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SUCCESSION S4E7: “Tailgate Party” | Review

by Travlis Hallingquest
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Tom gives Shiv a Scorpion Paperweight. (We will revisit this instance momentarily.)


When the series finale airs on May 28, 2023, this will not be the end of SUCCESSION. Certainly, the canonical storyline of the Logans will come to a conclusion. However, this series will be discussed in film/tv schools, podcasts, and other mediums for decades. SUCCESSION has throttled down on deceit, greed, and disillusioned family principles since the death of the big guy, and it appears as though it will not run out of steam before its 90-minute conclusion.

SuccessionS4E7-Pic03-300x200It is election night eve, and the co-CEOs host a party to tailgate ATN’s coverage of the Presidential election.   Many political pundits and socialites are in attendance; with one surprise guest. Matsson. Matsson’s arrival immediately vexes Kendall and Roman, but they are forced to be amicable in front of the guests. Kendall, Roman, and Shiv discuss the Nordic business magnate’s impromptu appearance in private. Kendall surmises that before his death, their late father had invited Matsson. This deduction is not entirely incorrect but does not present the full story for double-agent Shiv informed Matsson of the gathering.

Shiv’s Achilles heel has always been self-over-appraisal. She’s indeed intelligent but is not a fountain of knowledge. Shiv’s semi-alliance with Matsson is challenged when Waystar’s business analysts uncover Go-Jo’s India subscription numbers were heavily inflated.

SuccessionS4E7-Pic04-300x222Tom informs his estranged wife that he is tired and aims to go to bed. Shiv insists that they entertain NYC’s not-so-finest for a tad longer. This mild disagreement escalates and Shiv and Tom decide to “clear the air” on the balcony of their Manhattan high-rise. The opening scene of “Tailgate Party” has Tom bestow a gift-wrapped scorpion paperweight to Shiv.  Although obvious, the symbolic nature is apparent: Tom sees Shiv as a predator that kills her mate after it has served its purpose. Now that Tom’s protector is deceased, he knows that he could be cut from Waystar at any time.   For the first time, the ill-fated couple raises their voices to the point that their complaints for one another echo between the city’s skyscrapers. Tom is accused of marrying into the family to cement his future, which was his intent.  Shiv is rightfully accused of forcing Tom into being her indentured servant with benefits.

SuccessionS4E7-Pic05-300x257The woes of the night continue with Roman growing frustrated with Connor’s unrealistic Presidential bid.  Connor is presented with an offer by one of the Presidential candidates to be an Ambassador to Mogadishu Somalia. Connor responds with “Mogadishu, as in blow me up Mogadishu?” Roman is further presented with a threat from Gerri.  His former semi-lover threatens to reveal Roman’s odd fetishes if he does not give Gerri a ten-figure severance and control over the narrative of her departure from Waystar.

Realizing that Go-Jo has its own business blunders, Kendall proposes a plan to COO Frank: Waystar will acquire Go-Jo and Kendall will be the sole CEO. Often in life, we hear the phrase “<insert name here> would roll over in their grave if they heard/knew this.”  Bringing this idiom to life, Logan Roy would roll over holding his mid-section in laughter at the cutthroat ways of his offspring. The showdown for control of Waystar does not have the physical ramifications of a double cross in THE SOPRANOS or THE WIRE. It does not have the epic scale of battles featured in GAME OF THRONES or ROME.  However, SUCCESSION has a profound commentary on the human condition that is present in HBO’s greatest series.

Three episodes remain in HBO’s instant classic series. SUCCESSION returns on May 14, 2023, at 9 PM ET on HBO.

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