of Thrones premiere.  HBO says they won’t be releasing ratings on a nightly basis anymore but since they’re renewing this series so quickly, we think they went well.

Are you ready for another round of Silicon Valley?  Season 3 will probably premiere alongside Game of Thrones Season 6 in 2016.  Here’s the official announcement:

LOS ANGELES, April 13, 2015 – HBO has renewed the comedy series SILICON VALLEY for a third season, it was announced today by Michael Lombardo, president, HBO Programming.

The Emmy- and Golden Globe-nominated series SILICON VALLEY takes a comic look at the modern-day epicenter of the high-tech gold rush, where the people most qualified to succeed are the least capable of handling success. A collaboration between Mike Judge and Alec Berg, the show returned for its ten-episode second season Sunday, April 12 (10:00-10:30 p.m. ET/PT).

See you in Spring of 2016!  Until then just enjoy season 2 as it keeps the laughs rolling.

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This is one of my favorite shows! Up there with Halt and Catch Fire and Archer.

This is one of the funniest shows I have ever seen in my 50 some odd years. And girls, this is exactly how men act and talk when they are alone. That is what is so great about it.


Good to hear that..was waiting for season 3..

quality needs time, can’t wait for season 3, 4, 5 and 6 to air.
a big thank you to HBO and Alec Berg, you guys have the right taste and hit it every time! (incl. curb your enthusiasm etc.)
I loooove this stuff. More please. Push it guys.

I love this show. If you like it you should check out Betas on Amazon Video. Wish they would continue production on Betas.

i was waiting this for long time… today i will have party ;)… Thanks for this news… let’s see how pied piper team will fuck gavin again… hahahaha


My 18th birthday will probably be the best. Geeks, nerds, beers and Silicon Valley airs.

Few shows have ever made quality such a jump from season 1 to season 2. Yes, there’s not a lot of women on the show, but it’s a tight and funny 30 min that has a big future

I know a tech CEO and from the episodes he has watched said it is very realistic.

That’s the amazing part of it. Judge obviously worked in the valley for a while, and credit the entire show for having a feel for the pulse of it. To be that authentic and that funny is fine work.

Dude, I live in SJ and no one calls it “the valley.” This is the central coast not Van Nuys.

Fair enough. Just was noting that Mike Judge said he worked “in the valley.” Not for me to judge or take sides. Hopefully Judge comes back on the Stern show to discuss it for a good half hour again.

He hasn’t seen those episodes, just the 1st season and a few from the second. he was referring to the VC funding nonsense. I’m sure he wouldn’t change his opinion if he watched the entire 2nd. Season. I’ll ask.

That would be interesting insight

Why does it matter that there isn’t a lot of women in the show?

For some reason people have a beef with it. Judge said look, the Valley isn’t filled with many women so it’s accurate, and get over it. They added that one girl last year, and I would assume will add another. But it’s nowhere near as big an issue as how much better the show got in year 2.

We moved on from women being represented; the exclusion of black actors is now the issue of the day. It proves to be a very interesting dilemma for the industry.

I binged watched this show over 3 days and I was not disappointed!

going to be difficult to wait until 04/2016. hope that does not diminish the momentum. it is the best show i’ve ever seen on television.
anyone notice erlich bachman’s voice as the mucus on sinus commercials lately?

don’t worry they’ll soon KICK their pants:)

This site is so fucking ugly. You have money HBO. What the hell?

Thanks for thinking that we are HBO, BUT WE’RE NOT!!! We ae just a dedicated fan site. Oops on your part.

Wow I did enjoy :) it’s great


F*cking Awesome

I hate this show it sucks, just kidding its awesome


damm that far not cool………… i love this show to the max

great show. But i miss they could get something right

Do something plz… When in 2015 are u going to launch the first episode of season 3??..Imdb shows that it would have been out by april..keep up to ur commitments for god’s sake. Loved both seasons… Super awesome work.

My, are you going to be disappointed. This show will not return until Spring of 2016.

jef you are a rude bastard.

Yeah, it has been said that is the case, nevertheless the fact remains that SV will be a part of a great 2016 on HBO.

you fat bitch

Jian Yang is the best!

Erlich promise big meat.

RUSS HANNEMAN is the best !

He’s alright

This guy fucks.

Damn straight!

finished both season in 2 nights.. I want more :(

Great show want more!

That’s a relief reading that desperately waiting for Silicon valley season 3,4,5… and so on,that’s a great show I’ve ever seen…

I just binged on the first two seasons in about 4 days and I can’t believe I waited so long to watch it. Easily the funniest sitcom on TV right now (along with VEEP).

I know the feeling, I binged both seasons in one night… I literally just finished watching the last season 2 episode!

We got something in common guys XD

I can’t wait for Season 3!

I f&%#ing love this show

Thank the Dark Lord.

we walk further down the left handed path…….

This show is brilliant! Every time I watch it I’m still just as engaged as I was the first time. I’m super excited about season 3 release in 2016. Being a minority in tech and entrepreneurship has been very interesting but fulfilling to say the least! I wanted to chime in about the brilliance of this show, in a ubiquitous industry, finding the perfect medium and storyline has been timely and intuitive for myself and I have made it practical.

I’ve already re-watched seasons 1 and 2 at least a couple of times. SV is so brilliantly composed, I swear I catch something new about an episode even if its the third time I’ve seen it. The only other show I experienced this way is Breaking Bad. Season 3 cannot arrive soon enough. Hoping that since they upped the episodes from 8 in season one to 10 in season two that maybe we’ll get a dozen in season 3? The writing talent and spot on cast easily supports this.


… in all honestly this show is the comedy version of the drama series Halt and Catch Fire. (but I still can’t choose a favorite)

YES :D Im so happy!!!!!

So glad HBO gave season 3 the green light! I work in IT and absolutely love Silicon Valley!

You might also like the IT Crowd.

Thanks, I’ll check it out!

So glad that there WILL be a Season 3! Can’t wait!

Love this show. Love it love it love it!!!

This show IS awesome and has always BEEN awesome. Yea it did lack romance this season but who watches this show for romance? I expect Jimmy Hendrix to keep running into problems with people who want to prevent him from achieving ultimate success. But, somehow he always overcomes them and then run’s into an even more serious problem. They’ve done a great job so far. 1. Who know’s maybe the programmer from end frame hacked into pied pipers system when they were prepared to delete everything and compromised all or at least part of the source code. 2. Yes Jimmy’s… Read more »

You mean Richard Hendrix :)

It’s Nelson ‘BigHead’ Bighetti. Not BagHead.

His name is Richard!

Woops must of been listening to the guitar player lol

lmao i was wondering wtf jimi hendrix had to do with anything

Richard Hendricks to be exact. :)

Nice silly episodes I like it and more power

I like the series very much, but he can they have a little more luck with that pied piper, always that annoying “just not happining” thing.

I think the second season went a little sour. Not so much plot development. I expected some romance development between Richard and Monica. Instead, Laurie forced Monica into voting for firing Richard (betrayal – no true love possible after that)

Not much plot development unless the plot is about starting a company in Silicon Valley, then plot twists every episode. Romance? Get a grip!

I have to second this. Seriously, who watches this show for romance? Personally, I don’t watch any show mainly for romantic story lines but if that’s what you’re after I’m sure you can find Sex and the City airing on near constant loop somewhere or there’s always Netflix. The “romance” in SV is between whip smart yet socially awkward entrepreneurs and their budding businesses. Or its found in the platonic bromances between the mostly male entrepreneurs as they spend countless hours together intensely focused on creating the next great tech company together. Keep Monica on the fringes. That’s her role… Read more »

Perfect analysis.


If all your wanting is a romance show, go somewhere else.

well said !

thanks you passed away and make that straight sir (thumbs up)

I’m psyched and dreading this at the same time. Season 1 was genius, but in season 2 they went with some hokey plots, like the “delete key” thing, which was complete BS. I work in Silicon Valley and the thing I loved about this show is that they got it right. Now I’m worried that they’re going to do more hokey BS and ruin it.

bad news for you Robert: realism is a storyteller for a limited time only. I am pretty sure they will exit the rootway and commit to the entertaining elements. Like every show, time and place are only launch elements that allow characters and story to grow and find their own dynamics. Once the characters and story are set successfully, the picture in the back becomes increasingly irrelevant. After all, this is not a documentary. the valley-stage gained interest because so many things have happened there in the past decade but never made it to hollywood. Steve Jobs, Ashton Kutcher and… Read more »

it’s comedy, and is by far the most realistic comedy show about silicon valley

agreed, looks like this show is only going downhill

This is a a great comedy ! Robert, my dear Mr “I work in Silicon Valley” who gives a phark! and to your girlfriend Moogs who seems so keen on licking your a.s.s. HBO have done a great job casting, they have established a great story line.. With director, Mike Judge of Office Space and Beavis and Butthead fame. Maybe its time for you girls to drink your own piss!

Im horny

no way dinesh the latino is a riot. I’m hoping the lads get laid next season :D

dinesh the latino? you must be referring to one episode where he gets mistaken for a latino right?

He’s pakistani !


Dinesh is smart but his delivery is deadpan and some of his comments are meant as sarcasm.

I dont understand the role of Dinesh, his jokes are most of the times redundant and just pointing out the obvious. Need more funny and witty guy in his place.

He is playing a part, a character from another country who does not fully understand our culture.

Spring 2016? So far away!

Best show since years 👍

Wooooooooooooo Awesome like this show… 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Just finished watching s2e10, absolutely love how the writers always manage to pull it back.

Gonna be really interesting to see what they do for this last episode’s kick in the pants.



putting this right after game of thrones is guaranteed ratings

still a great show

Keep TJ Miller and this show will be gold for many years



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