WESTWORLD Teaser Trailer Does Not Disappoint!

I’m speechless and that is a difficult way to start a post around here, but I am speechless. I wish I could just let the following speak for itself, but I am supposed to say something intelligent about the WESTWORLD Trailer dropped Sunday night before Season 6, Episode # 9 of GAME OF THRONES. If you somehow missed it here it is. Maybe, after I’ve watched it for the fifth time I’ll be able to come up with something.

Okay, you remember the premise, right?  WESTWORLD is an advanced theme park in which you can live out your fantasies immersed in a themed world with programmed inhabitants. Instead of unfortunate alligators in the lake though, you are going to worry about faulty programming affecting the machinery. One such piece of machinery is “Dolores” (Evan Rachel Wood). Is it protocol to test all the machines cognitive responses or has Dolores been having glitches that prompt the diagnostic test shown? Jeffrey Wright’s Bernard Lowe does say “we are miles beyond a glitch here,” though. Then there comes the matter of what is real and what isn’t and whether safety protocols have been breached or a virus has infected programWestworld_logoming or something else is happening entirely. Does it turn into some ethical dilemma?

Also, due to the mutterings of Dolores and some other quick clues it appears that Ed Harris’ iconic “The Man In Black” (first played by Yul Brynner) is not the only danger here. There are scalping Indians and Thandie Newton’s “Maeve” character that don’t seem to be behaving properly either. Add Anthony Hopkins as Dr. Robert Ford going toe-to-toe with his creations and you got what appears to be the exciting series we all hoped to see.

Of course, we know how HBO is great at editing together some hot sizzle reels. But, HBO and Bad Robot Productions took extra time to get this premiere season to perfection and if this Trailer is any indication I think we will have a blockbuster on our hands. However, we have got to wait until October to see it unfold. No actual premiere date has been set, but we will post it when we get it.

So what is your protocol telling you? Is it a dream or is WESTWORLD real? Are you terrified of the violence to come or so damn excited you can’t stand it?


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