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Movies on HBO: DC’s THE FLASH

by Jef Dinsmore
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Movies_TheFlash-Pic1THE FLASH is still getting attention on Max and HBO. In fact, the movie, which debuted on HBO on Saturday, August 26, and a few days earlier on Max, is trending as the most-watched movie on the service right now. So, either everyone is happy that a new movie hits the brand and/or people are out once again to give DC a chance. 

The movie is the 13th installment of the DCEU which means, quite obviously, it is well behind the MCEU canon and thus, being late on that bandwagon, is facing superhero burnout. The movie has grossed $269 million worldwide in theaters, becoming one of the biggest box-office bombs of all time, with projections of a $200 million loss for Warner Bros. and is now settled in its streaming home. Are you one of those who are keeping trending on Max? Because don’t forget, even though a movie might have strong box office numbers doesn’t mean it doesn’t catch on as watchable content in some other format. 

The story embellishes the “Flashpoint” storyline of the character’s comic book run from 2011. The Flash has the ability to accelerate so fast that a time bubble can be created, allowing the superhero (Barry Allen), played by Ezra Miller, to travel the timeline or multi-verses. Unfortunately, in doing that maneuver one time, he altered the timeline for personal reasons to dire consequences. How many times must we tell people not to alter timelines? But it sure helps make for an exciting twist to any story. In this tale, we are offered three different Batmans!

So, what made THE FLASH a weak box-office flick? The Detroit News said, “It quickly turns into such a blur of nonsense that its early charms are all but wiped away, and the film runs out of steam as it drags to the nearly two-and-a-half hour mark.” The Associated Press remarked, “If only the whole film… felt this breezily clever and entertaining. Alas, the final act bogs down in what feels like an endless, generic CGI battle and a kitchen-sink resolution that leaves one feeling just a little exhausted and somewhat confused.”

Fair enough. It got up in its CGI and ended up quite muddled. Other negative responses were mostly centered on the feeling of being tired of superhero gimmickry and the nostalgic stunt casting. But the true fans of the genre thought all that was rather fun though THE FLASH did stumble in storytelling and when the Scarlet Speedster stumbles it leaves a huge skid mark.

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So, what’s next? Will fans get another chance to root for a DC film when BLUE BEETLE arrives on HBO? No, it is too soon. CREED III seems more likely. Regardless, we will keep you up to date right here on HBOWatch.  

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