What We Learned from HBO’s 2016 Winter Image Trailer

A new video clip highlighting HBO content has hit the scene. I for one was surprised of its arrival because I thought it a bit untimely. There are two other elements of surprise to be revealed below. It did, however, pack in a great combination of imagery and sound tightly edited into 1:05 of pure HBO excitement. If you haven’t caught it yet here is your opportunity before we break it down.

Surprise # 1 – A bit untimely.

HBO is trying to ramp up the current season already in play. We understand that but, how many times do we really need the same Richie Finestra’s sound bite and repeated imaMadMaxgery from VINYL? Even the shots from GIRLS and TOGETHERNESS are moments from each series that have already aired. So really nothing much that HBOWatch didn’t already see or know. The icing on the cake is the theatrical movies it reminds us are available to view. Three out of the four listed, San Andreas, Pitch Perfect 2, Mad Max: Fury Road and Furious 7, have already aired. They couldn’t have teased us with some big blockbusters ahead?

Having said all that however, let me say if you are not aware what HBO has had to offer then seeing Hannah Horvath getting her boobs blow dried or seeing a car smash its way out of a modern skyscraper just might be the ticket to get you to watch. Or, perhaps better yet, knowing that the recent multiple Oscar winner MAD MAX is just a click away could be incentive as well.


Surprise # 2 – What’s missing.

This handsome shot of Jamie Lannister was a sight to behold! He was in between screenshots of Deanerys and Cersei, but his caught my attention most. For GAME OF THRONES fans I am sure those seconds were not nearly enough. Besides that and the VINYL section that was it for our drama series. Where were snippets from WESTWORLD, THE LEFTOVERS or THE YOUNG POPE? We know HBO is light in that genre right now, but something would have been sweet.

Jamie_GOTS6-300x219Having said that however, the comedy front was well represented. Besides the current lineup there was also the strutting suits of BALLERS, a serious sit-down for SILICON VALLEY and a sound bite from the VEEP (or is it POTUS?). Add the slap fight between the VICE PRINCIPALS and the smile of Carrie B…uh SJP’s Frances in DIVORCE in what is the biggest clips from those upcoming series to date and we are happy campers.

Other shows represented are VICE, REAL TIME, LAST WEEK TONIGHT, HBO Sports Boxing and HBO Films: CONFIRMATION. But missing were shows like SESAME STREET, ANIMALS., and a few upcoming comedies. I guess HBO wants to save those for the next highlight/Coming Soon Clip.


Surprise # 3 –  What is THE NIGHT OF?

At first glance some of us thought this was an out-of-the-blue unheard of miniseries sneaking into the lineup with little fanfare. You know, kinda like intentionally underplaying it like GETTING ON. Then we took a closer look at the provided imagery.   



That is John Turturro!

The only work we knew him to be involved with at HBO was CRIME. If you trace back to all our posts on the project you will find that it went through many changes over the years. Tuturro replaced Robert De Niro in the work who had been in the role briefly after the original lead, James Gandolfini, died suddenly. Back then it was called CRIMINAL JUSTICE and was series, then it became CRIME and was labeled a limited series. Then Turturro stepped in and with one more surprise it becomes a HBO Miniseries with yet another name change. It is now THE NIGHT OF.

Surprise! This video turned out to be pretty special after all or at least we think so. You?  


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