Succession: “I Went to Market”

Thanksgiving has come for the Roy family and much like any other day, we can expect some drama. But of course, since it’s the Roy family, Thanksgiving goes about as well as you can imagine. Logan’s (Brian Cox) estranged brother gets invited to the day, played by James Cromwell. Talk about two acting greats going against each other.

With Logan back in the office, Kendall (Jeremy Strong) and Roman (Kiernan Culkin) are beginning to think he might not be fit for office when he suggests the purchase of local stations. While I applaud his ‘divide and conquer by buying everything strategy’, the reality is local news is becoming more obsolete with the progression of internet and technological news available at the drop of a hat. I can get all the news I need by doing some quick internet searches versus waiting for the local 6 o’clock news. Kendall wants to move for a vote of no confidence and begins racking up supporters. But even then, he doesn’t want to really destroy his dad, just take over. But since Logan won’t ever let Kendall take over, Kendall has to figure something out. Logan would let Kendall be king of the ash-heap. Nothing more. Since Kendall actually wants to keep the company going, he’ll have to figure out who he can count on for a vote of no confidence.

cq5dam.web.1200.675Hoping his uncle Ewan (James Cromwell) will be one, he is looking forward to speaking with him at Thanksgiving. He’s able to convince Frank (Peter Friedman), whom after being fired in the first episode has been rehired to babysit Roman. Clearly, Logan isn’t Frank’s favorite person right now. However, Gerri (J. Smith-Cameron) seems firmly in Logan’s camp as we’ve seen from previous episodes. She adores the man. Clearly, she has worked with him for years. But after an incident playing “I Went to Market,” Gerri approaches Kendall and lets him know she’s loyal to Waystar, not Logan. Hmmm, I’m not sure about that…

Meanwhile, Tom and Shiv are having issues over their prenup agreement. Tom’s mom has some ideas and when conversations start happening it’s clear there is still a layer of mistrust, particularly not including any clauses about infidelity. Tom is also on Greg’s ass to go destroy the documents, and I have to say Greg (Nicholas Braun) is easily becoming my favorite character. Here’s a guy who is down on his luck and just trying to make it by doing what he’s told. But that in no way makes him stupid. On the contrary, when he’s sent to destroy the cruise ship documentation he makes some copies for himself. Smart boy. He also immediately asks about his name being on the sign-in sheet. So he’s thinking about the information trail that could lead back to him. fdxggfx

And there are little side pieces of drama for Connor and Roman as well. Connor (Alan Ruck) wants Willa (Justine Lupe) to leave her job *coughwhorecough* and go steady with him. Willa seems very much on the fence and Connor is definitely starting to come across as needy and has self-confidence issues. Roman has his own drama in his relationship after fighting with Grace (Molly Griggs). They get into it over a movie produced by Waystar that Roman was involved in and hates. She brings up their lack of sex and his clear fidelity issues. At the end of the episode, she packs up and leaves and Roman can’t even be bothered to look up from his phone.

The Behind the Scene clip focuses on what goes down at the Thanksgiving table and more. 

The show continues to pack the heat of family dysfunction. It’s like watching my own family but with a shit ton more money. *sigh* Can’t deny the old adage, mo’ money, mo’ problems. The show continues to up the ante and adds the drama every episode. And after this last promo, we know Kendall may have his game going to take over Waystar, but apparently, Logan has his own game going too. So what’s his play? What’s he up to? Guess we’ll have to tune in and find out!

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