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Mark Rylance is Thomas Cromwell in Wolf Hall

By Jacob Klein on Jun 22, 2013 to HBO News

cromwell-rylanceWe haven’t heard a lot about HBO’s upcoming adaptation of the ‘Wolf Hall‘ novels.  But this spring word has spread that Mark Rylance will take on the role of Thomas Cromwell, King Henry VIII’s right-hand man.

Rylance has a bit of experience portraying characters in and around old British monarchs.  He actually played Sir  Thomas Boleyn in The Other Boleyn Girl alongside Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman.  But more importantly he played another English king in Richard II to much critical acclaim.

You probably haven’t heard of Mr. Rylance or Wolf Hall but we know you’ve heard of  ShowTime’s The Tudors.  Think of this as another series similar to that one but from the point of view of Henry VIII’s 2nd in command.

No word on a production schedule or premiere date yet but we’ll keep you posted.  This one shouldn’t be as difficult as Game of Thrones or even True Blood to get onto film so we expect once filming starts we’ll get an air date soon enough.

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I was disappointed. The real Thomas Cromwell was a true cynic and self-serving evil man. and the unforgivable engineer of the murder of Anne Boleyn, her brother and several other innocents. As to his looks, the above portrait is of Thomas MOORE. Cromwell looked like this…Rylance eyes were too soulful to reflect those of this piggy man.

The Other Boleyn Girl was CRAP.

the portrait is of thomas more, not thomas cromwell.

Jef, Jacob & MJ: I can’t wait for this!!!! I bought the book and will be reading it as soon as the school year comes to a close! This is very exciting!

It is, isn’t it? And I think HBO needs a good “historical” costume drama to go up against the White Queen & DaVinci. Especially now that Borgias won’t be back. Hopefully this will be better than the 2 Starz series.

This looks like it has the potential to be interesting! I haven’t read Wolf Hall and I definitely won’t read before watching. I just get too disappointed when I do that. :D I hope HBO knocks this out of the park.

I certainly want to keep a track of this work. I am planning to read WOLF HALL ( and AMERICAN GODS) as a part of my summer reading and will probably let you all know what I think. As stated we will keep our eys on it.

Both are Good books! Wolf Hall is one of my favorites of all time. American Gods is Written wonderfully and Neil Gaiman really has an imagination that cannot be compared to. Dont wait til summer read American Gods now and take your time with Wolf Hall

Neil Gaiman is a no talent hack.

Yeah my wife has read both books in the series so far. She loves KHVIII and that storyline. I think a lot of people do. Can’t wait to see HBO take a swing at it.


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