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Looking Season 2 is Happening

By Jacob Klein on Feb 26, 2014 to HBO News


HBO has decided to renew its new dramedy about gay friends making their way through San Francisco. Looking Season 2 has been confirmed by none other than the official Twitter account of the show. Here’s the tweet for definitive proof:

As for a possible premiere date we expect it to air again with Girls in very early 2015. @LookingHBO did a Twinterview with the O.T Fagbenle, who plays Frank on the show.

We’re doubting this is official as the season has yet to be written but the important news is that the crew will be back for another season in 2015! We’ll hit you up when we have an exact air date. Until then enjoy the last two episodes of Looking. We’ll be reviewing each episode as we always do so be sure to check back weekly.

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Great show point blank

when we can see episode 4 , season 2

The Sunday shows took Super Bowl Sunday off. LOOKING returns at it regular time on 02.08. We hope you are reading our weekly reviews of each episode.

I’m surprised to see that it’s been renewed, but that being said, it’s picking up and getting better as the season ends. I like Ritchie a lot, but haven’t been able to warm up to the rest of the cast. As compared to Queer as Folk (both US and UK) or The L Word, it just pales in comparison. I don’t know that I’d continue watching, except that it’s the only thing on after Girls.

I thinks it’s a great show. Yes the first season started off slow and the actors are getting into their stride but that’s usually the norm. I look forward to see how the relationship between Patrick and Kevin but I’m also pulling Richie as well. I think Augustin is a jerk (great acting to get that emotional response) and Dom…well it seems that he’s trying to get his head out of his ass and realize that Lynn is a catch. My only complaint…I want it to be a hour long show but 30 minutes keeps me wanting more. Can’t wait… Read more »

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