Why True Blood would be better if Lafayette were Turned into a Vampire

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Have you ever wondered what if Pam turned Lafayette in Season 2?   When he presented the offer to Eric and Pam, on the couch in Eric’s office, Lafayette was trying to survive.  The possibility of Lala being a vampire is so interesting, so what would True Blood be like if that storyline was written?  Oh, the possibilities…

The one-liners coming out of Lafayette and his maker Pam

Seeing Pam as a maker, the woman has no patience or empathy

Watching Eric be entertained by Pam trying to be a maker

Lafayette’s awesome dance moves

Lafayette’s acceptance of being a vampire, he is a survivor, so you know he will accept his fate sooner than later

When Pam is taken by the magistrate in Season 3, to see how Lafayette will react, he is such a young vampire, he still has his human way of thinking through things.  There is great room for angst and inner conflict to play with here.


Eric and Lafayette’s relationship.  Eric and Lala always had a relationship that played on Lala’s fear of Eric, but through that fear, Lafayette would voice his opinion and Eric came to respect that.   Again, knowing Lafayette as a survivor, he knows he can learn a lot from Eric.  They have a mindset that is similar, because Eric hasn’t lived for 1000 years just because, he is a survivor too.

There would definitely be a scene of Pam and Lafayette bonding over their love of all things make-up and clothes.  Can’t you see the possibilities?

How will Lafayette explain to Tara why he became a vampire?  Tara has had some awful things happen to here in such a short span of time, it would be interesting to see Tara come to terms with her cousin being a vampire and how their relationship would evolve.

Turn-Vampire-Season-5Lafayette wouldn’t meet Jesus until the 4th season when Lafayette needs to save Tara.  They still have a mutual attraction, but Jesus doesn’t trust Lafayette right away, because he is a vampire.  Jesus feels the Brujo magic within Lafayette, which would make Lafayette a very special vampire.  Lafayette’s loyalty toward Tara, Pam, and Eric would be tested and it would give Lafayette a chance to see the potential he has as a vampire.

How awesome would it be to watch the growth of the trio of Eric, Pam and Lafayette as a family that is loyal, loving and badass at the same time?

But what do you think?  Would Lafayette make an amazing vampire or what?  Leave a comment below and tell us who you think should be turned in True Blood season 5.


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