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What’s On: HBO Schedule For October 2019

Here we go and it is H-U-G-E! As we know, autumn is traditionally the biggest time of year to launch big, new shows and other exciting content to get your eyes on their programming. HBO plays the game also and so October is jam-packed with a full load of content. To help you sort it all out and pick your likes we need to dive into this What’s On post.            


Original Series: Tick…Tock…we’ve been watching the clock and the time is nigh. Set in an alternate history where masked vigilantes are treated as outlawsWATCHMEN, debuting SUNDAY, OCTOBER 20 (9:00-10:00pm) from executive producer Damon Lindelof (Emmy winner for Lost; HBO’s (THE LEFTOVERS) embraces the nostalgia of the original groundbreaking graphic novel of the same name, while attempting to break new ground of its own. Nicole Kassell directs the pilot from a script written by Lindelof. Cast includes Regina King, Jeremy Irons, Don Johnson, Jean Smart, Tim Blake Nelson, Louis Gossett Jr., Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Tom Mison, Sara Vickers, Andrew Howard, Jacob Ming-Trent and Dylan Schombing. That’s just offering the bare minimum of background, I know, especially if the source material means nothing to you. Maybe the trailer will help; it will have to because we are not given any episodes breakdown here. This is our first look at the clip so take it in

 Starring Kathryn Hahn (Emmy nominee for Transparent; HBO’s forthcoming I KNOW THIS MUCH IS TRUE) in the title role, MRS. FLETCHER, a seven-episode limited series debuting SUNDAY, OCTOBER 27 (10:30-11:00pm), is based on the bestselling novel of the same name by Tom Perrotta HBO’s THE LEFTOVERS). The series is a dual coming-of-age story chronicling the personal and sexual journeys of an empty-nest mother and her college freshman son, who KHahn_MrsFletcher2-300x150both embrace their newfound freedom with mixed results. As the series begins, Eve Fletcher (Hahn), a mid-40s single mom who works as the executive director of a senior center, drops her only child off at college and returns home to a very empty house. Meanwhile, Eve’s son Brendan (Jackson White), a popular (though sometimes clueless) jock, finds college is a little more complicated than he expected and struggles to make connections with his more socially and politically aware fellow students. As mother and son find themselves alone for the first time, this sharp, provocative series navigates themes of parenthood, sexuality, love, and identity in a cultural moment when attitudes about gender and sex are evolving rapidly. Here is a tease about how the series gets started and a repeat of the trailer.  

–Episode 1: “Empty Best”
Debut date: SUNDAY, OCTOBER 27 (10:30-11:00pm)

On the day before her son leaves for college, Eve Fletcher (Kathryn Hahn) has to deal with some inappropriate behavior in the workplace. Brendan (Jackson White) runs into an ex-girlfriend at a party. Written by Tom Perrotta; directed by Nicole Holofcener.

The HBO comedy series SILICON VALLEY returns for its seven-episode, sixth and final season SUNDAY, OCTOBER 27 (10:00-10:30pm). A collaboration SiliconValley_FinalSeason-300x209between Mike Judge and Alec Berg, the Emmy-winning and Golden Globe-nominated series takes a comedic look at the modern-day epicenter of the high-tech gold rush, where the people most qualified to succeed are the least capable of handling success. The series stars Thomas Middleditch as Richard, Zach Woods as Jared, Kumail Nanjiani as Dinesh, Martin Starr as Gilfoyle, Amanda Crew as Monica, Jimmy O. Yang as Jian-Yang, Suzanne Cryer as Laurie Bream, Matt Ross as Gavin Belson and Josh Brener as Big Head. 

HBO presents, in association with Sky, the four-part limited series CATHERINE THE GREAT, debuting MONDAY, OCTOBER 21 (10:00-11:00pm). Helen Mirren stars as the tumultuous monarch and politician who ruled the Russian empire and transformed its place in the world in the 18th century. Over the course of four one-hour parts, the enthralling limited series charts Catherine’s reign as the intelligent, resourceful and utterly determined Empress who fights off threats to her crown, wages war with the Ottoman Empire and expands Russia’s borders as far as the Black Sea and Crimea, turning the nation into a great global power. But more than a political success story against all odds, the work is a sweeping epic that follows the love affair between Catherine and Russian military leader Grigory Potemkin (Jason Clarke), the most extraordinary woman and man of their age, who formed a singular and powerful relationship that helped shape the future of Russian politics.  

Upcoming episodes:  

— “Episode 1” Debut date: MONDAY, OCTOBER 21 (10:00-11:00pm ET/PT)

Russian Empress Catherine the Great (Helen Mirren) faces challenges to her throne on all sides, as she meets the forthright and bold Lieutenant Grigory Potemkin (Jason Clarke). Written by Nigel Williams; directed by Philip Martin. “  

CatherineTheGreat_pic-300x295–Episode 2” Debut date: MONDAY, OCT. 28 (10:00-11:00pm ET/PT)

A victorious Potemkin (Jason Clarke) returns from war to find Catherine (Helen Mirren) preoccupied, leading the two to speak candidly about their pasts and future, while a Cossack stirs discontent among peasants in the countryside. Written by Nigel Williams; directed by Philip Martin. 

The acclaimed drama series SUCCESSION concludes its second season SUNDAY, OCTOBER 13 (9:00-10:00pm). The series has explored themes of power, politics, money, and family played out within a rich and dysfunctional family whose patriarch, Logan Roy (Brian Cox), is CEO of Waystar Royco, one of the world’s largest media and entertainment conglomerates. Season two has followed the Roys as they struggled to retain control of their empire amidst internal and external threatsl thus making it exciting and award-winning. We can give a little direction on where the season will conclude with this one episode breakdown before the finale:  

–Season 2, Episode 9: “DC”
Debut date: SUNDAY, OCTOBER 06 (9:00-10:00pm)

With the shareholders meeting imminent and Waystar Royco in a precarious position after a whistleblower makes headlines, Logan (Brian Cox), Kendall (Jeremy Strong), Gerri (J. Smith-Cameron) and Tom (Matthew Macfadyen) testify before Congress and face tough questions from a determined Gil Eavis (Eric Bogosian). Shiv (Sarah Snook) speaks candidly to Kira (Sally Murphy), a victim who is set to be a key witness. In Turkey, Roman’s (Kieran Culkin) business pitch takes a chilling turn. Written by Jesse Armstrong; directed by Mark Mylod. 


THE RIGHTEOUS GEMSTONES, a new comedy from Danny McBride (HBO’s VICE PRINCIPALS, EASTBOUND & DOWN), concludes its first season SUNDAY, OCTOBER 13 (10:00-10:30pm). The series centers on the Gemstones, a celebrity televangelist family behind a popular megachurch that is also a major money-making enterprise. McBride stars as Jesse Gemstone, the eldest of three grown Gemstone children, who sees himself as a maverick in the ministry game but, as the series begins, receives a blackmail video that could put his reputation at risk. Getting caught up in the hunt for the culprits are Jesse’s sister Judy (Edi Patterson), who is secretly “living in sin” with her fiancé and dreams of escaping the Gemstone compound, and Jesse’s youngest sibling Kelvin (Adam Devine), a pseudo-hipster who always finds a way to get under his brother’s skin. Meanwhile, the family’s patriarch Eli (John Goodman) finds himself in a point of crisis as he mourns the loss of his wife Aimee-Leigh and questions whether the Gemstones are still serving a higher power as they aggressively expand their empire. The series is already renewed for a sophomore season but here is a breakdown of how the premiere season ends.  TheRighteousGemstones_Son

–Season 1, Episode 8: “But the Righteous Will See Their Fall” 
Debut date: SUNDAY, OCTOBER 6 (10:00-10:33 p.m. ET/PT)

Jesse (Danny McBride) deals with the fallout of the dramatic events of Easter Sunday. Judy (Edi Patterson) attempts to win back BJ (Tim Baltz) after receiving some harsh words from Baby Billy (Walton Goggins). Kelvin (Adam DeVine) has a crisis of faith. Written by Danny McBride & Kevin Barnett & Chris Pappas; directed by David Gordon Green. 

–Season 1, Episode 9: “Better Is the End of a Thing Than Its Beginning” (Season finale)
Debut date: SUNDAY, OCTOBER 13 (10:00-10:30 p.m. ET/PT)

Eli (John Goodman) questions his children’s future in the Gemstone ministry. Jesse (Danny McBride) struggles to keep his marriage together. Judy (Edi Patterson) opens up to BJ (Tim Baltz) about her past. A disillusioned Kelvin (Adam DeVine) embraces his dark side. Written by Danny McBride & Jeff Fradley & John Carcieri; directed by Jody Hill. 

Created by Jay and Mark Duplass (ANIMALS., TOGETHERNESS), the late-night, half-hour anthology series ROOM 104 continues its third season FRIDAY, OCTOBER 04 (11:00-11:30pm), telling unique and unexpected tales of the characters who pass through a single room of a typical American chain motel. While the room stays the same, every episode of Room 104 features a different story, with the tone, plot, characters, and even the time period, changing with each installment. Here is what is in store for most Room104_PosterS3-183x300of October:  

–Season 3, Episode 4: “Rogue” 
Debut date: FRIDAY, OCT.OBER 04 (11:00-11:26 ET/PT)

After running away from home, a teen girl (Iyana Halley) seeks safety in Room 104, where she encounters a woman (Catalina Sandino Moreno) who offers a glimmer of hope for the future. Written by Jenée LaMarque & Julian Wass; directed by Jenée LaMarque. 

–Season 3, Episode 5: “Drywall Guys” 
Debut date: FRIDAY, OCTOBER 11 (11:00-11:22 ET/PT)

The tale of Greg (Sam Richardson) and Randy (Steve Little), temporary roommates on an out-of-town drywall gig who struggle to find a solution to Randy’s sleepwalking problem. Written by Mark Duplass; directed by Shira Piven.  

–Season 3, Episode 6: “A New Song” 
Debut date: FRIDAY, OCTOBER 18 (11:00-11:25 ET/PT)

A singer/songwriter (Julianna Barwick) on tour confronts her inner turmoil while composing her next song. Written by Mark Duplass & Mel Eslyn; Directed by Mark Duplass.


Now to the three shows bowing out as they conclude their stories. Featuring a stellar ensemble cast led by James Franco and Maggie Gyllenhaal, and executive produced by David Simon, George Pelecanos, Nina K. Noble and Franco, THE DEUCE, concluding its third and final season MONDAY, OCTOBER 28 (9:00-10:00pm), chronicles the dying days of Times Square as the heart of the American sex trade. The season begins on the eve of 1985, with the party of the 1970s winding down. 42nd Street has deteriorated into a hive of uncontrolled violent crime and seedy video stores, making urban renewal seem more unlikely than ever before. But change is on the way. Just as VHS overtakes film as the primary medium for porn production and distribution, the lure of the California sunshine, the city’s aggressive takeover of commercial sex properties and the devastating impact of the AIDS epidemic mark the end of an era. Following the interconnected lives of Times Square’s barkeeps, prostitutes, pimps, police, mobsters, porn actors and producers, this third season brings the series’ arc to a dramatic conclusion.  

From Hagai Levi (HBO’s IN TREATMENT), Joseph Cedar and Tawfik Abu Wael, OUR BOYS, concluding MONDAY, OCTOBER 7 (10:00-11:00pm), is a OurBoysTitle-300x190captivating limited drama series that follows Simon, an Israeli terrorism investigator, on his search for answers in the wake of the murder of Palestinian teen Mohammed Abu Khdeir, telling the stories of Jews and Arabs alike who were forever changed by a series of horrific events in the summer of 2014. 

–Episode 10: “Chapter 10: A Shaft into a Dark Tunnel” (series finale)
Debut date: MONDAY, OCTOBER 07 (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET/PT)

As the trial reaches its climax, a psychologist speaks to Yosef’s (Ben Melech) mental state, while an emotional Avishai (Adam Gabay) prepares for his testimony and a tough cross-examination. Simon (Shlomi Elkabetz) finds that his good work has come at a price and, later, is confronted by Dvora (Noa Koler) when he seeks professional help. Hussein (Jony Arbid) and Suha (Ruba Blal Asfour) become frustrated with Uri Korb’s (Lior Ashkenazi) reluctance to meet their demands, and after a verdict is handed down, they seek solace and peace. Written by Hagai Levi and Tawfik Abu-Wael; directed by Joseph Cedar, Tawfik Abu Wael and Hagai Levi. 

Exploring the glamorous, often cutthroat, world of pro football through a group of past and present players striving to stay in the game, BALLERS stars Dwayne Johnson as ex-superstar Spencer Strasmore, who has reinvented himself as a financial manager for today’s players. Created by Stephen Levinson (HBO’s BOARDWALK EMPIRE) who also serves as showrunner, the hit comedy series concludes its eight-episode fifth and final season SUNDAY, OCTOBER 13 (10:30-11:00pm). 

BallersFinalSeason-300x223Exploring the glamorous, often cutthroat, world of pro football through a group of past and present players striving to stay in the game, BALLERS stars Dwayne Johnson as ex-superstar Spencer Strasmore, who has reinvented himself as a financial manager for today’s players. Created by Stephen Levinson (HBO’s BOARDWALK EMPIRE) who also serves as showrunner, the hit comedy series concludes its eight-episode fifth and final season SUNDAY, OCTOBER 13 (10:30-11:00pm). 

–Episode #507 (season 5, Episode 7): “Who Wants a Lollipop” Debut date: SUNDAY, OCTOBER 06 (10:30-11:00pm ET/PT) When Spencer (Dwayne Johnson) returns to the Sports X offices to work out a major player deal, he and Joe (Rob Corddry) air past grievances and later, Spencer makes a big public statement that’s sure to have consequences. Charles (Omar Miller) mulls over a new deal from Werner after getting a wakeup call about his health. Ricky (John David Washington) gets defensive in a meeting with a Hollywood bigwig who has ambitious plans for his future. Vernon (Donovan W. Carter), Reggie (London Brown) and Lance (Russell Brand) arrive at their first Esports tournament as underdogs. Written by Rob Weiss & Stephen Levinson; directed by Simon Cellan Jones.  

–Episode #508 (season 5, episode 8): “Players Only” Debut date: SUNDAY, OCTOBER 13 (10:30-11:00pm ET/PT) Despite having a bullseye on his back, Spencer (Dwayne Johnson) refuses to back down in his fight for the league’s players. Joe (Rob Corddry) embraces a new state of mind as he finds peace with himself. Julie (Jazmyn Simon) encourages Charles (Omar Miller) to take care of unfinished business. Ricky (John David Washington) decides to strike out on his own with his latest project. Reggie (London Brown) takes the next step in his career, with some encouragement from Vernon (Donovan W. Carter). Written by Stephen Levinson & Rob Weiss; directed by Chloe Domont. 

LWT_Sept2019-300x168A lot of Emmy winners at HBO and here is one currently offering his take on the world almost every Sunday night. As usual, presenting a satirical look at the week in news, politics and current events, as well as addressing broader issues, is LAST WEEK TONIGHT WITH JOHN OLIVER which continues its sixth season SUNDAY, OCTOBER 06 (11:00-11:30pm), followed by new episodes subsequent Sundays at the same time, with a hiatus on October 20. Holding down Friday night is the forever snarky REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER continues its 17th season FRIDAY, OCTOBER 11 RealTime_MooreAndMaher-300x172(10:00-11:00pm live ET/tape-delayed PT). Recently Mr. Maher has had guests like former Congressman and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate John Delaney, Academy-Award winning filmmaker Michael Moore, presidential historian at NYU and author Tim Naftali and New York Magazine writer-at-large, Andrew Sullivan. Oliver’s hot topics, as of late, have included Boris Johnson and the upcoming Brexit deadline, the filibuster in the United States, the local elections in Moscow and legal immigration.  

Movies: A nice hike in cooler weather, raking of leaves or decorating for Halloween can be followed up with an HBO movie with the pumpkin spiced treat of your choice. The Saturday night fare for October is COLD PURSUIT, HAPPY DEATH DAY 2U, GLASS and GRETA.  

Man, we could have held off on the snowbound one a while longer, but it leads off the month. After the murder of his son, a snowplow driver goes on a vengeful quest to kill members of a drug cartel in COLD PURSUIT, debuting SATURDAY, OCTOBER 05 (8:00-10:00pm). The film stars Liam Neeson, Tom Bateman, Tom Jackson, Emmy Rossum, Domenick Lombardozzi (HBO’s MRS. FLETCHER and BOARDWALK EMPIRE), Julia Jones (HBO’s Movies_HappyDeathDay2U-211x300WESTWORLD), John Doman, and Laura Dern (HBO’s “BIG LITTLE LIES, THE TALE). In this sequel to the 2017 film Happy Death DayHAPPY DEATH DAY 2U,debuting SATURDAY, OCTOBER 12 (8:00-9:40pm), follows a young woman who, after being transported to another dimension, must try and return home while reliving the same day over and over again, all while a killer threatens everyone’s lives. This black comedy slasher film stars Jessica Rothe, Israel Broussard, Phi Vu, Suraj Sharma, Sarah Yarkin, Ruby Modine and Steve Zissis of TOGETHERNESS. GLASS, the final installment in the “Unbreakable” trilogy, debuts SATURDAY, OCTOBER 19 (8:00-10:10pm). Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, Spencer Treat Clark and Charlayne Movies_GlassWoodard reprise their Unbreakable roles, while James McAvoy and Anya Taylor-Joy return as their characters from Split, the second installment in the series. Sarah Paulson, Adam David Thompson and Luke Kirby also star. A young woman who recently lost her mother befriends a widow, but soon finds their friendship to be increasingly obsessive and toxic in GRETA, debuting SATURDAY, OCTOBER 26 (8:00-9:40pm). The film stars Isabelle Huppert, Chloë Grace Moretz, Maika Monroe, Colm Feore and Stephen Rea. Check out its luring trailer:  

Docs_TornApart-207x300HBO Documentary Films: HBO presents the stories of two mothers and their children in TORN APART: SEPARATED AT THE BORDER, debuting WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 10 (9:00-9:40pm). Directed and produced by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Ellen Goosenberg Kent (CRISIS HOTLINE: VETERANS PRESS 1), the intimate film follows two mothers who were each separated from their children in the United States for months and are desperate to reunite with them. After fleeing violence that claimed the life of her husband and two uncles in Honduras, María was detained and separated from her 10- year-old son Alex for 70 days, while Vilma, who fled from her abusive husband in Guatemala, was placed in ICE detention and saw her 11-year-old daughter Yeisvi put in foster care for eight months. The film tracks both women as they navigate a complicated system that has placed their children thousands of miles away with little access to communicate with them. With the help of pro-bono lawyers and community volunteers, Vilma and María eventually reunite with Yeisvi and Alex – and await uncertain futures as their asylum claims are still pending. Exploring the past and present of the iconic Statue of Liberty, LIBERTY: MOTHER OF EXILES, debuting THURSDAY, OCTOBER 17 (9:00-10:25pm), follows legendary fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg, “godmother” of the statue, in her quest to discover how sculptor Auguste Bartholdi’s dream became a reality and what the statue means to people around the world. The film spotlights almost 70 subjects whose lives have been touched by it, from Docs_SaudiWomenDrivingSchool-300x169street artists and factory workers to the families who lived on Liberty Island until their homes were destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. In June 2018, women in Saudi Arabia were allowed to drive legally for the first time. Set at The Saudi Driving School in the capital city of Riyadh, which caters exclusively to women, SAUDI WOMEN’S DRIVING SCHOOL, debuting THURSDAY, OCTOBER 24 (9:00-10:00pm), follows Saudi women as they embrace a new way of life and the freedom that comes from being behind the wheel. Through intimate interviews and revealing verité footage, the eye-opening film captures how women’s lives are changing in Saudi Arabia, the hope that they have for greater gender equality and the challenges they face in a Kingdom that appears to be making strides forward but continues to silence and jail female activists. Directed by Erica Gornall and produced by Nick London. THE BRONX, USA, debuting WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 30 (9:00-10:23pm), follows producer George Shapiro, who returns to his hometown of the Bronx after the death of his closest friend, Howard West. Revisiting the streets, Docs_TheBronxUSA-300x278stores and memories of his childhood, Shapiro reflects on the singularity of the borough he grew up in and the close friendships he made there that have stood the test of time. Along with George, the film features notable Bronx-ites like General Colin Powell, Alan Alda, Carl Reiner, Rob Reiner and Chazz Palminteri, who share their experiences and what the Bronx means to them. The 83-minute documentary also introduces the next generation of Bronx-ites – the 2017 graduating class of DeWitt Clinton High School, who come from different backgrounds from Shapiro’s class of 1949, but whose passion, drive and emphasis on the power of friendship connects them with those who came before them nearly seventy years ago. A love letter to a special part of New York City and its distinctive residents, THE BRONX, USA is a funny, heartwarming and insightful celebration of what connects us across racial backgrounds, cultures and generations, ultimately emphasizing the hope that exists for the future of America. 

The groundbreaking media company Axios returns to HBO for four more Season Two episodes of its documentary news series AXIOS, SUNDAY, OCTOBER 20 AxiosS2Pic2-300x252(6:00-6:30pm), exploring the world’s most consequential topics in a smart, fast format that mirrors the company’s “Smart Brevity” promise. Emmy winner Matthew O’Neill and Perri Peltz return to direct and produce, continuing to work with leading Axios journalists to highlight the week ahead in politics, business, technology, media, science and other big topics shaping the future. First four episodes of the second season of AXIOS aired this past June. I guess this is replacing VICE that left HBO this year (and left a 2019 Emmy winner and is heading to rival Showtime.) 


HBO Comedy: I was just thinking that they don’t have enough standup specials on HBO like they used to have. We’re in luck, we have one in October. Comic actor Gary Gulman comes to HBO with the comedy special GARY GULMAN: THE GREAT DEPRESH, debuting SATURDAY, OCTOBER 05 (10:00-11:15pm), featuring Gulman speaking on mental health issues in a way that is both entertaining and poignant, along with short documentary interludes that provide insight into Gulman’s mental health journey. In the special, Gulman also offers his hilarious observations on a number of topics, including: his admiration for Millennial attitudes toward bullying, masculinity and sports; the reasons he loves basketball and why he tried to avoid playing football in high school; menacing TV news theme songs; how his mother’s voice is always in his head; and much more. It was filmed on June 22 at the Roulette Intermedium in Brooklyn, NY. Here is the our first look at the trailer: 


Sports_DiegoMaradonaHBO Sports: Narrated by Liev Schreiber, the voice of HBO Sports’ Emmy award-winning documentaries and the 24/7 and HARD KNOCKS franchises, this four-part, limited college football series will document the lives of head coaches Dan Mullen (Florida), James Franklin (Penn State), Herm Edwards (Arizona State) and Mike Leach (Washington State), players, assistant coaches and more over one week during the regular season. 24/7 COLLEGE FOOTBALL will run for four consecutive weeks in October, beginning WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 02 (10:00pm ET/PT) with an hour-long special spotlighting the Florida Gators. HBO Sports documentary DIEGO MARADONA, debuting TUESDAY, OCTOBER 01 (9:00-11:05pm) spotlights the life of the legendary footballer, who enthralled onlookers across the globe, inspired a generation of Neapolitans and incited controversy. Drawing on more than 500 hours of never-before-seen footage from the Argentine icon’s personal archives, the documentary charts the trials and triumphs of the legendary footballer. HBO Sports documentary ANY ONE OF US, debuting TUESDAY, OCTOBER 29 (9:00- 10:30pm), is a revealing documentary produced by Red Bull Films, chronicling pro mountain biker Paul Basagoitia’s remarkable journey to recovery after a devastating injury. The film offers an unprecedented look into the traumatic world of spinal cord injuries (SCI). REAL SPORTS WITH BRYANT GUMBEL goes behind the box scores and statistics to tackle timely subjects in the world of contemporary sports. Featuring a top lineup of contributors, the next monthly edition debuts TUESDAY, OCTOBER 29 (10:30- 11:30pm). First Look trailer below: 


JoJoRabbit-300x98Other Movies and Shows: HAPPY DEATH DAY, THE FOURTH KIND, THE CONJURING 2 and KISS OF DEATH all arrive this month, just in time for All Hallows’ Eve. Also, find KIN and UPGRADE debuting on the channel. HBO FIRST LOOK: JOJO RABBIT debuts on 10.11.19. Over on HBO2 on 10.06.19 is a run of the entire season of SUCCESSION before its S2E9 premiere and runs the whole 10-episode season on 10.19.19. SILICON VALLEY does a marathon on HBO2 also on 10.26 into 10.27 with forty-six episodes from starting with the first episode on at 10:00pm and ending at 8:00pm on the 27th.  


Other HBO Platforms: HBO Latino: As always, this channel has got something new. PICO DE NEBLINA, concludes its season FRIDAY, OCTOBER 11 (10:00-11:00pm). It is a ten-episode series set in a fictional modern-day São Paulo Brazil where marijuana has been legalized. The story follows 29-year-old Biriba (Luis Navarro), a drug dealer who decides to give up his criminal life and enter the legal drug sales industry. The first season of the series LA VIDA People_KanyGracia-300x211SECRETA DE LAS PAREJAS (The Secret Life of Couples), also set in São Paulo, followed the life of sexologist Sofia Prado, who ran a center for alternative couples’ therapy. Sofia dedicated her life to helping others face difficulty and desire but had emotional turmoil of her own. She had hallucinations she needed to keep secret or risk destroying her career. Sofia was also caught up in the personal life of one of her patients, which entangled her in a major corruption investigation. Part political thriller part sexy psychological drama, the series shows how everyone has something to hide. Even from themselves. Season Two debuts FRIDAY, OCTOBER 18 (10:00-11:00pm) on the channel. Winner of three Latin Grammys and nominated for two Grammys, Kany Garcia (pictured) brings her fifth studio album “Soy Yo”


studio album “Soy Yo” to life in the exclusive music special KANY GARCIA: SOY YO EN VIVO. It debuts FRIDAY, OCTOBER 04 (8:00-9:30pm). Short films to be found include ABEULA’S LUCK and FULL BEAT. Full-length movies appearing are EL MEJOR VERANO DE MI VIDA (The Best Summer of My Life) debuting 10.11.19, EL OMBLIIGO DE GUIE’DANI (Guei’dani’s Navel) on 10.18 and YO, IMPOSIBLE (Being Impossible) on 10.25. HBO Family: Just a few to seek out this month. How about JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS or this apropos title, OCTOBER SKIES. Or this not very apropos title, THE SEARCH FOR SANTA PAWS, because it is just too damn early! HBO Signature:  I’m in the mood for HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH (you’ll have to see the movie to know just what that ‘angry inch’ is; really, it’s only an inch?) or THE INVASION which is a sci-fi horror yarn with Nicole Kidman or IT’S KIND OF A FUNNY STORY. After contemplating suicide by jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge, 16-year-old Craig Gilner decides to go to the hospital to seek help in that one. Which one would you choose? HBO Comedy: Laughter does you good or so they say. Will METRO with Eddie Murphy, KEEPING UP WITH THE STEINS with Jeremy Piven (HBO’s ENTOURAGE) or ELLEN DEGENERES: THE BEGINNING with, oh, what do you know, with Ellen D. herself. Which one would make you laugh? HBO ZoneLet’s offer a few spooky ones, ok? Find AMERICAN NIGHTMARES, ASYLUM, and JUDGE DREDD here. 


HBONow/Go: Quite a few movies are making onto the streaming sites. Get ready to be bombarded with titles. There is A HANDFUL OF DUST, BLACK SWAN, THE INDIAN IN THE CUPBOARD, MOULIN ROUGE, THE OBJECT OF MY AFFECTION, OPEN RANGE and SEASON OF THE WITCH to name a few.  In the Collections category, you can find “Inside the Human Mind.” It is a batch of twelve documentaries that delve into what our mind can do to us. For example, find WIDE AWAKE and A DANGEROUS SON. And you can get a good sampling of HBO’s best in the “2018 Emmy Award Winners” Collection. Plus, you can set a little one down in front of ESME & ROY, treat yourself to a repeat watch of THE WIRE or it is the perfect month to seek out the HBO International horror miniseries GRACE. 


Cinemax: I’m still curious what happens to this channel once HBOMax arrives. Here are the latest movie premieres. When a once gentle ape is mutated and becomes a raging giant, a primatologist who once took care of the animal must team up with a geneticist to help save both the ape and the city from its destruction in RAMPAGE, debuting FRIDAY, OCTOBER 04 (8:00-Cinemax_Rampage-171x3009:50pm). This film stars Dwayne Johnson (HBO’s BALLERS). Foul-mouthed, wisecracking mutant mercenary Wade Wilson (AKA Deadpool) brings together a team of fellow mutant rogues to protect a young boy with supernatural abilities from a brutal, time-traveling cyborg when the action-comedy DEADPOOL 2 debuts FRIDAY, OCTOBER 11 (8:00-10:00pm). Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin, Morena Baccarin, Julian Dennison, Zazie Beetz, T.J. Miller, Brianna Hildebrand and Jack Kesy star. Directed by David Leitch; written by Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick and Ryan Reynolds. After entering his team into the Rucker Classic street ball tournament in Harlem, a septuagenarian convinces a basketball legend and his old team to return to the court in UNCLE DREW, debuting FRIDAY, OCTOBER 18 (8:00-9:45pm). On a secluded weekend getaway, a woman (Gabrielle Union) fights to protect her son and daughter from home invaders when the thriller BREAKING IN debuts FRIDAY, OCTOBER 25 (8:00-9:30pm). 


Next Month’s Tease: We’ll give you another one-word clue, but this one might be a bit harder – “alietheometer” is the word. But what is it? 

Last month we asked if the “Tick-Tock” meant anything to you. Well, it all ties into WATCHMEN. Watch it to find out how. 


Final Clip: A few around here are excited about the movie GLASS. Are you?  

Enjoy the month! Discover HBO. Stop back here for more news, reviews and schedules. 

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