Westworld to Resume Production March 21st, Will Likely Air This Summer


The internet has been wild with speculation about when HBO’s presumptive mega-hit series Westworld will air. After some production delays, Westworld stopped filming temporarily much to the chagrin of anxious fans awaiting HBO’s first major venture into science fiction. Today we finally have a date for when production will resume from Jeffery Wright himself:

JJ Abrams Says Westworld will Premiere in Summer 2016

Contrary to what most of the internet has been reporting this week. We here at HBOWatch believe that Westworld will indeed premiere in Summer of 2016.  JJ Abrams, a producer on the show just recently stated that the show would be ready this summer. No other official source of information has commented.

True Blood Operated on the Same Filming / Summer Schedule

The filming timeline may seem tight to some but those for those familiar with HBO’s shooting schedules (as we are) this matches very closely with True Blood’s filming routine, HBO’s previous summer blockbuster. True Blood sometimes filmed a season well into May with a premiere date scheduled in June.

How do they do it?  Well, as long as the first few episodes are complete it gives the production team that much more time to catch up. In the case of Westworld, the show has several episodes already “in the can”, meaning principal filming has been completed and possibly even some post production concluded.

Much of the Show has Already been Filmed

It’s not as though the entire series needs to be shot in two months. Several sources have confirmed that many episodes are more or less complete. This makes the prospect of a summer release more likely than some are speculating.


Game of Thrones is Starting Late This Year

HBO may have done this on purpose, they may not have but either way it buys them some time. Game of Thrones season 6 has the latest premiere date the show has ever had (April 24th).  More recent seasons have premiered as early as April 1st or even March 31st. This buys the Westworld team almost an extra month to get this thing perfect for us.

You’ll recall Vinyl ended up premiering more than a month later than HBO’s typical early January winter slate normally does. It all could have been to buy the Westworld team the time it needs.

HBO Needs It

A few things have scratched the normally impeccable armor of the Home Box Office recently. It started with the lackluster critical reviews of True Detective season 2. Some thought that it did not live up to the original. A slow fall schedule, lacking Westworld or another major drama, amplified the problem. Vinyl has since premiered to lower than expected viewership, though it was renewed for a second season almost immediately. HBO Now has garnered over 800,000 subscribers since it’s launch last year; a number that disappointed some analysts.

So HBO probably feels like they need a big win. Westworld is it.

Take the Rumors for What they Are

Nothing is official until HBO gives us a real premiere date. Don’t believe any of the “2017” rumors you’re reading until one of HBO’s official channels says it is so. We’re anxious fans and subscribers, just like you.

See you this summer, Cowboy.


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