Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory airs on HBO Tonight!

By Jef Dinsmore on Jan 12, 2012 to Documentaries, HBO Watch Originals

Let this video clip be a reminder to viewers that Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory airs on HBO beginning Jan. 12th at 9:00pm (tonight).  It is as it states, a timeline looking at the history of the West Memphis Three.  Does their freedom and this documentary end their story? Could there be a fourth documentary about life outside prison to follow?  Or maybe, the case can reopen with new evidence?   Feel free to comment your thoughts here or in the forum!  I’d love to read what you think.

Set your DVRs to HBO tonight at 9PM.
  • Jefd

    I’m telling you now, especially since Jacob just posted a new HBO DOCS post, that HBO documentaries are not to be missed. Nobody can write and have characters play out anything better than true life people in true life situations.

  • Dreamlife

    Amazing finale If you haven’t seen the 1st two, this one does a nice job of presenting everything leading up to the conclusion. The hearing where Baldwin explain his reason for pleading guilty to save Damien Echols from being executed—-wow. It’s unimaginable that these kids spent 18 years in prison, one of them facing death, and then to go against everything you know to be true and plead guilty to save the life of your friend—who is the main reason you were incarcerated? It’s still very bittersweet, because if these 3 didn’t do it, who did? Those poor kids’ murders are still unsolved.

  • Honestly I’d never seen Paradise Lost but since watching these trailers and promos I have to say I almost have to. Such a compelling story.

    • when I first seen this documentary I was so upset and angry I thought it was the best documentary I have ever seen you did a remarkable job on the info the footage I was glad you showed what the kids looked like not being morbid but to show this is what someone did or someones but what poeple found it was hard those poor babies it angers me that we get so caught up with pointing fingers before really checking then stick to one or more individuals and not trying to find the actualcreeps I knew these boys were innocent when I first seen it I thought there’s no way we are all guilty rumors lies have caused3 men to lose 18 years and for that I am soory for them but your documentary showed everyone it’s not always what it seems So lets quit pointing the fingers open it back up find who dids it correct the wrong that has been done I thought the same person did it myself just by watching the first one and still do but I do feel there was more than one this person needs to pay for what they have done that was awful I can’t even imagine what those poor babies was thinking let alone the families it’s bad enough to lose your child esp at a young age but worse is knowing that had happened to them John walsh and his wife lost there child to a brutal muder and i hate to hear it but he put a positive with it he is trying to catch the scum bags so I guess what I’m trying to say maybe some good will come out of this somewhere and for the three men have fun in your life now you may lost 18 years and angry rightly so but now you can move on hold your heads high and make what you have count live for those three boys that was robbed of their life live for them be there advocates I sure wish you well with all my heart I think you are very brave men for being as strong as you 3 are you have more balls then most men I have met RONDA

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