What’s On: HBO Schedule For October 2015

HBO-Logo-SpaceOkay, so there was no big dramatic series in September, but the month turned out to be entertaining without it I think. October though does offer up a pretty good one and mixes it up with plenty of other content. I’m sure by the time this tenth month is over we will have enjoyed what HBO had to offer yet again. So let’s jump right into it with what is waiting for us in October shall we?  


Originals: The big appeal may just be the return of THE LEFTOVERS.Here, complete with all the trailers, is our setup for its return.  Remember that more than three years ago, 2% of the world’s population inexplicably vanished. 140 million people, gone in an instant. No country, no state, no city was spared, except for one small town in eastern Texas. Population: 9261. Departures: Zero.

That tease sure made us wonder what was so special about Jarden, TX.

This is the setting for a tale of two families: the Garveys, who have moved to this special place, and whose lives were forever changed by the Departure, and the Murphys, a local family, who seem to have been spared from an event that shook the rest of the world. Created by Damon Lindelof and acclaimed novelist Tom Perrotta, THE LEFTOVERS returns for a second season SUNDAY, OCTOBER 04 at 9:00pm with other new episodes debuting subsequent Sundays at the same time. Here is Trailer # 1.

After last season’s elaborate Memorial Day initiative by the Guilty Remnant plunged Mapleton into chaos, season two of THE LEFTOVERS finds many searching for a fresh start. Kevin Garvey (Justin Theroux) has retired from his post as chief of police of Mapleton and is moving his new family to Texas. With him is Nora Durst (Carrie Coon), who’s discovered new purpose in caring for the baby she found on Kevin’s doorstep and welcomes leaving behind Mapleton and the incredible tragedy she suffered there. Kevin’s daughter, Jill (Margaret Qualley), is equally eager to leave the town she grew up in and the friends she made there. Upon their arrival in Jarden, Texas, the newly formed Garvey family meets their neighbors, the Murphys: John (Kevin Carroll) and Erika (Regina King) and their teenage twins, Evie (Jasmin Savoy Brown) and Michael (Jovan Adepo). Attracted to this special town and hoping for miracles for his whole family, Matt Jamison (Christopher Eccleston) has moved with his wife, Mary (Janel Moloney), who still suffers from consequences of the terrible car accident on Oct. 14. Meanwhile, Kevin’s ex-wife, Laurie Garvey (Amy Brenneman), has left the Guilty Remnant and reunited with her son, Tom (Chris Zylka), who may have finally discovered a cause to help replace the pain in his heart. And while Meg (Liv Tyler) remains in the Guilty Remnant, it may not be the same cult she originally joined.

Cast regulars for season two include Justin Theroux, Amy Brenneman, Christopher Eccleston, Liv Tyler, Carrie Coon, Ann Dowd, Margaret Qualley, Chris Zylka, Regina King, Kevin Carroll, Jovan Adepo and Janel Moloney.

Here is also the drop of Trailer # 2, not yet seen on this site.

October’s Episodes–

— Episode #11 (season 2, episode 1): “Axis Mundi” – Jarden, Texas was renamed “Miracle” after it was discovered that no one had departed. The town has since become a magnet for tourists and people who are convinced it is special and can keep them safe. Among the local families is the Murphys: the father, John (Kevin Carroll), the mother, Erika (Regina King), and their twins, Evie (Jasmin Savoy Brown) and Michael (Jovan Adepo). While trying to protect his town from frauds and charlatans, John gets an ominous warning from a man who claims to have psychic powers. Soon afterwards, Kevin Garvey (Justin Theroux), Nora Durst (Carrie Coon) and Jill Garvey (Margaret Qualley) show up in Miracle. This newly formed “family” left Mapleton to start over, but Kevin cannot seem to escape his past. The Murphy family and Kevin subsequently experience a mysterious event that will that change their lives forever. Written by Damon Lindelof & Jacqueline Hoyt; directed by Mimi Leder. Debut: SUNDAY, OCTOBER 04 at 9:00pm. Other HBO playdates: 10.04 at 11:35pm & 2:15am; 10.05 at 2:50am; 10.06 at 8:00pm & 2:20am; 10.07 at 8:45pm; 10.08 at 11:50pm; 10.09 at 9:00pm; 10.10 at 9:45pm and 10.16 at 8:00pm.



— Episode #12 (season 2, episode 2): “A Matter of Geography” Kevin, Nora and Jill try to pick up the pieces in the aftermath of the Mapleton riots, but problems from the past keep resurfacing. The new Garvey clan finds a fresh start in the safety of Miracle. Nora makes an impulsive choice, while Kevin gets entangled in the Murphy family’s problems. Written by Damon Lindelof & Tom Perrotta; directed by Mimi Leder. Debut: SUNDAY, OCTOBER 11  at 9:00pm. Other HBO playdates: 10.11 at 11:30pm & 2:00am; 10.12 at 1:00am; 10.13 at 8:00pm & 4:40am; 10.14 at 10:00pm; 10.15 at 11:50pm; 10.16 at 9:00pm; 10.17 at 11:00pm and 10.23 at 8:00pm.


— Episode # 13 (season 2, episode 3): “Off Ramp” Laurie (Amy Brenneman) and Tom Garvey’s (Chris Zylka) work to rescue lost souls takes a toll on theirs. Laurie seeks to spread the word about the Guilty Remnant’s dangers, while Tom’s infiltration of the cult uncovers a whole new nest of problems. Written by Damon Lindelof & Patrick Somerville; directed by Carl Franklin.Debut: SUNDAY, OCTOBER. 18 t 9:00pm. Other HBO playdates: 10.18 at 11:30pm & 2:00am; 10.19 at 11:30pm;,10.20 at 7:00pm & 4:40am;10.21 at  10:00pm; 10.22 at midnight; 10.23 at 9:00pm;10.24 at 1:30am and 10.30 at 8:00pm.


— Episode # 14 (season 2, episode 4): “Orange Sticker” In the midst of an earthquake, Nora awakens to find Kevin missing and her hopes of safety in their new town dashed. The Murphys are left reeling after Evie’s disappearance. Kevin returns home, but without his memory of the night before or his cell phone, which would link him to the missing girls. Meanwhile, an old enemy makes her return in an unexpected way. Written by Damon Lindelof & Tom Spezialy; directed by Tom Shankland. Debut: SUNDAY, OCTOBER 25 at 9:00pm. Other HBO playdates: 10.25 at 11:30pm & 1:30am 10.26 at 10:30pm; 10.27 at 8:00pm & 1:15am; 10.28 at 10:00pm; 10.29 at midnight; 10.30 at 9:00pm and 10.31 at 11:15pm and into November.

Also, PROJECT GREENLIGHT continues its eight-episode fourth season, chronicling the search for a first-time director and taking a revealing, uncensored look at the filmmaking process. Executive produced by Oscar-winners Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, the series debuts a new episode SUNDAY, OCTOBER 04 at 10:00pm with other episodes debuting on subsequent Sundays. If you are not following here are comments on the struggles faced by the winning filmographer. 

The show is not for everyone, but if you’re interested here are October’s installments.

— Episode #29 (season 4, episode 4): “Duly Noted” In the wake of Effie and Pete’s fallout, the Farrelly brothers consider their place in the project. Much to Effie’s dismay, Jason takes his concerns about digital directly to Ben, and faces a choice between extra shooting days or shooting on film. Meanwhile, the search for a perfect location continues, causing drama among members of the team, and the cast assembles for a table read in the final days of pre-production. Debut date: SUNDAY, OCTOBER 04  at 10:05pm. Other HBO playdates: 10.04 at 12:40am & 3:50am; 10.05 at 3:50am; 10.06 at 5:45pm; 10.08  at 8:00pm and 10.10 at 10:45pm.


— Episode #30 (season 4, episode 5): “Picture’s Up” As production begins, Jason is eager to take charge, but finds that his penchant for perfectionism conflicts with the tight shooting schedule Effie is vigilant about maintaining. The crew raises communication concerns during Len’s first visit to the set. With the deadline winding down to get the signatures required to legally shoot at night, Effie and Marc present Jason with a less-than-ideal solution.Debut date: SUNDAY, OCTOBER 11 at  10:00pm. Other HBO playdates: 10.11 at 12:30am & 3:30am; 10.12  at 2:00am; 10.13 at 5:00pm; 10.15 at 8:00pm and 10.17 at midnight.


Episode #31 (season 4, episode 6): “Hot Ghetto Mess” Pressure mounts as Jason and the crew get ready for the film’s most expensive scenes yet: a wedding rehearsal dinner to be shot during a few short hours at dusk. The production team also begins preparations for the last shoot of the film, a complicated and potentially dangerous car-crash scene. Though Len tells Jason the scene may be too ambitious, Effie tries to find a way to carry it off as close to Jason’s original vision as possible. Debut date: SUNDAY, OCTOBER 18 at 10:00pm. Other HBO playdates: 10.18 at 12:30am & 3:30am; 10.19 at 2:30am;  10.20 at 4:30pm; 10.22 at 8:00pm and 10.24 at 2:30am.  


Episode #32 (season 4, episode 7): “Accident Waiting to Happen” On the final day of shooting at the house, the production team grows increasingly frustrated that Jason has not chosen a location for the car-crash scene. Later, Jason meets with the stunt coordinator to map out the crash logistics. During the last night of filming, Jason receives words of encouragement from a surprise visitor to the set, while he and the production team race against the clock to wrap before the sun comes up. Debut date: SUNDAY, OCTOBER 25 at 10:00pm. Other HBO playdates: 10.25 at 12:30am & 2:30am; 10.26 at (2:45am; 10.27 at 5:45pm; 10.29 at 8:30pm and 10.31 at 12:15am.

DOLL & EM continues its six-episode second season SUNDAY, OCTOBER 04  at 10:30pm followed by other new episodes debuting subsequent Sundays at the same time, including the season finale on 10.18. Written by and starring real-life best friends Emily Mortimer (HBO’s THE NEWSROOM) and Dolly Wells (Bridget Jones’s Diary), the comedy series follows the duo as they attempt to mend their relationship by collaborating on the script of an off-Broadway play.


Episode #10 (season 2, episode 4) In rehearsals, and over dinner with Mikhail Baryshnikov, Emily (Emily Mortimer) has trouble articulating the message of the play. After Ewan McGregor fails to show up at a restaurant, Dolly (Dolly Wells) starts displaying lovesick symptoms. A chance meeting with a modern-day Virginia Woolf inspires Emily. Debut: SUNDAY, OC.TOBER 04 at (10:35pm. Other HBO playdates: 10.0 4 at 1:10am & 3:20am; 10.06 at 1:50am; 10.07 at 11:30pm; 10.08 at 2:00pm and 10.010 at 3:00pm..


Episode #11 (season 2, episode 5) With the premiere of their play only a day away, Emily tries out a few novel ideas on Evan Rachel Wood and Olivia Wilde, while Dolly offends the actresses with a backhanded remark. Emily accompanies Dolly to the doctor’s office, where they get unexpected news. Debut: SUNDAY, OCTOBER 11  at 10:30pm. Other HBO playdates: 10.11 at 1:00am & 3:00am; 10.13 at (2:25am; 10.14 at 11:00pm; 10.15 at 2:45pm & 5:35am and 10.17 at 12:15pm.


Episode #12 (season 2, episode 6/season finale) An 11th-hour crisis compels Emily and Dolly to revise their script once again, just hours before their play is scheduled to premiere. This series and the others mentioned are also available on HBO Now/Go. Debut: SUNDAY, OCTOBER 18 at 10:30pm.Other HBO playdates: 10.18 at 1:00am & 3:00am; 10.20 at 1:15am; 10.21 at 11:00pm; 10.22 at 12:50pm and 10.24 at 2:00pm.

Without fail we also have LAST WEEK TONIGHT WITH JOHN OLIVER and REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER  Presenting a satirical look at the week in news, politics and current events, they both skewer recent news with charm & smarm. Oliver returns withMaherGoodall-300x204 a new edition SUNDAY, OCTOBER 04  at 11:00pm.  Maher continues his 13th season with a new edition FRIDAY, OCTOBER 02 at 10:00pm. The most recent topics on LAST WEEK TONIGHT included the Pope’s historic visit to the United States, the unauthorized biography of British Prime Minister David Cameron and allegations about his past behavior, the Volkswagen emissions-testing scandal and Europe’s migrant crisis. On REAL TIME the latest guests were primatologist Jane Goodall as the top-of-show interview guest; writer Spike Feresten was the mid-show interview guest. The roundtable guests were actor John Cleese, political commentator S.E. Cupp and political analyst Ron Reagan.


Theatrical Movies: The theatrical treats for October, for the most part, give us a punch of fast  Action with a helping of Horror. Hell, where would October be without horror. We even get a bonus movies taking the total to six. They are AMERICAN SNIPER, FOCUS, TAKEN 3, BAD WORDS, THE PURGE II: ANARCHY and THE PYRAMID.

Movies_CooperasKyle-300x200To start us off there is the most lethal sniper in American history. Best Actor Oscar nominee Bradley Cooper plays Chris Kyle a soldier extraordinaire who struggles to adjust to civilian life in AMERICAN SNIPER, debuting SATURDAY, OCTOBER 03 at 8:00pm. Nominated for six Oscars, including Best Motion Picture, and winner for Best Sound Editing, the hit biopic is directed by Clint Eastwood, written by Jason Hall and based on the memoir of the same name by Chris Kyle. Sienna Miller, Luke Grimes, Jake McDorman and Kyle Gallner also star.

Next, a seasoned con man (Will Smith) reunites with his former protégée and lover (Margot Robbie) for a high-stakes scheme in FOCUS. Can you keep up with all the twists and turns this action-Movies_Focus-300x169comedy throws at you? It debuts SATURDAY, OCTOBER 10  at 8:00pm.Framed for the murder of his ex-wife, a former CIA operative (Liam Neeson) must clear his name and protect his daughter in TAKEN 3. Debuting SATURDAY, OCT. 17 (8:00 p.m.), the third chapter of the hit series also stars Forest Whitaker, Famke Janssen and Maggie Grace and is directed by Olivier Megaton and written by Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen. I’m not sure this is action we need, but you judge for yourself. The biggest comedy in the lineup is BAD WORDS which follows a 40-year-old spelling bee loser (Jason Bateman) who seeks redemption when he discovers a loophole that allows him to compete as an adult. Directed by Bateman, the black comedy debuts SATURDAY, OCTOBER 24 at 8:00pm.and also stars Kathryn Hahn, Rohan Chand, Ben Falcone, with Philip Baker Hall and Allison Janney. We give this movie an additional look below.  

Halloween falls on a Saturday so the network offers back-to-back movies that night. In the first one, three groups of people cross paths as they try to survive the chaos and violence of the annual Purge Night, when all crime is legal for 12 hours. Starring Frank Grillo, Carmen Ejogo, Zach Gilford, Kiele Sanchez and Michael Kenneth Williams it is THE PURGE: ANARCHY debuting SATURDAY, OCTOBER 31 at 8:00pm. Then premiering at 9:45pm is THE PYRAMID in which a team of U.S. archaeologists get more than they bargained for when they discover a lost pyramid unlike any other in the Egyptian desert. As they unlock the horrific secrets buried within, they realize they aren’t just trapped, they are being hunted. Okay, not classic traditional horror, but better than nothing.


Specials: She is quite popular right now and HBO has got her gig. AMY SCHUMER: LIVE FROM THE APOLLO, featuring the comedy star in her first HBO stand-up special, debuts SATURDAY, OCTOBER 17 at 10:00pm. Directed by Chris Rock (HBO’s THE CHRIS ROCK SHOW) and taped before a live audience at New York’s iconic Apollo Theater, the one-hour special features Schumer talking about her life.Amy Schumer,of course, is the creator, star, writer and executive producer of the Peabody Award- and Emmy-winning series Inside Amy Schumer, and also won a Critics’ Choice Television Award for the series this year. Schumer was recently seen in the feature film Trainwreck, which she wrote and stars in. Her one-hour stand-up special, Mostly Sex Stuff, stands as the highest-rated Comedy Central original stand-up special since 2011. Other HBO playdates: 10.17 at 12:30am & 3:20am; 10.19 at 10:30pm; 10.23 at midnight; 10.27 at 10:30pm and 10.29 at 1:00am and into November. Here is a clip.  


Documentary: HBO is not going all out with its non-fiction fare lately with only one premiere forthcoming in the new month. The encore presentations iDocs_DanceInOhio-300x300n October are TERROR AT THE MALL on 10.05 (one of my favorites this year), BANKSY DOES NEW YORK on 10.12 and CAPTIVATED THE TRIALS OF PAMELA SMART on 10.19 Debuting on MONDAY, OCTOBER 26 at 9:00pm is  the documentary HOW TO DANCE IN OHIO which follows a group of teens and young adults living within the autism spectrum, as they prepare for their first spring-formal dance and charting the challenges and triumphs they face along the way.


Sports:  Boxing has been a bit light on the schedule until now. So  – Boom – here we go with WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING: WLADIMIR KLITSCHKO VS. TYSON FURY AND TERENCE CRAWFORD VS. DIERRY JEAN which is a day-night doubleheader featuring Klitschko, the world’s premier heavyweight in his 19th consecutive world title defense, and Crawford, the BWAA’s 2014 Fighter of the Year. Klitschko (64-3, 54 KOs) from Kiev, Ukraine, and now residing in Miami, takes on Fury (24-0, 18 KOs) of Wilmslow, Cheshire, UK, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 24 at 5:00 p.m. (live ET/tape-delayed PT) from ESPRIT Arena in Dusseldorf, Germany. Following the afternoon telecast from the 50,000-seat venue in Dusseldorf, HBO Sports will replay the bout in prime time at 9:30 p.m. (ET/PT), along with a junior welterweight title showdown (live ET/tape-delayed PT) between undefeated rising star Crawford (26-0, 18 KOs) and challenger Jean (29-1, 20 KOs) from CenturyLink Center in Omaha, Neb. The HBO Sports team will call all the action. Also there is HBO BOXING AFTER DARK: LUCAS MATTHYSSE VS. VIKTOR POSTOL AND HUMBERTO SOTO VS. ANTONIO OROZCO which spotlights one of the most exciting fighters in the sport, as Argentina’s Matthysse (37-3, 34 KOs) and Postol (27-0, 11 KOs) of Kiev, Ukraine compete for a vacant 140-pound title belt in a 12-round super lightweight fight on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 03 at 10:15 p.m. Opening the evening is a ten-round super lightweight bout between Soto (65-8-2, 35 KOs) and Orozco (22-0, 15 KOs). Here is a quick look at one of those matchups. 

Clearly HBO has it all covered. And don’t forget Gumbel & Lampley. REAL SPORTS WITH BRYANT GUMBEL goes behind the box scores and statistics to tackle timely subjects in the world of contemporary sports. Featuring a top lineup of contributors, the next monthly edition debuts TUESDAY, OCTOBER 20  at 10:00pm.Hosted by the four-time Sports Emmy winner, THE FIGHT GAME WITH JIM LAMPLEY is a provocative, engaging and informative experience that delves into intriguing storylines, newsmakers and issues that are top-of-mind in boxing. The latest edition debuts WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 07  at 11:00pm.  


Other Movies and Shows: This is the space where we offer a few titles that make up the rest of the schedule. Snoop around and some October treats appear like Wesley Snipes in BLADE, Daniel Day-Lewis in THE BOXER, Jude Law in COLD MOUNTAIN plus, THE MAZE RUNNER, THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, THE SKELETON KEY and SUPERMAN RETURNS. Also, HBO FIRST LOOK looks at The Peanuts Movie and Steve Jobs and there are three steamy episodes of REAL SEX.


HBO’s Other Platforms:  I think I say this every October and I am going to do so again. Where is the TALES FROM THE CRYPT marathon? Anyway, there is always something you haven’t watched yet regardless of genre. Once again here are some suggestions. HBO Latino: There is the continuation of two series on the channel, EL NEGOCIO and HEROES COTIDIANOS and the launch of a new series called MAGNIFICA ‘70 which is about a federal film censor whose life seems more risque than the movies he censors. In movies there is JUAN IN A MILLION In this mystery a Harvard freshman wakes up after a party to learn that he is the only man left in theScoobyGang-300x239 city.EL MAR Y EL (The Sea and Him) is a tragi-comedic short film. HBO Family: First time movies on this channel are ELLA ENCHANTED, LIKE MIKE 2: STREETBALL Plus there is SCOOBY DOO movies and the original AGENT CODY BANKS.HBO Signature: We are running thin but new to the channel is CONFESSIONS OF A TEENAGE DRAMA QUEEN, DISNEY’S THE KID and FEARDOTCOM. HBO Comedy has comedy blocks of CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM every couple of nights and the debut of AGENT CODY 2: DESTINATION LONDON. Hey, remember I don’t pick them I suggest report what is on.  Now/Go:First off, here is a reminder of some of the series on the sites that you forgot about or didn’t even know existed. How about Gervais in EXTRAS, Dern in ENLIGHTENED,Byrne is IN TREATMENT, plus TELL ME YOU LOVE ME, OZ  and the Miniseries FIVE DAYS. How about checking out some of the Emmy winners like VEEP and the Miniseries OLIVE KITTERIDGE?  In fact, that is my top recommendations as we get into the cooler fall weather. Go binge watch an HBO series you’ve missed including those Emmy winners.

Cinemax: Last but not least is the sister channel. THe big news is the return of THE KNICK. It kicks off its ten episode second season FRIDAY, OCTOBER 16 at (10:00pm.exclusively on CINEMAX, followed by other episodes debuting subsequent Fridays at the same time. I suppose it is possible for Season Two to eventually show up on HBO’s streaming sites like Season One did. October’s episodes follow:


— Episode #11 (season 2, episode 1): Ten Knots As Barrow (Jeremy Bobb) and The Knick prepare to move uptown, Dr. Edwards (André Holland) lobbies the hospital board to be appointed permanent chief of surgery in Dr. Thackery’s (Clive Owen) absence. Though his suspension has been lifted, Dr. Gallinger (Eric Johnson) refuses to return as Edwards’ subordinate, so he heads to Cromartie Hospital in hopes of getting Thackery to return to work. Lucy’s (Eve Hewson) attempts to make amends with Bertie (Michael Angarano) are rebuffed; Cleary (Chris Sullivan) schemes to make extra money; Ping Wu (Perry Yung) demands regular medical checkups for his prostitutes; Speight (David Fierro) attempts to trace the origins of a new plague; Cornelia (Juliet Rylance) nourishes a quarantined neighborhood in San Francisco. Written by Jack Amiel & Michael Begler; directed by Steven Soderbergh. Debut: FRIDAY, OCTOBER 16 at 10:00pm. Other CINEMAX playdates: 10.16 at 11:00pm & midnight; 10.17 at 9:00pm & 12:10am; 10.18 at 5:30pm; 10.19 at (8:00pm & 10:50pm;  10.20 at 10:00pm and 10.21 at 9:00pm and into November.


— Episode #12 (season 2, episode 2): You’re No Rose Dr. Thackery sets his sights on a return to The Knick – a request that doesn’t sit well with the board. After a shocking discovery, Cornelia enlists Cleary to do a dirty job, for a price. Bertie makes a change; Robertson (Grainger Hines) pushes a new subway initiative; Barrow drives up construction costs; Lucy is surprised by an unexpected visitor from home. Written by Jack Amiel & Michael Begler; directed by Steven Soderbergh. Debut: FRIDAY, OCTOBER 23 at 10:00pm. Other CINEMAX playdates: 10.23 at 11:00pm & midnight;  10.24 at 9:00pm & 11:35pm;  10.25 at 4:45pm; 10.26 at 8:00pm & 11:10pm; 10.27 at 10:00pm;10.28 at 9:00pm and into November.


— Episode #13 (season 2, episode 3): The Best with the Best to Get the Best Thackery enlists Edwards to help him test a new hypothesis. After rejecting Robertson’s advances at The Knick, Lucy learns that confession isn’t always good for the soul. Young journalist Genevieve Everidge (Arielle Goldman) works on a story about one of Thackery’s rivals. Cornelia is dismayed by the limits of her husband’s (Tom Lipinksi) sympathies; Barrow faces a new adversary at Tammany Hall; Gallinger is intrigued by a discussion of eugenics at a class reunion; Edwards deals with a surprise visitor. Written by Jack Amiel & Michael Begler; directed by Steven Soderbergh.Debut: FRIDAY, OCTOBER 30 at 10:00pm. Other playdates: 10.30 at 11:00pm & midnight; 10.31 at 9:00pm & 11:35pm and into November.


Here is also the drop of the Season Two trailer not yet seen on this site.

Finally,On Halloween, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 31, CINEMAX goes trick-or-treating with an all-day horror marathon, featuring: DREAMCATCHER – 6:00am. DOMINION: PREQUEL TO THE EXORCIST – 8:15am. DRACULA UNTOLD – 10:15am SWEENEY TODD: THE DEMON BARBER OF FLEET STREET – 11:50am. ANNABELLE – 1:50pm SLITHER – 3:35pm HALLOWEEN H20: 20 YEARS LATER – 5:15pm VAN HELSING – 6:45pm Iit takes a break in primetime). HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES – 12:35am CATACOMBS – 2:05am WISHMASTER 4: THE PROPHECY FULFILLED – 3:40am and THE WICKER MAN – 5:15am.


Next Month’s Tease: For November  – Larry Mullen Jr., Adam Clayton and friends make their presence known on HBO.

October’s answer was AMERICAN SNIPER which was directed by Clint Eastwood whose first war picture starred Francis The Talking Mule.  


Final Clip: I don’t know maybe a THE LEFTOVERS Season One recap is in order.

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