“Which item of clothing would you like me to remove?” Lena Dunham on Letterman


I could listen to Lena Dunham talk for hours, in this case her interview on Letterman was enough to satisfy until the premier of season three of GIRLS on Sunday night. A self proclaimed lover of celebrity culture and celebrity figures, she discusses awards ceremonies. A lot of people will be expecting her to say that she hates them, that they are a popularity contest full of politics and have become a sadistic way to make great actors feel terrible about themselves but in fact she loves them. Why wouldn’t you? The glitz, the glamour, being surrounded by the world greatest actors and being praised publicly for doing something good? I’m in!

She goes on to describe her relationship with HBO being along the lines of “Yes HBO”, “Thank you HBO” and “Which item of clothing would you like me to remove?” We all know how much she loves getting that unashamed body out, and why not? It’s why we love her, self-acceptance and confidence is sexy as hell, whether it’s topless ping pong or in the grips of one of Adams bizarre role plays she nails it every time. Nudity, for her is not a characteristic of vulnerability but rather one of strength. A stunned Letterman encouraged her to be less willing to do so at the hands of male television executives and to just say ‘no’ to which she turned down his offer of dinner that evening…

Oh Lena, how we love you. So clever, beautiful and insightful. Sunday seems too far away!

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