HBO’s Barry centers around a hitman who caters to people on a budget. An ex-marine, Barry offers his services across the Midwest. While there is no shortage of people for Barry to kill he still finds himself lonely to the point of being suicidal that is until he travels to Los Angeles to snuff out an individual. In LA he finds a warm and welcoming community of not hippies but actors. So, he decides to try his hand at performing on stage which does not exactly work out. But it does make for some hilarious and backward situations.

HBO may not have produced award-winning comedies as of late, but Bill Hader’s new series does offer a few chuckles. If anything, you feel sorry for the poor hitman. If you’re looking for something light and entertaining then below is how you can stream episodes of Barry.

Live Stream Barry with AT&T TV NOW by adding HBO for $5

AT&T TV NOW is AT&T’s live streaming service which will enable Barry fans to stream the show live. In addition to streaming HBO, subscribers can buy subscriptions to other premium channels in addition to hundreds of others that are part of their package. Adding HBO will cost you $5 in addition to the $35 minimum per month for the base package. Plus, thanks to apps for a number of devices you can stream all networks and shows while on the go from anywhere in the US. So, try the service for free via the button below.


Watch Barry with Sling TV Premium

Sling TV is another cord-cutting service and a great one for those who are on a budget since it starts at just $25 a month. Though adding HBO to watch Barry will cost you an additional $15 each month. But the good news is that like all other cord-cutting services they have apps for smart devices and you can log-in to stream via a web browser too. Click below to signup for Sling TV’s 7-day free trial.

Try Sling Free for 7 Days

Stream Barry with HBO’s official ‘Go’ and ‘Now’ app

If you are an HBO subscriber, then you can simply use the ‘Go’ app to log-in and start streaming Barry for free. In addition you’ll be able to watch episodes of all other HBO shows too. However, HBO also has a stand-alone ‘Now’ app which streams live content via the internet. Both services ensure that you get to watch the latest episodes of Barry as well as other HBO shows as soon as it is broadcast.


Download Episodes of Barry from Amazon Prime, Google Play and iTunes

Fans of the show can download episodes directly from iTunes, Amazon Prime and Google play, in addition to the complete season after it closes. However, it takes a bit of time for episodes to appear on these services. For some shows the wait can be longer than others. Plus, you’ll not be streaming Barry live via these services.

Is Barry on Netflix and Hulu?

It’s unfortunate for many Netflix and Hulu subscribers who also double as Barry fans that the show will not be available on either service. HBO tends to consider these services competitors to its own standalone streaming service. So, don’t expect Barry or any other HBO show to be available here anytime soon.

Other Perhaps Illegal Methods of Streaming Barry Online

Illegal methods of streaming are dangerous and not just because the FBI may probably get a beat on you but also because these services are run by hackers. So, your computer is at risk from viruses and trojans which if are out to steal your private information. Plus, if you get slapped with a copyright infringement expect to pay a hefty fine. All of this certainly isn’t worth it, so you’re probably better off using the perfectly legal methods mentioned above.