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American Gods on HBO Not Official… Yet

By Jacob Klein on Jun 30, 2013 to American Gods

gaiman-american-hbophoto credit: John Nakamura Remy cc

The world of television entertainment development is a fickle mistress. Sometimes word gets out about a series well before it has become official. Today Neil Gaiman, author of the book American Gods tweeted the following in response to a new round of articles detailing American Gods on HBO:

We aren’t too suprised to hear Neil say something like this. He’s probably been put on communication lockdown by the premium cable network. It does make some of the quotes he’s made in the recent past a bit confusing:

“I got the email yesterday saying that the final contractual tos and fros have been sorted out and I should be free within a couple of weeks to start writing.”

Or this one


So they’re obviously working on the project but there’s just no “official” word or “green light” as it were. We empathize with Neil on having to keep silent on one of his most beloved project’s future.  There have even been reports of SIX SEASONS being confirmed but as we all know, HBO and most networks don’t work like that.. ever.  So Neil is right: Don’t believe everything you read on the internet!

We hope HBO or Neil himself can confirm that the series is officially a-go in the coming months!

We’ll keep everyone posted.

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