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Westworld Season Two will Air on HBO in Spring 2018

by Jacob Klein
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Evan Rachel Wood confirmed what many of us had hoped and prayed for: Westworld season 2 will return in Spring of 2018!  Here’s the tweet for confirmation:


We know that the Westworld season 2 team has been shooting at locations you might expect this fall. But with all of the delays and problems associated with season 1’s production we weren’t holding our breaths for a mid or early 2018 release date. But here we are! Basking in the sun of a Spring, 2018 premiere date.  Hey, that’s Game of Thrones’ old timeslot! Let’s hope Westworld becomes just as big and just as beloved.

Now, we’re not saying that Westworld 2 couldn’t get delayed yet again but since this is no longer a pilot series and has received much critical acclaim, we’re thinking most of the major kinks have been worked out and we’re on schedule for a 2018 premiere date for Westworld 2.

We’ll update our HBO series schedule with a more specific Westworld season 2 premiere date when HBO announces it.

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