7 Things I Can’t Live Without In Game of Thrones Season 2

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For those that don’t know me, I am a notorious bookie in more ways than one, – I love my favorite books beyond a healthy obsession, I love talking about them endlessly, and I especially love anticipating their appearance on the small screen. While I know some elements must be changed or transformed for a television format in an adaption, I was born greedy. I. want. it. all. But if I can’t have it my way, doubtless, I will take to the internet to air my woes, stridently and often. So in advance of such disappointment, – oh, who are we kidding?? It’s Game of Thrones, it shan’t be disappointing in the least! – Here is my list of top moments from A Clash of Kings I cannot live without:

ourwiq5r8v6qb4tpsl9(And just to preface, I don’t expect everyone to agree with my selections. It is a vast narrative and a highly subjective one at that, but feel free to add yours below in the comments, and if you haven’t figured it out yet, *book spoilers ahead*)!

7. Jaquen’s Quirky Speech Pattern Plus Hot Tub Scene

For starters, it makes Jaquen Jaquen. How else does he capture our attention and fascination than that? Oh.. there’s Faceless reveal along with some mysterious deaths, but no doubt it is far less interesting if the Lorathi speaks like a common Westerosi. Also, hot tub scene.. Do I even have to explain this?

6. “… but not for the girls?”

Catelyn wanting her girls back is plainly her motive that runs the course of nearly everything in her story, and when Robb says he won’t trade Jaime for the girls.. well, it rips my freaking heart out. And of course it… complicates things. Do I think a little bit less of Robb for not giving up such a key bargaining chip in exchange for his sisters? I almost think I have to. But as it stands, even if this incident is not pleasant, it is necessary. It’s a good ache.

5. Dolorous Edd and Lots of Him

I strongly suspect Dolorous will be appearing true to form alongside his dour dung jokes, random tangents, and incessant complaining, but I am most especially holding out hope for his comparison of his childhood home to Craster’s Keep. “Those were my enchanted years. Later I fell on hard times.” … Forget the Wildlings, Craster, the Old Bear, just make it the Dolorous Edd Hour and be done with it.

4. Brienne, Anything and Everything Brienne.

Brienne defeating Loras, Brienne fussing over Renly, Brienne talking about her father’s “ladies” to Catelyn, Brienne swearing herself over, -every single ounce of Brienne, I need it all. I even suspect we’ll be getting more of her story from A Storm of Swords, but let’s just say I won’t be pleased if they skimp the edges or round any corners when it comes to the Maid of Tarth. Brieeeeeeennne.

gameofthronetag-300x1643. Sandor vs. Tyrion

Much like Ned and Jaime squaring off in order to bring the male element to the fore last year, Tyrion and Sandor are bound to face off at critical junctures for our entertainment purposes this year. Indeed, the crest of the season should be Tyrion’s rise at Sandor’s reputation and expense in the Battle of the Blackwater Rush sequence. And let’s admit it, their rivalvry is a lot of fun, as both boys lack and subsequently resent something the other has, ie Tyrion’s political clout and Sandor’s physical prowess. But let it be noted, I shall not be satisfied if they don’t get at least three interactions total on the season. Let the macho machinations begin already!

2. “Winterfell! Winterfell!” while Hot Pie screamed “Hot Pie!”

Hot Pie’s moment of glory while assisting Arya by hacking at the scrawny man’s neck, we shall not be denied! It must be kept in for various reasons, tops being Hot Pie is savagely adorable and it marks a turn in his friendship with Arya Arry. But beyond that, it is a sad socio-economic truth that at least Arya still has an idea of home to rally behind, whereas Hot Pie just has his silly moniker. It slays me! Hot Pie!

Sansa-Stark-Winterfell-Game-of-Thrones-Season-21. Sansa in the Sept of Baelor

This passage may not even be Martin’s best writing, but it gets to me every. single. time. I sob mercilessly, and yeah, I’ll admit it is my favorite Sansa chapter of all time and definitely my favorite chapter in ACOK. It is her prayers for Sandor and Tyrion, one of the few times she can be herself while guised in the anonymity of the general public as she sings the hymn, and then her desperation to not be part of the blessing for Joffrey. I pray to the Mother they keep it in, or there shall be Seven Hells to pay. Seriously, they should fear my wrath.

Well, I’ve shared mine, so now it is your turn. What parts of the second book in Geore R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series can you not live without next season on Game of Thrones? Sound off below!


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