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April-Game-Of-Thrones-202x300It is a big month ahead for HBO and yes, there is more to it than just the return of the George R. R. Martin saga. It is going to be interesting trying to watch it all. So, to help you plan between HBO and your time with the awakening spring here is a look at the schedule for April.

Theatrical Movies: First, as  promised, I did watch HANNA in March and it did not disappoint. Though it wasn’t high power action every minute the movie did keep me enthralled. I also caught GREEN LANTERN and am I glad I didn’t waste the money going to see it at the cinema. It was certainly colorful…ohhh look at all the pretty shades of green. GAME CHANGE, of course, was not missed and was an interesting recap on those unique political figures. For some reason BRIDESMAIDS didn’t air when listed; instead there was SUCKER PUNCH and we felt sucker punched for the change. BRIDESMAIDS will air 03.31  bumping  MONTE CARLO which is no great loss. Anyway, we move on to the Saturdays in April and here is what HBO is said to offer: FAST FIVE, HORRIBLE BOSSES, WATER FOR ELEPHANTS and LARRY CROWNE.

FAST FIVE (starts 04.07) is the next vehicle for Vin Diesel. Who would have thought that the FAST AND FURIOUS franchise would last through a fifth installment? Here it is for those keeping up with them but, I am not. The next weekend premieres a comedy that got some buzz called HORRIBLE BOSSES (starts 04.14). It might be worth it just for Jennifer Aniston alone, right? Next is one for my spouse. She will want to see, and I will more than likely tag along for, WATER FOR ELEPHANTS (starts 04.21). It is a period romantic drama with good talent. This household will be watching more for Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz than Robert Pattinson. Which leads us to the last Saturday of the month and the movie LARRY CROWNE (starts 04.28). I’m the least interested in this film despite top-notch actors Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks. It is about a man who wants a do-over of his life but instead the movie was in need of it more than the title character.

Veep-Air-Date-300x202Originals: The big show of the moment has its second season premiere right at the top of the month! GAME OF THRONES (starts 04.01) is here and it plays out the story from A Clash of Kings. If that is not enough, however, there is more with both GIRLS and VEEP seeing their premieres in April as well. GIRLS (starts 04.15) is by “it girl” of the moment Lena Dunham. I’ve never heard of her and her film TINY FURNITURE but she is evidently a don’t miss, so I won’t. I’m more interested in VEEP (starts 04.22). Just imagine all the red hot political topics  that can be ripped through and tossed about by this comedy and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. EASTBOUND AND DOWN and LIFE’S TOO SHORT both play into April but only to wrap up their seasons. The exploits of Kenny Powers has an end date of 04.25. The so-called life of Warwick Davis ends it tales on 04.08. However, that doesn’t mean that the antics of Ricky Gervais are over for HBO as THE RICKY GERVAIS  SHOW returns (starts 04.20). Remember that this is the animated riffs that originated as podcasts and features Karl Pilkington and Stephen Merchant. Topics covered in Season 3 include Karl pondering how museums procure their artifacts; his latest invention and a movie pitch about a brain transplant for actor Tom Cruise. REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER still has plenty to say as well as the political scene get scrutinized every Friday night.

girls-HBO-premiere-300x203To wrap up the original content for the month HBO would be remiss not to offer a good documentary. It does so with GOD IS THE BIGGER ELVIS (starts 04.05). Great title isn’t it? Well, it is a fun subject matter as well. The piece was nominated for Best Documentary Short at this year’s Academy Awards but was bested by SAVING FACE which has already premiered on the channel. It is about the life of a nun, Mother Prioress, at a convent in Connecticut. In her earlier life she was Delores Hart an actress who appeared onscreen with Elvis Presley. The movies they starred in together were LOVING YOU and  KING CREOLE in 1957 – 1958. She made a few more movies after that and then she stopped. How and why did she get out of Hollywood at the age of 24 and end up a nun? You’ll have to watch the documentary to find out.

Sports: There is also always  good sport action and commentary on HBO. Another season of stepping into athletes lives begins with 24/7 MAYWEATHER/COTTO on 04.14 and airs Saturdays. A new edition of REAL SPORTS WITH BRYANT GUMBEL goes inside sports beginning on 04.17 and two opponents duke it out in a rematch in April. On Saturday 04.28 HBO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING presents HOPKINS/DAWSON II, a Light heavyweight Title rematch.  They touch gloves again because the first time around, October of 2011, Hopkins was out by TKO due to a shoulder injury following a controversial shove to the mat by Dawson. The incident went under investigation and the belt returned to Hopkins after a ruling of intentional fouling was issued against Dawson. Sounds like boxing fans won’t want to miss this one.

Boogie_Nights_movie-HBO-300x225Other Movies  Shows: And if you are still looking for more to watch on some rainy night there are other programs that you can catch. Let’s see, you can go as crass as BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD DO AMERICA or as hip as Spike Lee’s CLOCKERS. If not, how about Sandra Bullock in FORCES OF NATURE or John Tuturro in QUIZ SHOW? As for myself I might re-watch BOOGIE NIGHTS or catch something silly like GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE. Just throwing out some suggestions; it is your HBO so discover and enjoy what you will.

Just remember one thing…OK, two things while you watch HBO this coming month. Remember that there is more than just that exciting epic that we are all going to be mesmerized by and the other thing is… there may be five kings but there is only one throne! 

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