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David Fincher’s LIVING ON VIDEO Now an HBO Series

By Jef Dinsmore on May 4, 2015 to Living On Video

People_DavidFincherHBO is in the series making business and it has some slots to fill. Another project we have been tracking has just got deemed a series. It is LIVING ON VIDEO by way of David Fincher. He is one prolific producer/director to have in your stable. You might have seen a piece of his work if you saw House Of Cards, Gone Girl, The Social Network, Fight Club, Se7en and on and on. Now he adds LIVING ON VIDEO.

In December of last year we filed this report that explains the premise of the series:

David Fincher is also developing a comedy series as well. The work is being called LIVING ON VIDEO and takes place in the world of a music video director from the 1980’s. That concept is apropos as Fincher directed such videos back in the day like Madonna’s “Express Yourself.” The premise of the work is as follows:  In 1983 Los Angeles we find Bobby, a wide-eyed guy who drops out of college and drives to Hollywood with dreams of directing a sci-fi epic. He lands a job as a production assistant for a company making music videos. In the vein of HBO’s ENTOURAGE,  the series revolves around the players of the then-exploding music video industry — directors, record executives and crew members, many of them dabbling in drugs — through the eyes of the newcomer.

Okay, if we use one of those equation comparisons we could embellish it to say LIVING ON VIDEO = ENTOURAGE x Boogie Nights – a well endowed Diggler and Turtle. Sound interesting to anyone?

It is also interesting to note, by hitting that link above, that Fincher must want to work with HBO as he has two other concepts in developmeLivingOnVideo_Bobby-300x169nt with the uber-channel. At least we have not heard that UTOPIA and SHAKEDOWN have been dropped yet. As for LIVING ON VIDEO we learn from Deadline that “the project filmed two episodes in lieu of a pilot, and the network has ordered 8 more for a 10-episode first-season run.” We can also snag you a picture of the actor in the lead role from the A. V. Club. They call the lead character Robbie.  

We will have more on this, including any confirmed time frame once HBO feels like sharing the information. But, hey anything at anytime from David Fincher is a plus! 

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