Production to begin on HBO’s ‘American Gods’

American-Gods-movie-being-made-with-Neil-Gaiman-300x192The British author of ‘American Gods’ is ready to start work on his new, purportedly six season, series for HBO.  In an interview at the Guardian Book Club at the Edinburgh international book festival, the author said:

“I got the email yesterday saying that the final contractual tos and fros have been sorted out and I should be free within a couple of weeks to start writing.”

American Gods is based on the premise that the gods of ancient mythology exist in present-day America and are kept alive by people’s belief in them.

He said the story would make a better TV series than a film:

“Over the years I’ve had phone calls from major directors or major actors. They say, ‘I want to make it into a movie,’ and I say, ‘Great. How?’ And at that point I would always have to apologize for the fact that I wrote it while I was doing a couple of screenplays, and was incredibly grumpy at the idea of doing 124-page stories with beginnings, middles and ends and was determined that the novel should be formless and would have lots of ends, and several beginnings, and middles all over the place. So I actually like the idea that HBO are doing it.”

American Gods is obviously still in the very early stages of development but we’ll give you all the juicy details as we get them!  Nothing is official just yet so hold your horses until HBO gives this the green light.


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