What’s On: HBO in March

game-change-movie-image-ed-harris-01-405x6001-202x300Now I don’t want  to get in the habit of necessarily expressing my viewing habits on a monthly basis here at HBOWatch because, quite frankly, who should care what I watch or don’t watch. I am not some famous critic with a witty repartee or even have a journalism degree. I’m just an average guy who puts in his work and eventually wants to settle down for good programming on the “idiot box” now and again. HBO is clearly one of my channels of choice.

Just think of this listing as a hint to what is on HBO this coming month. I mentioned in a previous post that subscribers used to get an HBO Guide mailed to them with a complete schedule for the month. That mailing is long gone but, the Guide can still be found at HBO.com. As is my want I check that PDF file to see what I might like to catch in the upcoming weeks. Here is what I found in store for March 2012.

Theatrical Movies: There is a post in me about the nature of theatrical movies on the channel but, I’ll save those thoughts for another time. Here are the movies that make their channel premieres Saturday nights: HANNA, HBO Films: GAME CHANGE, GREEN LANTERN, BRIDESMAIDS and MONTE CARLO.

hannah-movie-poster-HBO-202x300Again, I’m not here to critique the films, but I will be catching a few of these titles this month. HANNA (starts 03.03) is a thriller that I didn’t see in theaters and is a movie on my Must List this month. The only other title I won’t miss is the HBO FILMS piece GAME CHANGE (starts 03.10). There is yet another post in me on why I’ll watch that one. Though it is not appointment TV if it happens to be on at a time when I’m searching for something to watch I might view GREEN LANTERN (starts 03.17). I wouldn’t pay to see it at the cinema but I’d catch it here, maybe. And since I’m not the only person in the house there is a chance I’ll see BRIDESMAIDS (starts 03.24) as well. MONTE CARLO (start 03.31) has no chance of being seen; hell, I never even heard of it. It sounds like a Disney Channel movie, especially since it stars Selena Gomez. Anyone like any of these? Speak up!

Originals: There are four shows continuingtheir run in March. The shows are  LUCK, EASTBOUND AND DOWN, LIFE”S TOO SHORT and REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER. The provocative first season of LUCK is in the home stretch as it were with four more episodes. REAL TIME…, of course dominates Friday night and the other two original series just started their seasons and air Sunday nights. I’ll get around to watching some of these on HBOGO.

Lest we forget, the HBO Documentary Films in March. There is only one new one premiering and it won’t be missed by this viewer. It is Academy Award Nominee for Best Documentary Short SAVING FACE. It is a 40-minute look into the lives of Pakistani women attacked with acid and the plastic surgeon out to help them. Anyone interested in the documentaries besides me?

Martinez-vs-Macklin-HBO-192x300Sports: Ever present in the sports lineup is REAL SPORTS. This show with Bryant Gumball and company offers more news from the sports world. Boxing fans have three matches to keep them pumped in March. Live From Madison Square Garden on 03.17 is a Martinez vs. Macklin matchup. Also on 03.24 there is a double bill with a Super Lightweight Title Bout between Morales and Garcia and a Junior Middleweight faceoff between Kirkland and Molina. I’m sure those into the “sweet science” of boxing knows who all the players are and won’t miss these bouts. Let us know if you love HBO Boxing!

Other Movies & Shows: The back of the Guide always has an alphabetical listing of the other offerings that will air during the month. That enables a viewer to catch something they missed or re-watch a favorite. Just a few movies that might be worth seeing are DRAGON: THE BRUCE LEE STORY, MAN ON THE MOON and SUCKERPUNCH. Plus, there are always repeats of REAL SEX and CATHOUSE. Sometimes it is nice to sit down and surf the channels and just happen on a surprise movie or show on HBO that will make you stop and watch it. That happens to me once or twice a month.

So there you go. I better leave it at that. I practically spelled out the whole Guide. I’m game for any feedback or chat so let me know what is of interest from HBO for you in the windy month of March; just leave a comment or go to the forum. Let me know if this was useful.


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