It’s one of the most iconic comedies on HBO and the next best thing to having Seinfeld streaming live and present on TV. Curb Your Enthusiasm goes where most shows don’t dare to venture: the everyday life of everyman Larry David! The wit and wisdom in this show are off the charts and fans have been waiting for season 9 for years at this point. Times have changed in the live streaming world so below are a few different ways to watch Curb Your Enthusiasm online.

HBO is only $5 with DIRECTV NOW and Free for AT&T Unlimited Customers

We should start with the best deal on the internet for streaming HBO and Curb. DIRECTV NOW is a newer streaming service that offers a package similar to cable but without the commitments, price or contracts. It’s only $35 a month for access to a ton of different channels. You can add premium networks like HBO (which obviously gets you Curb) for only $5. And if you’re an AT&T customer for mobile streaming it’s actually free! Check out the seven day free trial and make sure it works for you.

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Watch Curb Your Enthusiasm on Sling TV

Another streaming service with a ton of channels at a low price is called Sling TV. It’s only $25 a month but you get ESPN, AMC and Bravo along with most other cable channels you can think of. HBO is an extra cost but it’s still a great deal and you’ll be able to stream Curb live online from anywhere without having to deal with Comcast and their shenanigans. Take a look at their 7 day free trial too. You’ve got nothing to lose.

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Streaming Curb Your Enthusiasm with HBO Now and HBO Go

The most official method for streaming Curb is by subscribing to HBO Now. It’s $15 a month but you’ll get full access to all HBO shows including Curb Your Enthusiasm. HBO Go is a similar app and is available for free with your cable subscription. They’re very similar but require different subscription methods. Give it a try if you’re a real HBO fan and don’t need all of those other channels. You can cancel at any time and there’s actually a 30 day trial.


Is Curb Your Enthusiasm on Netflix or Hulu?

Nope. And Curb isn’t likely to be on Netflix or Hulu. HBO has long since moved their premium content to their own platform and there it will likely stay.

Download and Stream Full Episodes of Curb on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime members get access to most of HBO’s historical lineup for free, anytime! It’s a pretty great deal and you can also add HBO proper to your account too for an additional fee so you can get current stuff. But the good news is that there are a ton of old Curb episodes you probably haven’t seen and they’re all streaming free for Amazon Prime members. They have a trial so give that a shot:

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Other Ways of Watching Curb Your Enthusiasm Online

There are a few illegal methods for watching this show online that we won’t get into here. We will tell you that these days there are so many great, legal options for streaming Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm that there are fewer and fewer excuses for breaking the law. Make the right choice and at least give one of the above options a try. They’re free to do so!