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The Newsroom: 3 New Character Profile Trailers

By Jacob Klein on Jun 8, 2012 to The Newsroom Trailers

Last week we posted the first character profile trailer released by HBO focusing on Jeff Daniel’s character, Will.  this week we’ve got three more character spots featuring  Mackenzie, Sloan and Charlie!  All of these characters look interesting to us but decide for yourself by giving these three new trailers a look.  And be sure to check out our post on the Will trailer as well!

HBO Watch will be attending an early screening of this program on June 19th in Seattle. We’ll have a full review of the pilot episode that week! The Newsroom on HBO premieres on June 24th, only on HBO.

  • Rena Mamon

    I have watched 2 episodes of “The Newsroom”. Or I should say 1 and 1/4.
    The first episode was very interesting. I liked the craziness of newsroom, I though the inter relationship between boss, coworkers was very realistic for any organization not just newsroom. When the new producer showed up, I was little disappointed. I don’t like british accent thrown in american accent. I have to switch my brain into concentrating on what the british person is saying, but she did not say much and other characters were so interesting, and of course all mini story lines were so intriguing, I proclaimed this is going to be my new show to watch.
    The second episode was such a disappointment that I switched to watch something else.
    The actress that plays producer is just not for my ears. Her pronunciation is annoying, her hair covering half her face is annoying, her jerky body language is annoying. She is the only reason that I will not watch the show. Instead of listening and enjoying the show, I’m constantly bitching about this woman. Not good. Sorry.

    • I could see how Mortimer is an acquired taste. Not sure why you’re struggling with her English accent but maybe I’m just used to Bond movies? I’ve never had trouble understanding the English accents in Game of Thrones or any other film/movie. Odd that this could be a problem for anyone.

      I thought the second episode was fine. Awesome at times, slow at times but no worse than a mediocre episode of The West Wing IMO. Hoping the season has a few more powerful episodes like the pilot!

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