Will WESTWORLD Show Us New Worlds In Season Two?

At this time we are not sure when we will see the second season of WESTWORLD but you can be sure that HBO will be teasing us with it up until then. It seems one such tidbit regarding the show has surfaced. At a recent event, the Vanity Fair Summit (whatever that is), the executive producers  Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy were asked point blank why Rome World and Medieval World were no referenced in Season One. Their response was “Well, we had to save something for Season Two.”

Was that just a sarcastic throwaway quip or a hint of what is to come? The verdict is still out. Even a re-watch of the Tease out there doesn’t reveal any noticeably different locale. If you need to see it again, here it is. 

The only themed world interior shown is the Saloon and the landscape shots appear to be West World environs. The only iffy exterior shot is when Bernard/Arnold is looking down on the dead tiger. There are no tigers in the American West so, is that scene taken elsewhere? But, then again, there are no polar bears on Lost tropical islands, if you get my drift?

Anyway, why all the buzz for new themed locales? If you need some further help with the significance then remember that Rome World and Medieval World were both locales, alongside West World, featured in the original 1973 movie. he Man in Black (Yul Brynner) chased his prey through both theme worlds including a dungeon set. The idea is that Delos created a number of themes to satisfy the whims of its guests. The main focus has always been the western themed world, but now that Delos is now in chaos may we see the other sets? Don’t forget we could also add Samurai World. We saw the costumes in “The Bicameral Mind.” So, is the Host uprising going to extend across other themed worlds in Season Two? It would only make sense and add to a great story already. We eagerly wait for further news.

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