What’s On: HBO Schedule For July 2013

HBO-Logo-SpaceHBO knows that we are outside and/or on vacation but it still wants to lure us to the channel. Fans of the programming that is offered in July will find a way to get inside at the end of the day, no matter where they are, and watch what interests them. For example, after that family reunion is wrapped up you can take in a dramatic hour of Aaron Sorkin’s return to HBO or after a day in the hotel pool you and the family can wind down with a family movie or a comedic romp with Warwick Davis. Let’s dive in and see what is coming to the network in July.

Theatrical Movies: There is a movie for just about everyone in the household on Saturday nights in July. So, if you have aWimpyKid_poster chance to catch one after the blazing sun goes down you have the choice of the following premieres: DIARY OF A WIMPY KID: DOG DAYS; TED; THE BOURNE LEGACY and SAVAGES. There are plenty of other movies as well, but this section just focuses on the theatricals premiering for the first time on the channel; more on some other choices later.

The movie best suited for watching with the family in that aforementioned hotel room is  DIARY OF A WIMPY KID: DOG DAYS which debuts 07.06 at 8:00pm. Evidently, it is the third in the series of the title character. I didn’t even know there was a second follow-up to the first one, did I? Again, this film is perfect for the hotel room as it gives us the adventures of the title Wimpy Kid, Greg Heffley, on summer vacation as well as a the summer job. If your family is familiar with this film franchise then you might want to watch this one with them. The reviews I skimmed were from kids and they all liked it. For those who like their comedy a bit more on the adult side you need to see Seth McFarlane’s TED. It premieres on 07.13. This raw comedy grossed big buck in the movie houses and seems to have boosted McFarlane’s career more than the Oscars did. He voiced the title character, a crude childhood teddy bear come to life, opposite Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis. This one is on my watch-list this coming mbournelegacyonth.

Action and Jeremy Renner fans have a movie right up their alley starting on 07.20 with THE BOURNE LEGACY. Here, lifted right from the HBO Guide is its description: Picking up where the first three films in the action-packed “Bourne” series left off, a pharmaceutically enhanced government agent goes off the grid to uncover the deception that has him targeted for termination. Two-time Oscar(R)-nominee Jeremy stars as the determined agent who joins forces with a genetic scientist, Rachel Weisz, to expose a plot by his superiors to cover up the Jason Bourne case–by killing everyone connected to it. Again, if you follow this franchise, originally featuringSavages_poster Matt Damon, than this intense movie is for you. It is a PG-rated actioner; to kick it up a notch you need to wait for the following weekend, 07.27 for SAVAGES. The premise for this one sets up what is sure to be a volatile situation. It appears that Ben and Chon are best friends as they prosper in their pot growing business. The only problem is they both share the same girlfriend and that chick just got kidnapped by a Mexican drug cartel looking to cripple the best bud’s business. This “stylish, violent, hallucinatory thriller” (Boston Globe) stars Taylor Kitsch, Blake Lively, Aaron Johnson, John Travolta, Benicio Del Toro and Salma Hayek and is directed by Oliver Stone. I thought the poster was cool so here it is.

So do any of these movies fit into your summer schedule? Let us know and be prepared for some great movies ahead this summer as teased in the Summer 2013 Preview. I managed to find time for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES and might catch THE WATCH before June ends. Before this section ends, however, I need to offer up a theatrical trailer. I chose the one from SAVAGES because it is just messed up…and because it might be the least known of the titles for July. You got to love Oliver Stone!


Originals:  I have written the following statement on post’s comments from time to time and it is apropos here. It is not the quantity that counts it is the quality. There may not be many original series on in July but they are noteworthy ones. Some may dispute that fact and that can be done so yet again in the comment section. At any rate, we have the continuing season of TRUE BLOOD and more in July and the second season of THE NEWSROOM.

Trueblood_Season6First a brief look at the four episodes of TRUE BLOOD airing Sundays at 9:00pm. On 07.07 is the episode # 64 – “At Last” followed by “Fuck the Pain Away” on 07.14; “Don’t You Feel Me?” on 07. 21 and “World Without End” on 07.28. Following the denizens of Bon Temps is the bunch from ACN with the season premiere of THE NEWROOM at 10:00pm.  A line of description from a press release reads: It’s a year later, and in the days leading up to election night 2012, the “News Night” staff is being prepared to give depositions in a lawsuit — the circumstances of which unfold throughout the season. A mysterious tip has led to the airing of a story with consequences no one could have anticipated. We have already posted about the three newsroom13_10_thepisodes debuting in July (07.14; 07.21 & 07.28) right here.

Looking at comedy HBO airs the season ending episode of FAMILY TREE on 07.07 at 10:00pm. It is called “Cowboys” and HBOWatch will review this episode, as it has done with every installment this season, shortly after it airs. That leaves us with Friday nights and REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER Live at 10:00 that night and you can catch OVERTIME on HBO.com immediately following the episodes.

Documentary: We are in the middle of the HBO Documentary Summer Series which premieres a new installment every Monday nighCrashReel_promoshott. Coming up in July are GIDEON’S ARMY (07.01) which follows idealistic young public defenders in the deep south who face particularly difficult challenges in a culture that is traditionally “tough on crime.” On 07.08 is GASLAND II which still explores the dangers of ‘fracking’. THE CRASH REEL debuts on 07.15 and offers us a look at the dangers of an extreme sport. The following week, 07.22, is the in-depth of a grisly murder called THE CHESHIRE MURDERS and FIRST COMES LOVE about an unconventional parenting choice shows up at the end on 07.29. More on those documentaries as they are reviewed throughout the month.

Specials: LIFE’S TOO SHORT: THE FINALE SPECIAL airs 07.05 at 10:00pm. In case you haven’t seen it  here is the link to the trailer.

Sports:  HBO is skimpy on fresh sports programming in the upcoming month as well but, what it does offer is quality stuff. Another installment of REAL SPRORTS WITH BRYANT GUMBEL will debut. 07.23 at 10:00pm.

StashHouse_posterOther Movies & Shows: To supplement what looks like a light schedule on the channel is all the other cinematic tidbits you can find at all hours of  the day on HBO For example, the channel occasionally offers movies in the morning, something I am calling the HBO AM Movie. In July you can catch an early flick like DEEP IMPACT on 07.02 at 7:30am and SPAWN on 07.04 at 8:00am. And there are also some Late-Night Movies like SMALL TOWN SATURDAY NIGHT on 07.08 at 3:00am; STASH HOUSE on 07.14 at 2:00am. There are other movies like ANNA AND  THE KING starring Jodie Foster and THE BACKWOODS starring Gary Oldman. And how about this great piece of programming on the Fourth of July – America Undercover: ATLANTIC CITY HOOKERS IT AIN’T E-Z BEING A HO’. I couldn’t resist.

HBO’s Other Platforms: There doesn’t seem to be much new product on the other channels either. So, it will mean you’ll have to snoop around for a gem tucked in there; you’ll find one though, trust me. HBO Latino, of course has all the major movies and series in Spanish but here is one movie exclusive to the channel. It is called LO MEJOR DE EVA and it premieres on 07.12. In this one a dedicated judge is working on the case of a murdered stripper and becomes involved with the gigolo who was the victim’s boyfriend. HBO Family has a Harry Potter ComingHome_HBOGOmini-marathon on the Fourth of July.  HBO Signature:  Though I  cannot find anything new here that doesn’t mean there is not something of interest. I can suggest such titles as HBO Films: PHIL SPECTOR, THE SILENCE OF THE LAMB and RAY as well as episodes from the series WITNESS: and THE SOPRRANOS.. HBO Comedy: Well, all I can say is that you know that you’ll find laughs aplenty here. Check it out. HBOGO: One of the greatest movies from the Vietnam era comes to the site. It is COMING HOME starring Jon Voight and Jane Fonda. Another good movie to the site in July is THE RIVER with Mel Gibson and Sissy Spacek. Ok, we will throw on one for the kids as well. How about Dreamworks’ PUSS IN BOOTS; it airs onsite through the month also.  Cinemax: If you also subscribe to HBO’s sister channel then you can catch the following movies it is promoting for July. Oscar nominated Helen Hunt and John Hawkes (DEADWOOD) debut in THE SESSIONS on 07.04 followed by the martial arts mash-up THE MAN WITH THE IRON FISTS on 07.13. Next is  PROMETHEUS airing on 07.20 and then FREELOADERS on 07.27 featuring a pack of slackers mooching off a rock star.

Again, the thing to note here is quality over quantity. I’m sure you will find a gem or two or settle in for Sookie and/or McAvoy. Enjoy your summer and your HBO. I leave you with a tease and a clip.

Next Month’s Tease: Larry David and not one but two Oscar winning movies.

Final Clip: Here is TED!


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