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New HBO Comedy Series FAMILY TREE: First Teaser

By The Watcher on Mar 18, 2013 to Family Tree

HBO has finally released the first teaser for the coming comedy-series FAMILY TREE after teasing the show during the 2012 Yearender clip last year. The show will air on HBO in may.

The show follows a young man investigating his lineage, going from the UK to Los Angeles.

The series stars Bridemaids and The IT Crowd-actor Chris O`Dowd, who also have appeared on GIRLS. The rest of the cast varies from British actors like the comedienne Nina Conti to known american actors like Ed Begely Jr. and Fred Willard. The series is created by Christopher Guest (The Spinal Tap) and Jim Piddock. Like Guest other work this is a mockumentary-show where most of the dialogue is improvised.

The trailer puts the show at a May premiere date. We’ll lock that down as soon as we get the actual date.

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Really, really REALLY looking forward to this series! My Christopher Guest is one of my all time favorites! I hope this one does well, as it looks brilliant!

My Editor just beat me to this post by mere seconds; just goes to show how on the ball we are around here. Anyway, I am looking forward to this series on HBO. We have been tracking this show since the summer of 2012 and think the improvisational wit of Mr. Guest and company will be a great fit. You know, if you can’t have Larry David than here is the next best thing. The plot structure also lends to quite a bit of potential material as more and more branches to the family tree get revealved. I hope it… Read more »

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