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March 29th 2017

HBO has been producing quality content for decades now and these days most of it can be found on DVD and/or Blu-Ray!  Add some of the most compelling series and shows of all time to your home collection by clicking on the images below.  You’ll find release dates for seasons not yet available as well as links to Amazon and the HBO Store for those that are now on sale.


Game of Thrones True Blood Boardwalk Empire
Entourage Curb Your Enthusiasm Treme
the-newsroom-blu-Ray-dvd Girls_Poster Rev2.indd The-Sopranos-DVD-Blu
 The Newsroom Girls The Sopranos 
wire-poster-dvd true-detective-DVD-Blu Sex-and-the-city-hbo-dvd-blu
The Wire True Detective  Sex and the City

This HBO DVD and Blu-Ray page is still under construction but we will be adding helpful links and release dates for ALL of your favorite HBO shows, series, HBO films and documentaries very soon!  

  • Casey Clements

    I’m trying to find the dvd of The University of Sing Sing…I used to watch it on HBO Go, but it stopped playing, and I can’t find it…any suggestions?

    • Jef Dinsmore

      I did some snooping around for you and you are right it is gone from HBO’s site and even HBOShop. A google search did not lead to a place to purchase. That doesn’t mean it won’t reappear at some point. Sorry.

  • FKY

    I’m wait Six Feet Under Bluray

  • Deborah

    Does anyone know if there is a DVD yet on State of play series? Appreciate the help!

  • Linda Ribezzo

    How do I go about purchasing the dvd “Tribute to a Friend” James Gandolfini.

    • Jef Dinsmore

      I did a search for you and am sorry to say that it has not been released on DVD yet. you can watch it online however.

      • Linda Ribezzo

        Deeply disappointed to hear that it has not been released. It is not the same watching it on a computer. I’m from the old school. I like to sit in front of a television screen and view to my hearts content. I suppose I am showing my age. So glad I grew up in the 60’s…….so glad. Thank you for your time. Perhaps in the future “Tribute To A Friend” will be released on dvd. I did in fact watch it on line. Best tribute ever!

    • Jef Dinsmore

      Sorry we checked three sources for you (Amazon. HBO Store and HBO Media Relations) and they must not be out in DVD format at this time.

  • Pierre

    Just bought the bluray disk GOT season 3, sadly the Castamere song is not playing with the end credits in episode 9…Why? It’s a shame. Back to the downloaded version then?

    • Why? That’s because the end credits for that episode are silent, just as they were when the episode aired.

      It’s in the “Blackwater” credits that The Rains of Castamere plays.

      • Pierre

        my apologies, it’s only my 2nd watching, I’m definitely will need a third view !!! Thanks Cian for clarifying, stupid me :-)

      • Pierre

        my apologies, it’s only my 2nd watching, I’m definitely will need a third view !!! Thanks Cian for clarifying, stupid me :-)

  • Donna Henson

    WHEN can we purchase 50 Children: The Rescue Mission of Mr. & Mrs. Kraus? Reeeeeeally want a DVD or BlueRay.

  • DontEatTheMarmite

    It is as shame that Family Tree is not getting the patronage it deserves. Is
    the average HBO subscriber to dense to comprehend the genius of Chris Guest’s
    comedic style– am I in the negative skew of the statistical bell curve?
    Nevertheless, like Carnivale fans of Family Tree should be prepared
    for the worst of outcomes. If this show is taken off of the air prematurely,
    HBO shall have one less subscription. I suppose I shall have to keep my fingers
    crossed and hope folks give it a chance. It has become commonplace and blatant
    that far too many viewers require lackluster programs, which are predictable
    and full of transparent plots. I do not claim to be an intellectual elite by
    any means; however, when B.S. fantasies are overwhelmingly popular due to
    dragons, vampires, and loose women, one must ponder the scenario of which a
    Reese’s Monkey has a remote in its paw, calling the shots. If this post
    provokes a reaction of anger or offense–if the shoe fits… Lastly, I should
    apologize to any Reese’s Monkeys to who I may have affronted due to the content
    of this post.

    • Dez

      Troll much?

  • willard

    When will the series PREAMAR #10 with english subtitles be posted in ON DEMAND?

  • Carlo

    When will the “behind the candelabra” be releases on DVD?

    • Jef Dinsmore

      You will have a long wait we’re afraid. Since it hasn’t even premiered yet I am sure we will not see a DVR untill the Holidays if we are lucky.

  • Kens View

    Can I purchase past HBO special movie/series? I’ve been searching for ‘Inside The Third Reich’ with Rutger Hauer on DVD but all I’ve gotten so far a horrible bootleg disks that were supposed to be the real thing.

  • Lars

    please bring us ‘The Wire’ on bluray

  • Juliette

    Hi Jacob, what about documentaries such as “Vogue:Editors Edition” and “About Face”? Will those be available for purchase?

  • jaqen h’ghar

    They cancelled Rome but we get 8 seasons of entourage?

  • Ash

    WHEN CAN WE PURCHASE THE NEWSROOM ON DVD???? best writing on television currently; witty, clever, funny, educated, and so many other advectives! PLEASE NEVER CANCEL! We literally have LITTLE to look forward to on tv anymore. Everything is crap, written for an uneducated public, horribly timed, and rarely acted well.

    • Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but HBO will probably not release this until Spring 2013. They always put them out in promotion of the next season. Dont shoot the messenger! Im a Newsroom fan too!

  • We loved the 1st season of The Newsroom, we would like to know how soon we can buy it in Blue Ray or DVD. Also, when Season 2 is expected to start.

  • I’d like to get season 1 of newsroom for my family.

    Will it be on blu-ray soon?

    • Great question. Unfortunately we don’t have a release date yet for The Newsroom on DVD or Blu-Ray. HBO usually waits extrodinarily long to release them in tandem with the NEXT season so I’d say.. don’t expect it for Christmas or even Valentines day. Spring 2013 is my guess. Check back and I’ll post more info if I get it.


      • bookwormwt

        Since there is not going to be a fourth season of the Newsroom, do you know when the season that just ended is going to be released? I see links for pre-ordering but not a date yet..

  • Willie Waltner

    The Newsroom. When does season 2 start. My wife and I just watched all 9 episodes on HBO on Demand yesterday and today. It’s Fantastic!! Waiting for the final tonight. Going to tell everyone we know about the show and the historical importance of it. Nice history lesson.

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