Originally billed as a miniseries, Big Little Lies garnered critical acclaim in addition to 16 Emmy Awards and eight wins which included Outstanding Limited Series. The miniseries was so successful that HBO decided on extending it into the second season. The show stars Nicole Kidman, Laura Dern and Alexander Skarsgard all of whom won awards. Shailene Woodley and Reese Witherspoon both received nominations.

If you are one of those people who loves lies, deceit and mysteries then make sure that you watch the first season. Fortunately, HBO makes it a point to rerun the first season so regardless below is how you can live stream Big Little Lies online.

Live Stream Big Little Lies with AT&T TV NOW by adding HBO for $5

AT&T TV NOW is one of the best ways to watch premium television shows like Big Little Lies. The service is run by AT&T so you can be sure that they are going to be around for a while. Plus, they stream over a hundred networks, and you can add premium channels like HBO for an additional $5 a month. They also have apps for close to a dozen devices including Android and iOS devices, which ensures that you can stream your favorite shows on the go. Try the service for 7-days free via the button below.

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Watch Big Little Lies with Sling TV Premium

Sling TV is a cord-cutting service and the best option for someone who wants to stream Big Little Lies since it starts at just $25 a month. However, to watch HBO shows you’ll need to pay an extra $15, and the same goes for other premium channels. You can signup for Sling TV via the link below and use the service free for 7-days.

Try Sling Free for 7 Days

Stream Big Little Lies with HBO’s official ‘Go’ and ‘Now’ app

If you’re a subscriber to HBO via the local cable service, you can log-in and start streaming via the HBO Go app for free. So, you can stream all episodes of Big Little Lies, in addition to other shows. However, those who don’t have a cable subscription can always signup for HBO’s Now service which streams via the internet. Both services have the latest episodes of all shows available as soon as it airs.



Is Big Little Lies on Netflix and Hulu?

No, they are not. The reason being HBO considers them rival businesses especially since the network has its own streaming service. So, like all other HBO shows don’t expect to start streaming Big Little Lies anytime soon unless of course, the network decides to abandon its own streaming service which is highly unlikely.

Download Episodes of Big Little Lies from Amazon Prime, iTunes and Google Play

You can always download individual episodes that you may have missed from Amazon Prime, Google Play, and iTunes. However, it can take a while for new episodes to appear sometimes a few months after the season has closed. So, there is a long wait ahead if you want to only rely on downloading these episodes. That said HBO to its credit has been working on minimizing the wait period but its still considerable.

Other Perhaps Illegal Methods of Streaming Big Little Lies Online

We can only link to and advise that you use all the legal methods that are mentioned above. The reason we advise that you use legal methods other than the fact that they are legal is also because they are safe. Websites run by pirates are usually populated by malware, viruses, and trojans all gunning for your private information. Plus, could end up being fined for copyright infringement. So, you’re better off streaming shows like Big Little Lies by paying a bit which will save you from a lot of trouble.