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THE LAST OF US S2 Starts Shooting in Winter ‘24

by Jef Dinsmore
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While HBO and Max are going to do their darndest to get us excited for 2024 programming there are titles that we just won’t see until 2025 because the industry strikes dragged out so long. We are looking at you EUPHORIA and THE WHITE LOTUS. Another show with that same sort of bad scheduling luck was 2023’s big history-making series THE LAST OF US. Doesn’t that seem the way, the video game adaptation is one of the most eagerly anticipated shows HBO has and one of the titles we have to wait the longest to see again. Those of us who have played the games know what is to come and have the added eagerness to see how the unknowing take the plotline that will play out.  

TheLastOfUs-Teaser-300x220As the title of this piece declares, however, at least the series will get in front of cameras in the early part of 2024. Both HBO’s Casey Bloys and show creator Craig Mazin at one time or another had stated that due to the delays, the show would not get underway until 2024. Since the conclusion of the industry strikes Mazin went on to give an actual start date of February 12. The sophomore run will be shot in Canada around the Vancouver area and will surely set out to film exterior shots throughout the year. We wouldn’t be surprised if we see fans catching glimpses of location shooting as they did with Season One. Maybe, we will tease fans with such reports throughout 2024. Plus, there is the official news of who plays the key character of Abby as the series continues and there will be official teases along the way no doubt.  

Yes, it will be a bit of a wait for THE LAST OF US. We’ll spend it enjoying what HBO has to offer in 2024 and, who knows, play the PS4 games yet again the the meantime. We’ll keep you posted here at HBOWatch.  

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