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Movies on HBO: “ALL MY LIFE”

by Jef Dinsmore
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No, I’m not in the mood for a four-hankie romance, but someone just might be. There is a market for them and HBO has one in ALL MY LIFE starring Jessica Rothe and Harry Shum Jr. It debuted on HBO Saturday, August 07 at 8:00pm. At the end of this post is additional airdates, but first a look at the movie.

This romancer is based on the true story of Solomon Chau and Jennifer Carter. To make this story one to weep over means some sadness came into their life. The young couple rushes to put their wedding together after Solomon is diagnosed with liver cancer. How they pull that off creates, I’m guessing, a beautiful story on boundless love. Shum Jr (GleeShadowhunters) personifies Solomon and Rothe (Happy Death Day franchise) as his love, Jennifer. The 91-minute movie was directed by Marc Myers (My Friend Dahmer) from a screenplay by Todd Rosenberg.  

 Of course, being a romance, we hope for strong chemistry for the happy couple and we hope they are happy despite the life threating medical issue at hand. But it wouldn’t be real life or an interesting movie if conflict didn’t arise. There has got to be some uplifting optimism in the film somewhere. Does Solomon make it down the aisle to behold his bride? This time around, does the dime-a-dozen cliché this movie rides on work?  Well, at least we know the answer to that first question is a ‘yes’. Their journey together, their love is what it is all about. In the mood to shed a tear? Seek out ALL MY LIFE  

Wed, Aug 11 4:00 am ET HBO Movies_AllMyLife-Pic2-300x230

Wed, Aug 11 4:10 am ET HBO LATINO 

Fri, Aug 13 8:20 pm ET HBO 

Mon, Aug 16 2:55 pm ET HBO SIGNATURE 

Fri, Aug 20 1:40 am ET HBO SIGNATURE 

Wed, Aug 25 10:00 pm ET HBO SIGNATURE 

Sun, Aug 29 11:55 pm ET HBO SIGNATURE 

Wed, Sep 01 10:00 pm ET HBO2 

Fri, Sep 03 7:25 pm ET HBO SIGNATURE 

Mon, Sep 06 1:40 am ET HBO 

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