What’s On: HBO Schedule For October 2014

HBO-Logo-SpaceLast month’s little tease phrase was preparing you for a RUSH and we were not referring to rustling fall leaves in cool breezes rushing by, but a rush of awesome HBO programming coming your way in October. This post will prove that is the case as we look ahead to all the series and specials coming to the premium network, its online site and even its sister channel, Cinemax. We are sure you will find something to make you think, laugh and cry as we offer What’s On: HBO Schedule For October 2014.   

Originals: Only one dramatic series sits alone in October and it is the Emmy-winning drama series BOARDWALK EMPIRE which concludes its eight-episode  run of its fifth and final season this month with a new episode debuting SUNDAY, OCT. 5 at 9:00pm ET leading up to the series finale on 10.26. From Terence Winter, Emmy-winning writer of “THE SOPRANOS and Academy Award-winning director Martin Scorsese, the series, which started in the Prohibition era now concludes it run having moved to 1931 right in the heart of the Depression era. (Created by Terence Winter; executive producers, Terence Winter, Martin Scorsese, Mark Wahlberg, Stephen Levinson, Tim Van Patten, Howard Korder and Gene Kelly; producers, Joseph Iberti, Allen Coulter and Rick Yorn.)


Here is a brief look at each of the remaining episodes. HBOWatch will review them as they air.

— #53 “King of Norway”: Chalky returns to Atlantic City with vengeance on his mind. Concerned about the ongoing threat from Luciano, Nucky arranges a meeting with Maranzano in New York. In Chicago, Eli’s reunion with June takes an unexpected turn after a dinner party hosted by Van Alden and Sigrid. Capone looks to relocate his operation; Margaret completes a deal with Carolyn Rothstein; Nucky gets bad news from Cuba. In 1897, young Nucky looks to win over Mabel’s father while asking for expanded responsibilities as deputy sheriff. (Written by Steve Kornacki; directed by Ed Bianchi.)  Air dates: 10.05, 10.06, 10.07, 10.08, 10.09 and 10.11.

As usual there are a lot of characters to look to out for including, Chalky, Luciano and Capone. They are dangerous. 

— #54 “Devil You Know”: In Harlem, Chalky encounters Narcisse in hopes of setting Daughter Maitland free. Federal agents enlist Eli and Van Alden to help take down the Capone organization. Pained by a recent loss, Nucky turns to the bottle, and the company of a pair of barflies. In 1897, Nucky vents his frustration to Mabel after endorsing Jim Neary, and roots out a young thief with Eli’s help. (Written by Howard Korder; directed by Jeremy Podeswa. Air dates: 10.12, 10.13, 10.14, 10.15, 10.16 and 10.18.

The “untouchables”, if you are old enough to remember the reference, are on the move!

— #55 “Friendless Child”: At war with Luciano, Nucky looks to hold onto his assets in Atlantic City. Willie and Eli become involved in Nucky’s war. Maranzano meets his fate. Nucky reads Gillian’s letter from the hospital. In 1897, Mabel and Nucky argue about the fate of a young runaway from Trenton, while Nucky does a discreet favor for the Commodore. (Written by Riccardo DiLoreto & Cristine Chambers and Howard Korder; directed by Allen Coulter.) Air dates: 10.19, 10.20, 10.21, 10.22, 10.23 and 10.25.

 If you recall the tagline for the season – No One Goes Quietly – than you know no one in the mentioned ‘war’ is going down without a fight.  

 — #56 “Eldorado”: After a shakeup, Nucky looks to relocate to Manhattan from Atlantic City. Margaret impresses Nucky and a grain-company stockholder; Luciano tends to unfinished business while establishing a mob commission; William shares underworld details with his boss, the U.S. Attorney; Nucky visits Gillian at the hospital. In 1897, Nucky copes with a family crisis while making a deal with the Commodore that will settle his future. (Written by Terence Winter & Howard Korder; directed by Tim Van Patten.)  Air dates: 10.26, 10.27, 10.28, 10.29 and 10.30.

 So it seems that some key players will look for the next new venture and that the flashbacks will take us back full circle. So is the world of the BOARDWALK EMPIRE.  

FOO_logoSometimes HBO likes to create themed programming and we think as we look forward to the newest Winters/Scorsese venture on the horizon, the music world drama starring Bobby Cannavale, we see another theme building. It is the world of music. Beyonce and Jay-Z celebrated their musical style and now the Foo Fighters debut with its offering.

It is FOO FIGHTERS: SONIC HIGHWAYS and it debuts on FRIDAY, OCT. 17 at 11:00pm, ET. This eight-part series follows Dave Grohl and his band Foo Fighters as they make their eighth album. Directed by Grohl, each one-hour episode chronicles the recording of a song in a different city – Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles, Nashville, New Orleans, New York, Seattle and Washington, D.C. – tapping into the musical heritage, cultural fabric and storied recording studios of each location. With local music legends sitting in, Grohl wrote the lyrics of each song on the last day of each session to reflect the experiences, interviews and personalities that became part of the process. (Directed by Dave Grohl; written by Mark Monroe and Dave Grohl; executive produced by Dave Grohl, James A. Rota and John Ramsay.) Episode #01: 10.17, 10.18, 10.19, 10.20, 10.21 and 10.23; Episode #02: 10.24, 10.25, 10.26, 10.27, 10.28 and 10.30; Episode #03:10. 31.

Our social commentators are going strong and appear in October. LAST WEEK TONIGHT WITH JOHN OLIVER runs on SUNDAY Nights at 11:00pm ET. Edition #19 repeats on 10.01 & 10.02.  Also there is Edition #20 on 10.05, 10.06, 10.08 and 10.09; Edition #21 on 10.19, 10.20, 10.22 and 10.23 and Edition #22 on 10.26, 10.27, 10.29 and 10.30. REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER holds court FRIDAY nights at 10:00pm ET.  Play dates are repeats of Edition #330 on 10.01; new episodes are Edition #331 on 10.03, 10.05 10.06, 10.07 & 10.08; Edition #332: 10.17, 10.19, 10.20, 10.21 & 10.22; Edition #333: 10.24, 10.26, 10.27, 10.28 & 10.29; Edition #334: 10.31 and into November.

Note this interesting statistic from The Hollywood Reporter.

John Oliver’s Talk Show Ratings Edging Out HBO Colleague Bill Maher



Theatrical Movies: Okay, so you’re going to spend your Saturday raking up those leaves or harvesting the edibles from your garden and you need a good relaxing evening in front of the TV. How about taking in a theatrical movie premiere on HBO? Your choices in October are RIDE ALONG, RUSH, LONE SURVIVOR and PERCY JACKSON: SEA OF MONSTERS. Let’s take a quick look at each now but remember you can catch an HBOWatch review a couple of days before the premiere date of each title. 

RIDE ALONG leads us off SATURDAY, OCTOBER 04 beginning 8:15pm, ET. When a fast-talking guy joins his girlfriend’s brother, a hot-tempered cop, to patrol the streets of Atlanta, he gets entangled in the officer’s latest case. Now, in order to prove that he deserves his future bride, he must survive thMovies_Rush-300x300e most insane 24 hours of his life and he is just a high school security cop. Kevin Hart and Ice Cube star. Just guess which one plays the cop! Rated R. Air dates: 10.04, 10.05, 10.09, 10.12, 10.17, 10.19, 10.22, 10.25 & 10.30.The following week is the real RUSH I alluded to earlier. It debuts on 10.11. During the golden age of Formula 1 racing, two adversaries – English playboy James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) and his methodical Austrian opponent Niki Lauda (Daniel Brühl) – take their rivalry to new heights. Olivia Wilde also stars in this action-drama film, based on a true story. Rated Rand directed by Ron Howard. Air dates: 10.11, 10.12, 10.14, 10.16, 10.20 and 10.29.

Then there is another film taken from true life out on 10.18. It is called LONE SURVIVOR. Starring Mark Wahlberg this tells the story of four Navy SEALs on an ill-fated covert mission to neutralize the high-level Taliban operatives who are ambushed by enemy forces in the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan. Based on The New York Times bestseller, this story of heroism, courage and survival directed by Peter Berg (Friday Night Lights) also stars Taylor Kitsch, Emile Hirsch, Ben Foster and Eric Bana.  Rated R. Air dates: 10.18, 10.19, 10.21, 10.29 and 10.31. 

PERCY JACKSON: SEA OF MONSTERS takes the last spot in the month premiering on Saturday, 10.25. it seems the son of Poseidon and his friends journey to the Sea of Monsters to stop an ancient evil in this fantastical adventure. Logan Lerman, Brandon T. Jackson, Alexandra Daddario, Douglas Smith and Stanley Tucci star. It is directed by  by Thor Freudenthal with a screenplay by Marc Guggenheim and it  based on the novel by Rick Riordan.) It is rated PG so it is great for the kids as you carve pumpkins and make Halloween plans.  Air dates are 10.25, 10.26, 10.28 and 10.31.

Specials: We have a bit of comedy and music ahead in the next few weeks and I must admit I haven’t heard of either artist featured in them. If you haven’t either than here is the chance to discover them on HBO. Debuting first is some standup comedy. Produced for HBO by Funny Or Die and directed by Spike Lee, JERROD CARMICHAEL: LOVE AT THE STORE features the rising star in his first HBO stand-up comedy special, taped at The Comedy Store in Hollywood and debuting SATURDAY, OCT. 4 at 10:00pm. Air dates: 10.04, 10.09, 10.12, 10.14, 10.22, 10.24 and 10.30. Here is a bit of PR.

One the musical side HBO will air JOSHUA BELL: A YOUNGARTS MASTERCLASS. Award-winning violinist and composer Joshua Bell mentors a group of promising young musicians in this HBO Family special that also plays in short rotation of HBO. HBO air dates are 10.14, 10.17, 10.24 and 10.25. If you have never seen one here is what it is all about. 

Documentary:  All four presentations coming on HBO in October will be reviewed and only one is an encore airing. It will be THERE’S SOMETHING WRONG WITH AUNT DIANE on 10.13. It is about a horrible vehicular accident and the aftermath. The premieres are as follows:

Docs_HuntedGaysRussia-300x160HUNTED: THE WAR AGAINST GAYS IN RUSSIA, debuts MONDAY, OCT. 6 at 9:00pm. This documentary is a shocking investigation of the growing climate of hostility in the wake of the Russian government’s anti-“gay propaganda” law, which has led to an alarming increase in brutal attacks on gay men and women, who are often equated with pedophiles and accused of undermining religious and family values. The film exposes groups of citizens who viciously beat and torment innocent gay people and post the graphic videos online, with no legal repercussions. (Filmed, written & directed by Ben Steele; executive producers, Karen Edwards and Fiona Stourton; narrated by Matt Bomer.) (TV-MA) [AL, AC, V, BN] Air dates: 10.06, 10.07 and 10.14.

A little later in the month HBO offers PRIVATE VIOLENCE which debunks misconceptions about intimate partner abuse, underscoring the fact that one in four women experience violence in their homes at the hands of a husband or boyfriend, while 48% of women killed in domestic violence homicides are murdered after they leave, or are in the process of leaving, their abuser. Telling the intimate stories of two women, survivor Deanna Walters and advocate Kit Gruelle, as they seek justice in the federal court system, the documentary was an official selection of the 2014 Sundance Film Festival. It debuts MONDAY, OCT. 20 at 9:00pm. (Director, Cynthia Hill; editor, Tom Vickers; cinematographer, Rex Miller; special adviser, Kit Gruelle; executive producers, Cindy Waitt, Gloria Steinem, Regina K. Scully, Julie Parker Benello, Wendy Ettinger and Judith Helfand. For HBO: supervising producer, Nancy Abraham; executive producer, Sheila Nevins.) (TV-MA) [AL, AC, V]  Air dates: 10.20, 10.23, 10.26 and 10.29. With a premiere date of SATURDAY, OCTOBER 27 HBO is blessed with the presence of James Brown in MR. DYNAMITE: THE RISE OF JAMES BROWN: James Brown changed the face of American music forever. Charting his journey from rhythm and blues to funk, this documentary was made with the unique People_JamesBrown-300x168cooperation of the Brown Estate, which opened its archives for the first time. Featuring rare and never-before-seen footage, interviews and photographs, the film chronicles the musical ascension of the “hardest working man in show business,” from his first hit, “Please, Please, Please,” in 1956 to his iconic performances at the Apollo Theater, the T.A.M.I. Show, and the Paris Olympia, and more. (Directed by Alex Gibney of Jigsaw Productions; produced by Mick Jagger and Victoria Pearman of Jagged Films, Peter Afterman of Inaudible Productions and Blair Foster of Jigsaw Productions; executive producer, Alex Gibney; cinematographers, Maryse Alberti and Antonio Rossi; editor, Maya Mumma; associate editor, Alex Keipper; supervising editor, Geeta Gandbhir.) (TV-PG) [AL, AC] Air dates: 10.27 and 10.30. Let me hear a “HAYAAAH” one time!

Sports: I am excited for more sports coverage coming to HBOWatch. Keep your eyes peeled for it and in the meantime check out what in forthcoming in October. We kick it off with a pugilistic one-two with WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING: GENNADY GOLOVKIN VS. MARCO ANTONIO RUBIO AND NONITO DONAIRE VS. NICHOLAS WALTERS. October’s edition features one of boxing’s fastest rising stars Gennady Golovkin (30-0, 27 KOs) of Kazakhstan taking on Mexico’s Marco Antonio Rubio (59-6-1, 51 KOs) in the main event – a scheduled 12-round middleweight title fight from the StubHub Center in Carson, Cal. The opening bout will pit former five-division champion Nonito Donaire (33-2, 21 KOs) against current featherweight champion Nicholas Walters (24-0, 20 KOs) in a title fight scheduled for 12 rounds. The HBO Sports team will be ringside for the event, which will be available in HDTV, closed-captioned for the hearing-impaired and presented in Spanish on HBO Latino. Air dates are on 10.18, 10.19 and 10.21.

These two guys don’t deserve to sit way down here on the list, but they always seem to make it here. They are Jim Lampley and Bryant Gumbel. THE FIGHT GAME WITH JIM LAMPLEY is a boxing news program that is a provocative, engaging and informative experience that delves into intriguing storylines, newsmakers and issues that are top-of-mind in boxing. Encore air dates of Show # 10 on 10.02 & 10.07. Show # 11 airs 10.28. 10.31 and into November. REAL SPORTS WITH BRYANT GUMBEL: Hosted by Bryant Gumbel, the Emmy Award-winning HBO Sports magazine show looks at the world of contemporary sports. HBOWatch reviewed September’s edition which will still air on 10.03, 10.05, & 10.08. Edition # 211 plays 10.21, 10.24, 10.27, 10.28, & 10.30.Leonardo-Iron-Mask-300x225

Other Movies and Shows: Just a couple of tiles that air throughout the month like THE EMPEROR’S CLUB in which a prep school professor, played by Kevin Kline, changes the life of a student and to his surprise his own. THE MAN IN THE IRON MASK  (pictured) is the classic Dumas story retold with Leonardo DiCaprio. Also I offer DUMA about a boy and a cheetah lost in the Kalahari Desert together and LOST IN TRANSLATION the Oscar winning movie about an odd relationship by characters played by Bill Murray and Scarlet Johansson. Hey, I carefully picked out those prime choices for you. At least check one of them out.  

HBO’s Other Platforms: Here are some quick choices from the other channels. HBO Latino: It offers the movie SLEEPING WITH THE FISHES in which a young lady, with the last name Fish, is forced to settle in with family after her husband’s death. Another movie is CRISTO REY about a poor shantytown in Santo Domingo where Haitians and Dominicans struggle. HBO Family: The HBO series CRASHBOX always plays on this channel and you can also enjoy MUPPETS FROM SPACE and STAR KID with the younger set. HBO Signature: Julia Roberts is THE RUNAWAY BRIDE and Seann William Scott is the AMERICAN LOSER and THE LAST MARRIED COUPLE IN AMERICA plays out with George Segel and Natalie Wood. HBO Comedy: The HBO series FAMILY TREE gets to play again on this channel and, of course, there is standup galore. HBOGO: What would October be without some spooky stuff? Horror movies include BLOOD NIGHT: LEGEND OF MARY HATCHETT (Movies_BloodNight-226x300pictured); Keanu Reeves’ CONSTANTINE; THE HILLS HAVE EYES remake; NEAR DARK and PET SEMETERY I & II. Cinemax: GRAVITY, HER and NONSTOP are the big movie premieres here. But, we know anyone with Cinemax is glued to THE KNICK. What follows are peeks at the remaining three episodes of Season One.

#08: “Working Late a Lot”: Already on edge due to a citywide run on cocaine, Thackery worries that Dr. Levi Zinberg, a Jewish surgeon and inventor, will steal his spotlight at the next New York Surgical Society presentation. Bertie continues his courtship of Lucy while staving off his father’s persistent demands that he leave The Knick. Cornelia, Speight and Bertie go to court in an attempt to keep “Typhoid Mary” Mallon quarantined. Gallinger tries to get Eleanor to move past her grief. (Written by Jack Amiel & Michael Begler; directed by Steven Soderbergh.) Air dates: 10.03, 10.04, 10.05, 10.06, 10.07, 10.08 and 10.16.

 — #09: “The Golden Lotus”: A late-night crime sheds unfavorable light on The Knick, forcing Robertson to come up with hush money. Lucy goes to extremes to get drugs for an increasingly desperate Thackery, whose plea for an advance from a seller of patent medicines falls on deaf ears. Gallinger despairs as Cinemax_Knick-300x210Eleanor’s behavior becomes more erratic; Cornelia and Edwards proffer different solutions to a shared dilemma. (Written by Steven Katz; directed by Steven Soderbergh.) Air dates: 10.10, 10.11, 10.12, 10.13, 10.14, 10.15 and 10.16.

— #10: “Crutchfield”: Refusing to collaborate with Dr. Zinberg on blood-transfusion research, an increasingly paranoid Thackery pushes himself to the limit, and beyond, in an effort to “solve the riddle” and beat his rival. Cornelia and Edwards arrive at a crossroads; Barrow trades one creditor for another; Lucy requests Bertie’s help. With The Knick in the midst of yet another crisis, Robertson calls for a vote. (Written by Jack Amiel & Michael Begler; directed by Steven Soderbergh.) Air dates: 10.17, 10.18, 10.19, 10.20, 10.21 and 10.22. HBOWatch will continue to review the show through the end of the season, so check back to comment.

Next Month’s Tease: The last from ACN and Stuart Pritchard!

Final Clip:  I guess it would have to be a BOARDWALK EMPIRE clip now wouldn’t it? Thanks Nucky and company! You were a HIT!

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