What Can We Expect from “Barry?”

Starring Bill Hader as Barry, an actor wannabe/hired killer, the trailer for BARRY  gives us a taste of what should be a hilarious balance of murder and acting class hijinks. Other actors, particularly known for comedy, poke their heads in throughout the trailer. And at the very basic level, we have a guy trying to find what makes him happy in life. Bill Hader plus emotional turmoil plus comedy equals one possibility for a heck of a great half-hour show. Let’s check out the trailer!

Time to break it down. For starters, Bill Hader has the lead as Barry the hitman. I have to say, Hader made quite a name for himself on Saturday Night Live, and certainly with his various roles in comedy as a voice-over actor for South Park and his recent rom-com with Amy Schumer, Trainwreck. So his comedy chops are pretty dang good in my opinion. But he isn’t alone! As his partner in crime (literally) we have Stephen Root, who is undoubtedly the best part of Office Space. If you haven’t seen it, please do. If you have and disagree with me, let’s fight! But really, Root is amazing in comedy and we also have Henry Winkler…you know, the Fonz? So I gotta say the comedy chops in the program are building.

As for the plot, we have Barry who kills people for a living. Bad people, as Hader narrates in the trailer. But when he follows a mark to an acting class, he gets bit by the acting bug. Could acting Barry_Pic01-300x241be what actually makes him happiest? Can he have a life doing both? That’s really the biggest question. Can Barry maintain living two lives? Or will he be forced to choose? And if he does, what will it be? So many questions and I’m so thrilled for the coming answers!!!

Lastly, and though this goes with the plot, I’m going to do it separately. The philosophy of the show will be an interesting one to watch. At the beginning, as I’ve mentioned, Barry says he kills ‘bad people.’ But what does he mean by this? And context is everything! Just because someone says they have done something bad and need to be killed doesn’t mean it is the truth. The person could be lying to get them out of the way. Maybe they are just competition. And bad is a subjective term. What is bad to one, won’t be to another. As mentioned before as well, can you have the life you want by balancing two personas? I’m assuming, no. I’m going to throw this out here, but I’m guessing we are going to see Barry struggle with who he wants to be and the life he wants to have. Perhaps he will choose the moral ambiguity of killing people and making a good paycheck but being bored or unhappy. Or perhaps he will choose the acting path of struggling to make it in Hollywood and poorness, but happiness. As his new friend in the trailer says, “There’s always a million reasons not to do something.  If you want it, go for it.” Will Barry go for what he wants?? Can’t wait to watch Barry online when the premiere episode airs on HBO SUNDAY, MARCH 25th at 10:30pm.

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