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Pilot Written for Del Toro’s MONSTER

By Jef Dinsmore on Jul 4, 2013 to HBO News

guierllmo-del-torro-hbophoto credit: Gage Skidmore cc

It seems that Guillermo del Toro was at an event called the Los Angeles Times Hero Complex Festival and made brief comments about his upcoming adaptation of the Japanese Manga MONSTER. HBOWatch has already reported on this work but this latest comment by the director gives us a bit more info.

The manga’s creator Naoki Urasawa has given permission for the live-action adaptation only if he could review an outline of each intended episode of the first season. Del Toro, who is slated to direct, says that the work will cover the original material very closely and no extra content will be added to alter the series or increase an episode count.

Just an industry note, this will prove quite a literal interpretation of the source material that is not often done. For example,  TRUE BLOOD and to some extent GAME OF THRONES do not follow their respective source material precisely as fans well know. As indicated by my source, the Anime News Network, the pilot has already been written by del Toro and Steve Thompson. The story can now be found in its original comic form and as an anime cartoon series. We await news of HBO officially moving forward with this live-action version.

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Well, I am still hoping that they are going to pick this up and do it! Even tough no one has heard anything about this after the start of this rumor TT_TT I reaaally want to see this – and it would be pretty hard to f*ck this up because they don’t need to do any magical stuff and it’s also not about holywood like fighting and it will only be ruined by overt-the-top acting, so they just need to keep it realistic. If they just put in some decent actors it will be pretty good already, and if they… Read more »

I don’t get the literal adaptation… it already has an anime and manga. I mean, me as a fan, would not quite bother to watch the live action because I already know what will happen. Just like I don’t quite follow the Naruto anime because I’m already updated with the manga.

But then again, the US is a different audience so it might work out.

I think that if he can do it right it will be awesome, however its possible it could just be another dragonball evolution. That being said the author of monster IS reviewing each episode, which could mean/ should mean it will be good

HBO ! ! ! PLEASE do not let this project get put on the back-burner. Your executives cannot even comprehend how well this show would do and I would make sure I would tell EVERYONE about it once it begins. Please push this project. Thumbs up if you agree please. This could possibly be one of the best shows you’ve produced in the history of HBO if done well and correct with Urasawa’s guidance and Del Toro’s talent for making creepy productions. PLEASE LET THIS PROJECT LIVE.

Well any progresses on this project?

No, unfortunately there is nothing new about this piece. That should not be surprising however. I went to a few sites about del Toro and the list of desired projects he has is a mile long. Who knows when he will be able to get to this project as he is producing, directing or riting a number of other projects including Pacific Rim 2 and others.

This is awesome! There are a lot of animes I like, but this is one of the ones that would work really well live action in America…I also kind of think Code Geass would translate really well.

I have seen Monster all the way through more than once. And even if the story remains practically unchanged, I will happily watch it again in this new form!

It’s going to be great to see this get acted out in “real-world” settings, though the original drawings and animations were fantastic. I’m also excited because this could draw people who haven’t heard of the series before.

Please keep up with this project. :) You’ve got fantastic material to work with, and an enthusiastic director can’t hurt.

I wouldn’t mind if some scenes were altered just “slightly” though. I’d be kinda disappointed if it followed the manga exactly step by step. For instance, some dialogue and mannerisms seem too Japanese at points and doesn’t accurately represent how western people actually talk. It’s easily forgiven though considering that Urasawa-san did his best to research Germany’s culture/politics and get it as accurate as possible.

I was just telling someone that if done right this could be an amazing US live action series. That’s when they told me about this story. That big question is “If it’s done right?” All to often creators want to leave their own unique mark and the show is more an expression of their art than bringing to life the art of someone else.

Del toro;s Pacific Rimm was such a joke, that anything this fat slob says is a joke. Why can’t HBO ignore these tabloid stories.?

i wonder how they will make this, since Johan and Tenma are both interesting but EXTREMELY hard characters to portray

I don’t think you give actors enough credit. I bet there are plenty of people who can play the roles, and probably a lot of ‘no-names’ at that.

If they are gonna keep Tenma Japanese, I’m really curious as to who they’re gonna cast. Since we don’t have much male asian actors here in America.

Not to mention pretty much identical to his sister! At some point in the series Johan puts on a wig and a skirt to pass as his sister, his legs were just as skinny as hers, which shows us just how skinny Johan is. This would look ridiculous unless done very carefully in a live action show.
I just hope they keep it in Germany and that the main character is at the very least of Japanese descent. The moment I see Nicolas Cage as Tenma is the day I stop watching tv forever.

Johan Has the creepiness factor of the Trinity Killer and Hannibal Lector all rolled into one. That being said Why the hell would you spoil (not for me I read and watched the series long ago) PIVOTAL plot points of the entire series?

One of my favorite manga/anime featuring Johan possibly the most brutal, suave and terrifying individual in any anime ever being made into a drama character… Awesome

And what’s about Makishima Shogu :) they are pretty close to each other :D

if they do this right we might be seeing the newest breaking bad…

One of the most thrilling stories I’ve ever read in manga (or regular prose) is finally being produced? And backed up by HBO with Del Toro behind it? Am I dreaming? Best news ever!

This is the greatest manga I’ve ever read. It is so multilayered and interesting — you’d think the writer was German, consider how vividly-created Heidelberg and Hamburg are, in addition to Nice and other European locations — that it is perfect for a TV show. It could never have been made into a film, but as del Toro said, it’s ideal for cable television, and especially HBO. After how successful Del Toro’s been with Pacific Rim, HBO would be suckers to let go of a talent like his.

This is the first I have heard about this project, and it sounds like it could be very interesting. Hopefully the transition from manga to live action will be smooth, but it seems del Toro is just the right man for this kind of work.

It is good to hear that the series is still being developed, and as someone who hasn’t read the comic I am quite interested to see what it is like.

Also, I think “Game of Thrones does not follow the source material” is a rather unfair overstatement. There is no way they could adapt the books without changing some of the finer details and streamlining the plot a bit, but overall it is a fairly close adaption.

This masterpiece it’s gonna make an awesome series if this goes on. I’m very excited about it (and a bit scared too… being honest) ‘Monster’ it’s so amazing it deserves the best adaptation EVER. Luckily Del Toro is a fan and the HBO it’s just the perfect choice for a great adaptation.
Still, I’m specially nervous about the casting. (about Johan and Nina in particular…) If they make a great job on it… I can’t even think on how astonishing this will be…

Don’t worry they can cast me or… I.D.K? Someone.. just PUMPED CAUSE DEL TORO IS AN EPIC DIRECTOR :D I loved MAMA + The manga and anime of MONSTER. DAT ENDING!!

>i loved Mama
jesus christ such Plebian
Now, Del Toro is my favorite director, but because of Pan’s Labyrinth and Pacific Rim, not a mediocre horror film.

>not on 4chan
Hellboy is looking at you. Badly.

I love the sound of this and HOORAY for a literal interpretation! Finally a writer who cares ! :D


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