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The Sopranos DVD & Blu-Ray Release Dates

April 17, 2015 [Updated]


Here are the release dates for each of the available seasons of The Sopranos available on Blu-Ray and DVD.  We’ve also included links to the amazing soundtrack from the series as well. Relive the suspense and action that Tony Soprano brings to the screen. This is HBO’s biggest, most popular series of all time and only The Sopranos approaches the kind of popular culture buzz that surrounds The Sopranos. This epic gangster series is also available in a 30-disc box set that includes every episode from all six seasons. Information on the box sets and DVD’s are linked to reputable retailers below.

Season Release Date Find & Buy
The Sopranos
Complete Series on Blu-Ray
November 4th 2014
(Our Review)
The Sopranos Season 1 November 24th 2009 Buy-Amazon
The Sopranos Season 2 November 6th, 2001 Buy-Amazon
The Sopranos Season 3 August 27th, 2002 Buy-Amazon
The Sopranos Season 4 October 28th, 2003 Buy-Amazon
The Sopranos Season 5 June 7th, 2005 Buy-Amazon
The Sopranos
Season 6 Pt I
December 19th, 2006 Buy-Amazon
The Sopranos
Season 6 Pt II
October 27th, 2007 Buy-Amazon
The Sopranos
Complete on DVD
Available Now! Buy-Amazon
The Sopranos
Two Available Now! Buy-AmazonBuy-Amazon


  1. Ben the Cable Guy /

    Great show, terrible ending though.

  2. Sopranos still the best /

    I just realized today this is coming out on blu ray – finally! I’m thrilled and saving for it now!!! Thank you HBO and with all due respect, it’s about time! :)

  3. ChumleyX /

    So stoked! Been waiting for this for a long time!

  4. Umut Yarrow /

    Sopranos complete Blu Ray box…finally…I prayed for so long…FINALLY

  5. I will not buy anymore hbo shows until we see all the best shows on blu ray

  6. D'Albino /

    Why is it that the greatest TV series of all times cannot be released as a complete Blu Ray box? This should surely be a huge seller and is a Win-Win. There are many fans out there waiting for it. I’m one of them. Get your act together, now, please!

  7. UK Sopranos fan /

    HBO, can you give us a definitive answer on whether there will ever be a full bluray release? That much you can surely do?!

  8. Elosch /

    Not releasing the Blurays is just begging for folks to turn to illegal downloading :(

  9. get it together now /

    C’mon HBO give us an answer.

  10. get it together now /

    HBO are a**holes- , they are trying to clear out old stock of DVDs

  11. When will there be a complete blu-ray boxset, this will be a big selling item for HBO???

  12. I am waiting bluray box set too.

  13. release a bluray boxset hbo been waiting years, As have so many for so long.


    We want a Blu-ray Box set HBO!! That’s not 250.00 bucks though

  15. Süheyl Karakas /

    Why not a complete Blu-ray boxset?

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