Westworld Season 2 Full-Length Trailer to Debut at Super Bowl


 Westworld’s second season is set to premiere this spring, and HBO is ready to get audiences excited. For the first time in twenty years, the television network will be taking part in the long and lauded tradition of Super Bowl commercials with a full length trailer for Season Two of their expansive, sci-fi/western hit, or so Entertainment Weekly tells us.

This is a savvy move on the part of HBO, which is doubtless eager to cement Westworld as its new, polarizing series, especially with their wildly popular fantasy hit, Game of Thrones taking a break from airing this year before coming to an end in 2019. It looks like HBO is going all out too– as Entertainment Weekly points out, Superbowl commercials are extravagantly expensive, and this is the first time HBO has ever purchased the airtime during the football event of the year simply to promote one of their series, rather than their network as a whole. The trailer is doubtless going to be flashy– and perhaps it will give us a more concrete premiere date, as well. The Super Bowl is airing the 4th of February, so be sure to tune in this weekend.

 The first season of Westworld premiered in late 2016 and was met with critical acclaim for it’s twisting story-line, beautiful cinematography, and memorable acting. The show is a loose adaption of a 1970’s film by the same name, and focuses on a futuristic Wild West themed amusement park, populated by robotic entertainers, where people can pursue their wildest dreams and carry-out their most deviant inclinations. While the park seems like a smoothly run operation at first glance, chaos quickly ensues as the lines between humanity and inhumanity blur beyond recognition. With its big budget, memorable characters, and mature themes, Westworld is the heir apparent to Game of Thrones, but it is still currently a far cry from being the cultural phenomenon that is GOT (although it was the most watched first season of an HBO show ever!) The Superbowl ad is definitely a bid to broaden the show’s audience, and boost its brand recognition.

Entertainment Weekly released this exclusive promotional photo, which shows a brooding Bernard Lowe (Jeffrey Wright)


Beyond a general sense of when it will premiere, not much is known at the moment regarding what Season Two of Westworld holds for audiences. The show’s production, which finally wrapped after multiple stops and starts, was not plagued by the paparazzi and leaking issues that fans of Game of Thrones have become accustomed to, and much of the plot-line is a mystery. We do know that the show will not pick up directly chronologically after the final, catastrophic events of the final episode, which is hardly surprising given how much Westworld loves to play with our sense of time. We also know that the “Samurai world,” which was hinted at briefly in the last season will be explored more fully in some way in the season debuting this spring. Beyond that, and hints that some fan-favorite characters, such as Peter Abernathy and perhaps Armistice will be returning to the show, we don’t have much to go on. I’m sure that will change after we get a full-length trailer this Sunday.

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