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HBOWatch hopes that wherever you are vacationing this August you can still watch HBO. Don’t fret too much though because HBO is light-weight as the summer winds down. There are only four Saturday night premieres, a few closing episodes left in the summer series airing and only one show premiere. Nevertheless, we are sure you’ll find something to watch. I personally did pretty well in July. I watched the first three of the four movie premieres just like I set out to do. They were all movies I wouldn’t go to the cinema to see but, hey, in the comfort of my own home they were a treat, especially CONTAGION. I only have my eye on one movie in August but, I will look at them all. Oh, yeah, GEORGE LOPEZ: IT’S NOT ME, IT’S YOU made me laugh out loud. How about you? Now, let’s take a look at what is on HBO!

Theatrical Movies: PUSS IN BOOTS; J. EDGAR; THE CHANGE-UP and A VERY HAROLD & KUMAR CHRISTMAS are the four flicks premiering in August. Can you guess which movie I am most interested in seeing? I bet you can. Is it the one with the animated feline, or the one with yet another twist to the changing bodies’ gimmick? It might be the historical drama or the pot-headed sequel. Enough with padding this post let’s get to it.

Starting off is PUSS IN BHK-ChritmasOOTS on 08.04.12. If you like Dreamworks Animation or want to have the family settle in for a movie this premiere is the one to catch. It, of course, spins off a cameo character from the SHREK films and gives him a movie of his own.  Antonio Banderas voices the feline. It is one of those “fun for the whole family” kind of flicks. The next Saturday’s movie (08.11.12) is not. It is J. EDGAR starring Leonardo DiCaprio and directed by Clint Eastwood. It is a historical biography of J .Edgar Hoover, the founding chief of the F.B.I. The next weekend (08.18.12) offers a twist on the tried and true ‘switching bodies’ movie. It is called THE CHANGE-UP. In this one Jason Bateman plays a married, harried father of two who somehow switches lives with Ryan Reynolds’ lady loving slacker. The last movie to premiere on HBO in August falls on 08.25.12. It is A VERY HAROLD & KUMAR CHRISTMAS. It is the third H & K movie and was shown in 3D. This stoner pic stars Kai Penn, Jon Cho and Neil Patrick Harris.

One nice thing about this line-up of theatrical movies is that it is a nice variety of movies to choose from on Saturday nights in August. I’ll sit down in front of HBO on the 11th to catch J. EDGAR. It has three elements that make it a must-see for me. I like the filmography of Clint Eastwood; his choices and his style. I like the on-screen talent and not just Leo. Also acting are Armie Hammer and Julie Dench. Then, there is the subject of the film – J. Edgar Hoover. His story must be an interesting one. We will see.

Originals:  Only two original drama series air in August. TRUE BLOOD and THE NEWSROOM each have a few new episodes to tell. They, of course do so Sunday nights at 9 PM and 10 PM respectively. The big night not to miss is 08.26.12, the last Sunday of the month. Both shows will see their Season Finales that night. Will the Vampire Authority be thwarted or will there be a cliffhanger standoff? Can McAvoy and company hold their integrity Russ-Edge-300x157and their ratings or will the ACN newscaster be the center of controversy yet again? You got to be in Bon Temps and in the newsroom to see it all play out. REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER also airs in August. As usual it airs LIVE Friday nights at 10 PM ET. We can also ask the same question of Bill Maher. Will he be the center of controversy also? He always says something that stirs up people.

Sports: If an all access pass to major sports is an interest than you should be at the Olympics or watching HBO in August. Nothing gets you inside the world of football like HARD KNOCKS and after its woes to find a team to feature the show found the Miami Dolphins. The series starts on 08.07.12 and will air Tuesday nights on the pay channel.    REAL SPORTS WITH BRYANT GUMBEL always claims that “nothing is out of bounds.” It covers all facets of the sports world in each and every edition. It airs its new installment on 08.21.12. Oh, and sorry pugilistic fans but HBO takes a break from boxing for the month. It happens.

Other Movies & Shows: Now to take a shot in the dark and see what other programming might be of interest. How about the HBO original movie AMERICAN SPLENDOR starring Paul Giamatti? Ok, how about if you got the family sitting for PUSS IN BOOTS you can balance it with an airing of a dog movie. HBO is showing MARADUKE in August. No? Maybe, drama is better. How about the exorcism movie THE RITE or the Irish tale of IN AMERICA?

I don’t know what you want…oh wait I know how about BOARDWALK EMPIRE: BACK TO THE BOARDWALK and BOARDWALK EMIPRE: DISTILLING SEASON 2. They are recaps of seasons 1 and 2 respectively of the Prohibition era drama told by Terrence Winter himself.

hard-KnocksHBO”s Other Platforms: Here are a few quick highlights playing on some of the other HBO Channels now through August. HBOLatino is airing the foreign film PRIMOS. In it a young man named Diego, after being left standing at the altar, decides to return to a village on Spain’s northern coast where he spent his summers as a teenager. HBOGO is offering such movies as CINEMA VERITE, DIRTY WAR which as HBO Film thriller from 2005 and where would summer be without JAWS, JAWS 2, JAWS 3-D and JAWS REVENGE. Finally, sister channel Cinemax premieres the following movies in August – ANSWER TO NOTHING; THE MATRIX, COWBOYS & ALIENS and TOWER HEIST. No, it is not a typo; evidently THE MATRIX gets a special premiere date on the channel. It hasn’t been on Cinemax before? The big news on that channel is Season 2 of STRIKE BACK which is the channel original series.

Itold you August was a trimmer month than most. HBOWatch is sure though that you will find something of interest. Share it with us when you do and check out our schedule page for the latest on any show not mentioned above!

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