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By Jef Dinsmore on Jan 31, 2016 to HBO Specials

Special_WhitneyCummingsThe other weekend comedienne Whitney Cummings fulfilled a career long dream to have an HBO Special and her wish came through and she thanked HBO kindly for it. Here is a press release announcing the gig:

The whip-smart actress-comedian who co-created the hit series 2 Broke Girls headlines her first HBO stand-up special when WHITNEY CUMMINGS: I’M YOUR GIRLFRIEND debuted SATURDAY, JANUARY 23 at 10:00pm.

Taped at The Broad Stage in Santa Monica, Cal., the special features Cummings’ unfiltered observations on modern gender dynamics, as she skewers the paradoxes of sex and relationships in an age when women have more power and independence than ever before. Performing before a live audience, Cummings offers her uncensored thoughts on such topics as: whether men are attracted to successful women; being the breadwinner in a relationship; internet-inspired perversions; the problems with today’s birth control options for women; and her experience freezing her eggs.

This comedy special is still airing on TV and on the sites. This writer did end up seeing Cumming’s routine and offers some simple observances here to round out this post. The title, I’M YOUR GIRLFRIEND, is like having Whitney say, “Guys, what I am about to say up on this stage is what your girlfriend is thinking too, so pay attention.” That might be true, if your girlfriend is a feminist. It’s like she wanted to reach out to males to say this is what the 21st century is really like; she is a strong, independent soul. Then so proceeds to tell us how men don’t want that type of woman. Of course, this is an old topic and Cummings takes her stab at it.   

She also explores, as most comedians do, the kinks and quirks of sex. Though she rattles it off at a fast clip she flows through it all quite well. Her greatest moments aren’t going through her riffs though, the best bits are the moments she points to the front row and engages the audience and plays them up just enough. Her birth rant proves that. In the end it was entertaining enough, but with a lot of gals taking the 21st Century women stance it doesn’t really shine as awesome. It did, however, make us know her a bit better and so does this little featurette.


My biggest complaint? Look at any still of clip from this special and you’ see it peeking out. I have problem with her choice of wardrobe. With her tresses coming over the shoulders with that black lace top it looks like she is sporting as much tight, curly chest hair as I do.  I might be the only one out there that thought that, but it distracted me. The special is not a distraction but good enough to take in. Cummings sure seems to like her HBO moment and has had a development deal with the network for a while now we just might get to see more of her. If you were as unfamiliar with her as I was then this stand-up is a good start.


  • Stone Gossardish

    It started very slow. Needed a much stronger first 5 min. The premise about the IUD being bad doesn’t really fit. It’s perhaps the very best and most favored BC out there. Her voice was far better than her earlier specials, where the tone ranged wobbled too much and was too high. Overall it was another step forward for her, but it needed a better start

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